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ID Theft Resource Center 888-400-5530

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Friday December 14
Expanding hospital systems pick your pocket. Protecting your fiscal health
Ripoff Alert! Offices beware the 90# phone scam!
Best online banks: Free checking and high-interest savings accounts-ClarkHoward
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Lessons from Houston and Minneapolis: Easing zoning restrictions for more affordable housing

Thursday December 13
Best and worst home insurance
Best and worst auto insurance
Warning: Fake package-tracking email may have a nasty malware surprise?
ABLE accounts for those with disabilities carry tax advantages
A legacy of debt: Millennials need side jobs to chip away at student loans
What the big tech companies know about you in one simple image | Clark Howard

Wednesday December 12
The 10 late-model cars with the lowest repair costs | Clark Howard
‘No consequences’: Clark’s take on the governement’s Equifax data breach report
Here are the stores with the best return policies | Clark Howard
Ask Clark: Is StreetShares a legitimate investment opportunity?
Banks help watch out for aging parents. The role of adult children

Tuesday December 11
Smartphone sales and the coming of 5G – 5 things to know about 5G
Gift card breakage is a DIY ripoff – 3 tips to get the most value out of gift cards-ClarkHoward
Another for-profit college failure. The implications for students and making a wise school choice
-How to get your student loans cancelled if your college shuts down | Clark Howard
Big ticket Installment loans employ diversionary tactics
Customer satisfaction – the results are in with a cell provider surprise
New report: Which cell phone provider has the best customer service? -ClarkHoward

Monday December 10
Open enrollment deadline and Fidelity’s Health Savings Account
6 things to know before the Dec. 15 Obamacare open enrollment deadline | Clark Howard
Sizzling Deals – Green Monday
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6? 16GB tablet for $100 | Clark Deals
50+ of the best Green Monday clothing & shoe deals! | Clark Deals
Today only: 3-pack Tenda whole home Wi-Fi mesh system for $125 | Clark Deals
MyPanera: Get a FREE bagel every day now through the end of the year! | Clark Deals
Free food: 60+ places to get free food via app or email signup! | Clark Deals
Data breach overload: What your info is worth on the black market and how to secure it
-Use these security keys to lock down your computer & protect your info | Clark Howard
Google Fi and Clark’s updated guide – Best cell phone plans and deals: December 2018 | Clark Howard
Raises and the minimum wage lag behind a growing economy and the will of the people

Friday December 7
Peanut allergy: Progress has been made to lessen the danger
SPECIAL WARNING before enrolling in any private, for-profit college
Free TV! No catch! Bypass pirates for free streaming channels
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
100+ free or low-cost gift ideas kids might love even more than toys-ClarkHoward

Thursday December 6
How to make your Venmo transactions private-ClarkHoward
Clark Rage: A medical industry scandal – Doctors protecting their own
Robotaxis have officially arrived: Waymo One drives Arizona
Robocalls meet their match: Call verification systems
15 Ways to save on prescription drugs-ClarkHoward

Wednesday December 5
New report: 10 used car models with the biggest discounts in December | Clark Howard
Looking for a new car? Here are the best incentives around right now | Clark Howard
Starwood data breach: Marriott says it will reimburse fraud victims | Clark Howard
Price drop! 55″ 4K HDTV for $230 at Walmart, free shipping | Clark Deals
-Get an iPhone XR from $449 with eligible trade in | Clark Deals
Burger King: Get a Whopper for a penny via app! | Clark Deals
-Alaska Airlines flash sale: Flights from $39 one-way! | Clark Deals
-Ends today: Frontier Airlines fares from $20 one-way! | Clark Deals
-Best Buy’s 20 Days of Doorbusters: The best deals today! | Clark Deals
-Insignia portable Bluetooth speaker for $15 | Clark Deals
-WOOT Stocking Stuffers
Keurig Cocktails: Your very own robotic bartender
RIPOFF ALERT! Crooked stock brokers cleared to perpetrate again

