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California wildfires relief efforts: Here’s how you can help | Clark Howard

REVISED: 529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard
Hurricane Michael: How to help those affected | Clark Howard
National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) | Department of Justice
29 items to pack in your financial emergency kit and bug out bag | Clark Howard
How to not drown in rising flood insurance premiums | Clark Howard
How to locate a lost life insurance policy | Clark Howard
How to keep your information safe if you use Yahoo mail | Clark Howard
Warning: Rules governing oversight of military lending may be changing | Clark Howard
The Free and Cheap List | Clark Howard
Streaming TV comparison: Which service has the best lineup?
BACK TO BASICS: How to buy a used car in 2018 | Clark Howard
The ”˜Clark Smart’ way to buy a new car | Clark Howard
Senior Planning | Clark Howard   —   Senior Care | Clark Howard
How to find a geriatric care manager | Clark Howard
About Facebook’s new privacy hub + how to download a copy of your profile | Clark Howard
How to add a PIN to your smartphone account to prevent SIM hijacking | Clark Howard
Here is Clark Howard’s bottom line on Bitcoin | Clark Howard
Best cell phone plans: Compare the cheapest wireless plans and deals | Clark Howard
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard
6 ways to stop package thieves from striking your home | Clark Howard
ClarkYourBank | Clark Howard
Equifax Data Breach | Clark Howard
How to put a credit freeze in place for your child | Clark Howard
ID Theft Resource Center 888-400-5530

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Access Clark’s podcast for caller topics as well:  Podcasts | Clark Howard

Wednesday November 14
Frontier Airlines flights from $15 one-way | Clark Deals
Amazon’s HQ choice and America’s economic development distortion
Feds find outrageous conditions in VA nursing homes
Banks are now working with DMVs to get your personal data | Clark Howard
Distracted driving fatalities and the 2 second rule
A new resource for self publishing:

Tuesday November 13
The average price of a new car has hit an all time high
Special Warning: USPS Informed Delivery is not secure
3-D printing for eye glass frames
All workers should have some form of sick leave
New motivations for saving money

Monday November 12
Google and Facebook end forced arbitration in harassment claims
New breed of card skimmers at gas stations pose high-tech
Smaller more affordable housing is finally being built
Crossing borders to save on prescription meds
Below: Get the scoop before shopping the $5 store for the holidays | Clark Howard

Friday November 9
The steakhouse annuity pitch drives a stake through your retirement
Why some users are complaining about Zelle, the popular money app | Clark Howard
Here are the 10 most reliable vehicles for 2019 | Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Veteran’s Day – a call to service

Thursday November 8
IRA and 401K limits are going up
CVS receipts go long – 6 feet and counting
Your CLV score: The hidden rating that drives your life as a consumer | Clark Howard
Just a 10 minute walk improves brain function
Climate change resets property values. Buyers beware

Wednesday November 7
Catch up with vehicle recalls at
Report: Private messages from 81,000 Facebook accounts for sale | Clark Howard
How to improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home | Clark Howard
Savings alert: Dunkin competes with Starbucks
The gift of education: A 529 plan for Christmas
-529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard

Tuesday November 6
Change in the air: Why fares to Europe are likely to go up
Doughnut shop customers buy ALL the donuts when owner’s wife falls ill | Clark Howard
Coverage maps: Find a cheap cell phone plan with the best coverage | Clark Howard
Unlimited plans comparison: T-Mobile vs. AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint | Clark Howard
CarePass by CVS: New trial membership with free prescription delivery | Clark Howard
Why safer cars = higher insurance

Monday November 5
The real reason why many of those 2019 health plans are so cheap | Clark Howard
Boss emailed asking you to buy gift cards for clients? Be careful! | Clark Howard
Amazon expands free shipping with no minimum to every order this Christmas | Clark Howard
Walmart’s making a big change before Black Friday to speed up checkout | Clark Howard
Fixing your own phone: Right of repair has been restored

Friday November 2
Merchant processing alternatives and something new from Square
Cloud of concern: Youth vaping billows out of control
Freshman year for free- Cut the cost of college by 25%  –
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Early holiday gift: the price of gas

Thursday November 1
Marriott hotel brands are the target of strikes around the country. What consumers should know
-Beware booking at these hotels that are being affected by strikes | Clark Howard
SIZZLING DEALS:   Get a high-end smartphone for less than $300 from T-Mobile | Clark Deals
-Costco members — here’s how to get a free $20 cash card! | Clark Howard
Robotics enter food shopping in ways that will make life easier
The bed’s on the ceiling:  Smaller living units spark innovations for maximizing space
Changing channels: Charter raises rates, signaling increases for pay TV

