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Friday April 26
Quitting smoking  – what works
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
You can now use your FSA or HSA money to shop on Amazon – Clark Howard
Trouble saving, investing, and paying down debt? There are apps for that

Thursday April 25
Key to financial security: Keep your housing budget low
How to stop robocalls for good-ClarkHoward
PRIVACY ALERT: You don’t own your own medical records
WAIT! Check with your employer before taking out a payday loan
Preparing your credit score for a mortgage application

Wednesday April 24 A great new travel tool with a difference
A major retailer rip off: The Office Depot virus scam
Privacy protection for Americans now! Invasive biometrics in the workplace
American car debt is crushing. The Clark smart solution
Employee, independent contractor – and the need for a third classification: Dependent contractor

Tuesday April 23
Hotel rates are going down: Here’s how to find cheap rooms – Clark Howard
A car scam exposed – what to look out for
Housing market update: Smaller, more affordable homes in demand
New tech advances alternative energy. Your new power sources
Lenders are using new methods to determine who gets credit

Monday April 22
How much home improvements really pay off
Massive Ponzi scheme operators face billion dollar justice after defrauding thousands of would-be investors
The cost of dental care?: How to protect your health and wallet
A new tool for language learning: The Netflix Chrome extension
5 sneaky ways to improve your credit score – Clark Howard

Friday April 19
The importance of disconnecting on vacation
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Airbnb now: Evictions, hidden cameras and a customer service problem
These are the 4 credit cards in Clark Howard’s wallet – Clark Howard

Thursday April 18
Technology being used to prevent and solve crimes
UPDATE: The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Recall
CVS Wellness – A new strategy to lower healthcare costs
(8/22) WAIT! Check with your employer before taking out a payday loan
Preparing your credit score for a mortgage application

Wednesday April 17
The best interior and exterior paints for your home –
Criminal caller ID spoofing perpetrates scam calls from the IRS, the SSA and now local law enforcement
Be Clark smart WARNED: Timeshare rip-offs persist!
Can paying rent help your credit score?-Clark Howard
New employee benefit menus offer choices, including student loan debt relief

Tuesday April 16
The 5g roll-out for high speed wireless internet has begun. A Clark smart warning
Car dealership add-on money hazards include extended warranties
Credit card debt settlement risks
Deal or no deal: Flipping houses

Monday April 15  (Best of)
Recapture local programming – and then some – with Air TV
Here’s why you should never lend out your credit card | Clark Howard
The surprising link between urban sprawl and life expectancy
RED ALERT: Your home equity at risk
Short-trip transportation evolves from scooters to micro cars

Friday April 12
Flight industry ratings and our Airline guides to customer service
-List of Airline Fees – Clark Howard   
-9 things you need to know before you fly Delta Air Lines – Clark Howard
-8 things you need to know before you fly Southwest Airlines – Clark Howard
-American Airlines: 8 things to know before you fly – Clark Howard
-Alaska Airlines: 9 things to know before you fly – Clark Howard
-United Airlines: 9 things to know before you fly – Clark Howard
-Hawaiian Airlines: 7 things to know before you fly – Clark Howard
-8 things to know before you fly Frontier Airlines – Clark Howard
-6 things to know before you fly Spirit Airlines – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
New report: The best family cars for 2019 – Clark Howard
Uber and Lyft add ads through a gaming tablet

Thursday April 11
Greeting cards – a lost art.
Online shoppers beware counterfeits
The constant war against online fraud has led to consumer trust scores
Clark’s take on income inequality
Homeowner alert: How to get rid of PMI

Wednesday April 10
Wage increases and automation
Clark Rage: Only 2% of those eligible to free file do so. What!
Free state and federal tax filing options for 2019 – Clark Howard
Chief deal digger Charis shares the latest bargains
-Flights to Australia in the $500s to $700s round-trip! – Clark Deals
-Target REDcard: Save $50 on a $150+ purchase! – Clark Deals
-12-month BJ’s Wholesale membership only $20 – Clark Deals
-The best deals of The Home Depot Spring Black Friday sale! – Clark Deals
-The best deals of the Lowe’s Home Improvement Spring Black Friday sale! – Clark Deals
-10 great deals at Amazon right now! – Clark Deals
How to pack a carry-on bag to avoid a checked bag fee – Clark Howard
Beware the Amazon ‘Buy Now’ button. It pays to focus