Tuesday December 4
Holiday alert: Ugift helps when a college fund is on a kid’s wish list | Clark Howard
Runaway Tesla on Hwy 101 – Autopilot DUI
Subprime auto loans blow up in 2 different ways
Are you following Clark’s maximum auto loan length rule?
‘Ninjas’ reflect a change in company cultures
Online shopping: New tools promise to protect your credit card info-ClarkHoward

Monday December 3
500 million users exposed in Marriott data breach | Clark Howard
Payless pulls a fast one on fashion influencers to make a point about price
Sizzlin’ Deal-Price drop! 55″ 4K HDTV for $230 at Walmart, free shipping
Biometrics for ID verification expands – Delta’s new facial recognition terminal
8 things to know about the changes coming to CVS and Walgreens in 2019 | Clark Howard
Cash is King – The King is dead – almost. The role of cash in disciplined spending

Friday November 30
Price check on pet foods: Find the right brand for less
Special Warning for retirees looking to move: RENT before you buy
The pay TV box rip off, and how to cut costs
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Smart doorbells ring true for law enforcement

Thursday November 29
The 401(k) turns 40. Time for a change
How to tell if that email you get from Amazon is legit or a phishing scam | Clark Howard
Customer service chats – They’re not private either
Social media influencers and nanoinfluencers – eyes open on how the game is played
Supermarket showdown: Aldi Vs. Whole Foods

Wednesday November 28
Clark’s housing market update
WARNING: A targeted rip off wiping out small businesses
Holiday tipping 2018: Who to tip and how much | Clark Howard
Clark smart life balance: Use ALL your vacation time
Lower the cost of credit card debt

Tuesday November 27
Real vs. fake Christmas trees – making the greener choice
Clark RAGE:  No one home at the Social Security Administration
An early Christmas gift from Vanguard. And thank you Fidelity!
State utility to save $4 billion over time – ditching coal
WARNING: Addiction by design: Your kids’ tech obsession

Monday November 26
Cyber Monday Shopping Guide: How to get a great deal | Clark Howard
-Air New Zealand Cyber Monday sale: Flights to Australia from $723! | Clark Deals
-Wow Air sale: Save 40% on fares for Cyber Monday! | Clark Deals
Cryptocurrency collapse brings a Clark smart warning
GM layoffs and closings – Impact
Beat the Christmas rush: Key shipping dealines for the holidays-ClarkHoward
Biosimilar drugs promise to slash healthcare costs

Friday November 23  Best of
(10/17)  Have ‘A’s on your report card? Here’s where you can get free food and more! | Clark Howard
Mattress taxes won’t save the old industry grind in bedding sales
The #1 mistake people make when opening an investment account | Clark Howard
(10/15)  –  The transformation taking place in real estate home sales
The multi-level dare-to-be-rich pitch is alive and well. Who makes money?

Thursday November 22  Best of – (10/9)   Happy Thanksgiving! 
It can be done. Clark listener John’s crushing debt and happy ending
Timeshare unloading scam
4 ways to protect yourself in case there’s a cyberattack on your bank | Clark Howard
Student loan forgiveness has become a national scandal
The new gold rush: Investing in marijuana

Wednesday November 21  Best of – (10/8)
Beware retail loyalty programs. The pursuit of reward points can cost you
Overall, men earn less today than 2 generations ago. The remedy: Education
Apple brings eSim capability to the U.S.
Parents pay a high price helping their adult children
Climate change and insurance

Tuesday November 20  Best of

(10/5)–  Recapture local programming – and then some – with Air TV
Here’s why you should never lend out your credit card | Clark Howard
The surprising link between urban sprawl and life expectancy
( 10/3) – Comparing the power supply equation in 3 states, 1 clear winner emerges
The Amazon effect on Whole Foods and competitors