Wednesday October 31
Use it or lose it – Your credit card at risk of being cut or canceled
Human kindness makes the news
Tech designers acknowledge the dangers of excessive screen time for children
Flood cars flood the market. Don’t buy TROUBLE
Ultra FICO is coming. How you’re evaluated for credit is changing

Tuesday October 30
Beware the so-called anonymous work survey
Pentagon neglect of our military – Strike 2: Housing
Hotel booking advisory for infrequent travelers – New rules
Smart thermometers crunch data for sale to OTC drug companies
Holiday shoppers start your engines: Black Friday TV pricing and 2-day shipping
-25 secret Balck Friday shopping tips revealed-ClarkHoward
-Target makes a big change to shipping policy before Black Friday | Clark Howard

Monday October 29
Petal credit card: Get credit even if you don’t have a credit history | Clark Howard
And the Darwin award goes to: Death by Selfie
Want to get that job? Here’s how to robot-proof your resume | Clark Howard
Saving for retirement: A 401(k) rule for employees of small to midsize companies
Shoppers increasingly say this is their #1 regret-ClarkHoward

Friday October 26
Holiday shopping warning:  Square’s new installment loans
England’s pizza police: Another government overreach on what you choose to eat
Are adult kids better off than their parents a generation ago? Education holds the answer
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
“I was wrong” – Clark eats crow on the minimum wage debate

Thursday October 25
Credit Karma can now pre-approve borrowers without dinging credit | Clark Howard
4 dangerous stimulants that might be in the supplements you take | Clark Howard
Automobiles: It’s a buyer’s market
Uber and Lyft are giving free rides to the polls on Election Day-ClarkHoward
Michael & Clark share ways to make extra money
-Amazon is hiring and you can work from home | Clark Howard
-Scam alert: Do not apply for this fake Amazon work-from-home job | Clark Howard
-Need more cash? 20 easy ways to make extra money in 2018 | Clark Howard
The U.S should emulate Rwanda’s approach to healthcare

Wednesday October 24
Toyland: Retailers grab market share from the late Toys ‘R’ Us
Check scam sparks new rules for mobile deposit
LA Times consumer writer David Lazarus joins Clark to discuss drug price disclosure
Trump says drug companies should include prices in TV ads. Good luck with that – Los Angeles Times
Amazon disrupts archaic home building industry – Excellent!
AT&T internet for Airstream RVs heralds 5g access on the go and for rural America.

Tuesday October 23
Proctor & Gamble is raising prices on some of your favorite brands — again! | Clark Howard
DON’T answer that! Incoming spam calls seek to rip you off
Insurance based on zip code
Convenience has its price: Shell Oil launches a retail fuel pilot program
These states will help you out with your student loan debt | Clark Howard

Monday October 22
Clark returns from NYC with perspectives on 9/11
Put your savings to work – Clark Howard: Why you need to give online banks another look | Clark Howard
Non-competes proliferate and continue to hurt our economy
No cash café:  Students pay with personal data
Simple guidelines for understanding your credit score

Friday October 19
Need medical debt relief? New rules may help out | Clark Howard
Jamaican lottery scam: How not to fall victim | Clark Howard
New cashless ways to give your kids allowance — but beware of fees! | Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
You’ve got baggage: Kayak’s new app helps clear carry-on confusion for fliers

Thursday October 18
Clark Howard: Why you need to give online banks another look
UPDATE: 30 million Facebook users hacked-ClarkHoward?
Last house standing on Mexico Beach: Limiting hurricane damage in the future
401K loans – the DIY rip off that diminishes retirement funds in multiple ways
-Beware of making this $300,000 mistake with your 401(k) | Clark Howard
Clarksmart Travel – 3 websites that help you let the deal drive the destination
Secret Flying: Find all the cheap flights with this useful app | Clark Howard

Wednesday October 17
Have ‘A’s on your report card? Here’s where you can get free food and more! | Clark Howard
Mattress taxes won’t save the old industry grind in bedding sales
The #1 mistake people make when opening an investment account | Clark Howard
Tariffs stretch Dollar Tree into pricing crisis
Consumer Reports compares self-driving systems – Cadillac comes out ahead

Tuesday October 16
Hotels vs Airbnb: The political battleground
Warning: Beware this new T-Mobile cell phone financing offer-ClarkHoward
College tuitions level off. Know the marketplace to keep education affordable
RED ALERT: Your home equity at risk
Short-trip transportation evolves from scooters to micro cars

Monday October 15
Experian security flaw: What we know + how to stay protected | Clark Howard
Retail alert: Sears files for bankruptcy and will close 142 stores-ClarkHoward
-5 things that may happen to your Sears credit card when the stores close | Clark Howard
Why United Airlines is threatening to ruin some fliers’ credit | Clark Howard
529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard
The transformation taking place in real estate home sales
The multi-level dare-to-be-rich pitch is alive and well. Who makes money? 