Tuesday April 9
2 child safety notices
INVESTOR WARNING: Wire fraud ponzi scheme – What was promised, what was done
Good new for diabetics and a WARNING: Beware broker sites for health coverage. Stick to
The EU will slow down drivers
Bundle  –  A new way to shop mortgages

Monday April 8
Clark smart travel: Be aware of 2 upcoming changes from the TSA
-Does your ID have a star? How to know if your state is Real ID compliant – Clark Howard
The life insurance loophole that constitutes financial elder abuse
Credit, debit, prepaid and stored value cards each have different protections
T-Mobile home internet
Millionaires’ favorite splurges are experiential – not stuff

Friday April 5
Sick: American healthcare. The fix is nonpartisan
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
How to open a Roth IRA – Clark Howard
A surefire way businesses lose customers forever

Thursday April 4
Americans paying $billions in interest as debt rises
Strategies to most efficiently pay off credit card debt –
Beware this new cell phone scam
Veggie burgers go mainstream
(8/8/)  Alert! Are you an underinsured homeowner? Protecting your largest investment
Is your home underinsured if disaster strikes? | Clark Howard
Elite income earners in the U.S. – the top 10% aren’t top savers

Wednesday April 3
Software vulnerabilities and a call to action for small businesses
Special Warning: Another University data breach
Uber / Lyft safety tips
Best balance transfer and 0% interest credit cards – Clark Howard
22 ways to save money on groceries – Clark Howard

Tuesday April 2
Chuck Schwab continues the evolution of accessible investing
Bottled water: Money down the drain
New York has banned plastic bags and gone to congestion pricing a refurbished phone: What you need to know
Just say NO to the stress of being overworked

Monday April 1
Chick-fil-A, Trader Joe’s lead list of companies who make customers happiest – Clark Howard
Somebody’s watching you. How health insurers are tracking you at your expense
Top states for rip-offs and scams
INVESTING: The first line of defense – YOU
Wages are rising in a workers market

Friday March 29
The benefits employees want most
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Recycling in the U.S.A. – There’s a problem
Plumbing leaks can create a home insurance nightmare. Clark smart prevention

Thursday March 28
Parents spending on adult kids
Financial infidelity  – to talk to your partner about money before marriage
REAL ESTATE:   Home selling season is underway. Tips for sellers
The best time to list your home for sale is… – Clark Howard
(8/7/)  – Warning: free standing clinics overprescribe antibiotics. A key question to ask
How your power company can save you money

Wednesday March 27
Pay app scam alert and Venmo calls in collectors
Online puppy scams have cost people thousands — here’s how to spot them – Clark Howard
Easy ways to protect your accounts
How to wash those ‘Dry clean only’ clothes at home –
Amazon’s Project Zero to help brand manufacturers delist counterfeits

Tuesday March 26
Clark’s read on impending recession
Clark Rage –  Facebook and FEMA breaching like they just don’t care
The organic label – what you need to know
Don’t pay extra for organic versions of these fruits and
U.S. retailers gain on name brands with push into store brands
Auto safety developments: Ending DUI fatalities

Monday March 25
Mortgage update – rates take a new direction
-8 things to know about Costco’s mortgage program – Clark Howard
Airlines gone wild:  2 stories of stranded kids.
Gas tax hikes for road maintenance – all ideas welcome for funding infrastructure repair
Crime alerts, the Citizen App and your paranoia level
Women and retirement

Friday March 22
A free tax prep service brings up a privacy issue
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
When you get to retire, your 401(k) should not
How to find the cheapest flights

Thursday March 21
Sport and entertainment ticket subscriptions can be a deal – if you go.
How to manage your monthy subscriptions to save
How teachers are getting ripped off is a national disgrace
4 questions for teachers to ask about their 403(b) retirement
(8/2) – Beware the app pay disconnect
Hey parents, low or no college fund for your kids? No guilt!