Monday November 19  Best of
(9/28)  Gen Z: forged in the financial fire of the great recession – took the lessons to heart
Cheap printers cost more. Avoid the ink cartridge ripoff
Are you in the middle class? Here’s an easy way to find out-ClarkHoward
(927)  Publix expands grocery delivery service to two more cities | Clark Howard
Best home phone and internet service- Consumer Reports

Friday November 16

Owning rental property
Scam alert: Make sure you don’t fall for a fake insurance plan | Clark Howard
You can save for child’s education even before they’re born. But should you?
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Fast food traffic is down, discounts up

Thursday November 15
Customer satisfaction ratings for the financial industry: Best and worst banks, brokerages & health insurers
Juul retrenches, under fire in youth vaping epidemic
For cord cutters: Amazon’s Fire TV Recast DVR has no monthly fee
Thieves are stealing frequent flyer miles — how to protect yourself | Clark Howard
Open enrollment: Understanding HSAs

Wednesday November 14
Frontier Airlines flights from $15 one-way | Clark Deals
Amazon’s HQ choice and America’s economic development distortion
Feds find outrageous conditions in VA nursing homes
Banks are now working with DMVs to get your personal data | Clark Howard
Distracted driving fatalities and the 2 second rule
A new resource for self publishing:

Tuesday November 13
The average price of a new car has hit an all time high
Special Warning: USPS Informed Delivery is not secure
3-D printing for eye glass frames
All workers should have some form of sick leave
New motivations for saving money

Monday November 12
Google and Facebook end forced arbitration in harassment claims
New breed of card skimmers at gas stations pose high-tech
Smaller more affordable housing is finally being built
Crossing borders to save on prescription meds
Below: Get the scoop before shopping the $5 store for the holidays | Clark Howard

Friday November 9
The steakhouse annuity pitch drives a stake through your retirement
Why some users are complaining about Zelle, the popular money app | Clark Howard
Here are the 10 most reliable vehicles for 2019 | Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Veteran’s Day – a call to service

Thursday November 8
IRA and 401K limits are going up
CVS receipts go long – 6 feet and counting
Your CLV score: The hidden rating that drives your life as a consumer | Clark Howard
Just a 10 minute walk improves brain function
Climate change resets property values. Buyers beware

Wednesday November 7
Catch up with vehicle recalls at
Report: Private messages from 81,000 Facebook accounts for sale | Clark Howard
How to improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home | Clark Howard
Savings alert: Dunkin competes with Starbucks
The gift of education: A 529 plan for Christmas
-529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard

Tuesday November 6
Change in the air: Why fares to Europe are likely to go up
Doughnut shop customers buy ALL the donuts when owner’s wife falls ill | Clark Howard
Coverage maps: Find a cheap cell phone plan with the best coverage | Clark Howard
Unlimited plans comparison: T-Mobile vs. AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint | Clark Howard
CarePass by CVS: New trial membership with free prescription delivery | Clark Howard
Why safer cars = higher insurance

Monday November 5
The real reason why many of those 2019 health plans are so cheap | Clark Howard
Boss emailed asking you to buy gift cards for clients? Be careful! | Clark Howard
Amazon expands free shipping with no minimum to every order this Christmas | Clark Howard
Walmart’s making a big change before Black Friday to speed up checkout | Clark Howard
Fixing your own phone: Right of repair has been restored

Friday November 2
Merchant processing alternatives and something new from Square
Cloud of concern: Youth vaping billows out of control
Freshman year for free- Cut the cost of college by 25%  –
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Early holiday gift: the price of gas

Thursday November 1
Marriott hotel brands are the target of strikes around the country. What consumers should know
-Beware booking at these hotels that are being affected by strikes | Clark Howard
SIZZLING DEALS:   Get a high-end smartphone for less than $300 from T-Mobile | Clark Deals
-Costco members — here’s how to get a free $20 cash card! | Clark Howard
Robotics enter food shopping in ways that will make life easier
The bed’s on the ceiling:  Smaller living units spark innovations for maximizing space
Changing channels: Charter raises rates, signaling increases for pay TV