Friday October 12
New account verification methods
Checks in the mail: Payday loan restitution serves as a warning
Is it OK to share your Spotify or other streaming music password? | Clark Howard?
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
A new carpool offering from Waze

Thursday October 11
Good news in the healthcare and pharmacy sectors….. really!
Pharmacists can now share a little-known prescription savings secret with you! | Clark Howard
Google data breach: 500,000 users exposed + how to protect your info | Clark Howard
-Want to guard your privacy online? Search the web with DuckDuckGo | Clark Howard
Should you sell or stay put in the stock market? | Clark Howard
Average U.S. credit scores have hit an all time high. Take control of your credit
Flight plan: Congressional regulation of the airlines is in play. What savvy fliers need to know
The new policy low-fare fliers on American Airlines should know about | Clark Howard
-American Airlines: 7 things to know before you fly | Clark Howard
-Big changes coming to United, JetBlue and other airlines in 2019 | Clark Howard

Wednesday October 10
29 items to pack in your financial emergency kit and bug-out bag | Clark Howard
Hurricane Michael: How to help those affected | Clark Howard
Experian security flaw: What we know + how to stay protected | Clark Howard
Another military Clarkrage: The Pentagon program for moving military personnel is corrupt
Mattress flip: The largest U.S. mattress company closes –
These major retailers are closing stores in 2018 | Clark Howard
Natural gas prices and your winter finances –  Georgia natural gas guide | Clark Howard
New car sticker shock makes for brilliant used car buying

Tuesday October 9
It can be done. Clark listener John’s crushing debt and happy ending
Timeshare unloading scam
4 ways to protect yourself in case there’s a cyberattack on your bank | Clark Howard
Student loan forgiveness has become a national scandal
The new gold rush: Investing in marijuana

Monday October 8
Beware retail loyalty programs. The pursuit of reward points can cost you
Overall, men earn less today than 2 generations ago. The remedy: Education
Apple brings eSim capability to the U.S.
Parents pay a high price helping their adult children
Climate change and insurance

Friday October 5
Recapture local programming – and then some – with Air TV
Here’s why you should never lend out your credit card | Clark Howard
The surprising link between urban sprawl and life expectancy
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Micro hotels off less room, more affordability

Thursday October 4
Puerto Rico: Solar power takes hold post hurricane Maria
Scandal alert: Ticketmaster’s hired scalpers
Cheap cell phone plans – huge changes going into effect over the next week
-Paying too much for mobile? Check out these $15 or less cell phone plans! | Clark Howard
-Best cell phone plans and deals right now | Clark Howard
-3 cheap cell phone plans that run on AT&T’s network | Clark Howard
-Verizon expands secret $40/month unlimited data plan | Clark Howard
-Unreal Mobile: New ‘unlimited’ cell phone plan starts at $10 a month | Clark Howard
Improving your credit score in preparation for mortgage qualification
FreeWill: A new way to prepare your will for free online-ClarkHoward
Here are the cheapest and easiest ways to do a will in 2018-ClarkHoward

Wednesday October 3
Sizzling Deal: Southwest Airlines sale: Fares from $49 one way | Clark Deals
Amazon raises minimum wage – holiday jobs
-Need a job? Amazon is hiring and just raised its minimum wage | Clark Howard
-Job alert: These 26 companies are hiring like crazy in October | Clark Howard
Clark Howard: Seasonal holiday jobs are everywhere, but don’t fall for gimmicks | Clark Howard
MoviePass pulls a fast one on ex-subscribers – 4 ways to see new movies in the theater for free or close to it | Clark Howard
A Clarksmart formula for early retirement
Comparing the power supply equation in 3 states, 1 clear winner emerges

Tuesday October 2
Data breach: Facebook says 50 million users hacked | Clark Howard
UPDATE: Facebook now says 30 million users were hacked | Clark Howard
Think twice before using Facebook to log into other apps & websites | Clark Howard
Special warning when booking travel – The trip insurance rip off
Private industry is making the food supply safer
Microsoft mandates its contractors provide paid family leave. Should governments do the same?
T-Mobile launches free 30-day network trial: What you need to know | Clark Howard

Monday October 1
2 credit bureaus have changed the credit thaw process
Spam calls are out of control. Follow Clark’s simple rule
Clarksmart banking: Get a better deal on checking and savings
The Clarksmart way to buy gasoline
Military families have special rights that are being ignored