Wednesday March 20
Free streaming March Madness and the upcoming future of gaming
-March Madness 2019: How to watch the games for free without cable TV – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: Drug addiction – We must do more
UPDATE: Manufacturing returns closer to home. World trade and you
Stock market volatility has impacted net worth – The Clark Smart key to investing
LED light bulbs – The easiest way to reduce your monthly power bill

Tuesday March 19
What becomes of your digital accounts after death?
Google Inactive Account Manager-Facebook Legacy Contact
How to protect yourself against the ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam – Clark Howard
Legit taxpayers caught in IRS tax refund fraud prevention measures
How long should you keep tax returns and records?
Which documents should you keep and for how long?
The hidden costs of food delivery

Monday March 18
Average American savings: 4% won’t get it done. A Clark Smart easy start
Why a bigger 529 plan isn’t necessarily better – Clark Howard
Housing trend news for buyers and renters
Clark’s annual spring driving gasoline predictions
Facebook offers new privacy settings
-Facebook lets anyone find you using your phone number — here’s how to restrict that – Clark Howard

Friday March 15
The fall of a media financial guru – a reminder to trust but verify
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Tech offers new inroads into personal disease management
Fast home equity loan apps – Forget it!

Thursday March 14
Zebit’s CFO responds
Another investment rip off and a Clark Smart Warning
Renovation scams abound. Contract work guidelines
(7/30) Student loan help and modern benefits for new employees
New strategies are being employed to sell event tickets. What fans should know

Wednesday March 13
The college bribery scandal
Is Dollar Tree abandoning its $1.00 pricing? – Clark Howard
Update on the Boeing 737 Max. Your rights booking air travel
Putting ex-cons to work is a win for all
New cars are in oversupply. Beware taking the dealer bait

Tuesday March 12
Beware Zebit and point of purchase ‘no interest loans’. There’s a catch
Wells Fargo – The grift that keeps on grifting
Airbnb Vs Miami
Streaming prices are edging up.  How you can get FREE TV
-Pluto TV review: 5 things to know about the free live TV streaming
-Roku just made it easier to find free TV shows and
Cars, appliances, electronics: What’s lax about the lux versions
New report: These are the most reliable vehicles you can buy right

Monday March 11
Flight safety and the new Boeing 737 Max 8
Another data hack – Resolve to take what precautions you can.
In defense of Daylight Saving Time
Smile, you’re on airline camera
DIY repair clubs

Friday March 8 (Best Of)
Investment discounters Vs. new tricks from the full commission houses
Warning: Medical data breaches rage on. Your prevention
Vehicle subscription services and automation upend the insurance industry
State taxing and spending a living lab for federal government
The price revolution in eyeglasses: New tech comes to trying on frames online

Thursday March 7  (Best Of)
The new economy: Subscriptions Vs. owning
Shopping auto insurance: Challenge and change
The average value of different levels of education
An innovative way to establish credit: Petal Card?
College applications get high tech scrutiny

Wednesday March 6 (Best Of)
Car buyer beware: Loan defaults have skyrocketed. Why and how to avoid repossession
Pension denied! A key lesson about employer paperwork
How Amazon’s HQ2 NY withdrawal affects all
Universal income is not the answer to job displacement
Bad brokers have a hot new pitch – Drop it like a hot potato
Work at homes scams: How to tell real job opportunities from fakes
Work at Home | Clark Howard
Job scams: How to recognize and avoid them | Clark Howard

Tuesday March 5 (Best Of)
Interest only home loans: A Clark smart warning
Broker kickbacks disclosed – Not pretty
Lazarus laser vision exposes eyewear monopoly
These online banks, credit unions and traditional banks all offer free checking
Who has access to your DNA test data?

Monday March 4 (Best Of)
survey: The 13 best grocery stores for price and quality – Clark Howard
Disney hikes the cost of tickets to California theme parks by
7 places to get the best deals on lab-created
The big picture on choosing affordable housing
Tipping enters air flight

Friday March 1

New report: The top 15 cars that people keep for 15 years or more – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Americans are sleeping through an interest rate war. Stay woke and make more on your savings
Best low-cost, robo-investment brokers – Clark Howard
Why everything from toilet paper to diapers to charcoal could cost you more in 2019 – Clark Howard