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New report: The top 15 cars that people keep for 15 years or more – Clark Howard
Clark’s Money Challenge: How to save $3,000 this year – Clark Howard
Here’s your estimated 2019 tax refund schedule – Clark Howard
Partial Federal Government Shutdown
 9 things to know about filing your taxes during a government shutdown – Clark Howard
How to make your Venmo transactions private – Clark Howard
REVISED: 529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard
The Free and Cheap List | Clark Howard
Streaming TV comparison: Which service has the best lineup?
BACK TO BASICS: How to buy a used car in 2018 | Clark Howard
The ”˜Clark Smart’ way to buy a new car | Clark Howard
Senior Planning | Clark Howard   —   Senior Care | Clark Howard
How to find a geriatric care manager | Clark Howard
About Facebook’s new privacy hub + how to download a copy of your profile | Clark Howard
How to add a PIN to your smartphone account to prevent SIM hijacking | Clark Howard
Here is Clark Howard’s bottom line on Bitcoin | Clark Howard
Best cell phone plans: Compare the cheapest wireless plans and deals | Clark Howard
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard
6 ways to stop package thieves from striking your home | Clark Howard
ClarkYourBank | Clark Howard
Equifax Data Breach | Clark Howard
How to put a credit freeze in place for your child | Clark Howard
ID Theft Resource Center 888-400-5530

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Friday February 22
Clark and the Prostate Cancer Foundation are working together to raise awareness
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
The incredible lightness of decluttering – Sell, recycle, donate
-6 things you might no have considered selling on
Video doorbells facilitate police while sparking privacy concerns

Thursday February 21
Merchant fees rise. Consumer impact and a Clark smart, free market solution
Beware new bogus claims from the herbal remedy / dietary supplement industry regarding dementia
Electronic spying series. Part 1: Securing Wifi routers –
11 keys to keeping your home WiFi network secure –
(7/11)   Organized end of life planning – SENIOR CARE
Why Clark loves credit unions

Wednesday February 20
Investment discounters Vs. new tricks from the full commission houses
Warning: Medical data breaches rage on. Your prevention
Vehicle subscription services and automation upend the insurance industry
5 things to know before you buy travel
Happiness without Facebook: Reclaim your day from social media

Tuesday February 19
Here’s your estimated 2019 tax refund
-Free state and federal tax filing options for
Social Security phone scam reported across  the country –
Deals update – Chief deal digger Charis shares the buys
Best cell pohone plans and deals right now
-Sizzling Deal: Wedding Dresses
-The best deals & coupons at Costco this month! – Clark Deals
-Sam’s Club: Join for $45, get $45 back after purchase
-12-month BJ’s Wholesale membership only $25
State taxing and spending a living lab for federal government
The price revolution in eyeglasses: New tech comes to trying on frames online

Monday February 18
Car buyer beware: Loan defaults have skyrocketed. Why and how to avoid repossession
Pension denied! A key lesson about employer paperwork
How Amazon’s HQ2 NY withdrawal affects all
Investor beware: Margin loans
NY insurers can evaluate customers’ social media activities

Friday February 15
Smart appliances and your privacy
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
State Farm gets sued – and loses. What you need to know about homeowners insurance
Smartphone sales decline. Now you can get more for less

Thursday February 14
The new economy: Subscriptions Vs. owning
Shopping auto insurance: Challenge and change
The average value of different levels of education
(7/10/18)  1 in 3 Americans have negative net savings. A Clark Smart start
Better health is better wealth: STAND in the place where you work

Wednesday February 13
Interest only home loans: A Clark smart warning
Broker kickbacks disclosed – Not pretty
Lazarus laser vision exposes eyewear monopoly
Dormitory style communal living connects young adults, saves money
Cash is King – The King is Dead? The No-Cash Backlash

Tuesday February 12
New survey: The 13 best grocery stores for price and quality – Clark Howard
Disney hikes the cost of tickets to California theme parks by
7 places to get the best deals on lab-created
An innovative way to establish credit: Petal Card?
College applications get high tech scrutiny

Monday February 11
Spend less for Valentine Day?  –  6 places to get the best deals on Valentine’s Day flowers
Beware fake reviews
Parents are wising up on college spending for their kids
These online banks, credit unions and traditional banks all offer free checking
Who has access to your DNA test data?

Friday February 8
Lemon laws: These states do the best job protecting consumers in new car purchases – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
The big picture on choosing affordable housing
Tipping enters air flight

Thursday February 7
3 ways to protect your identity and finances at home and away
CFPB and payday loans
PTO for new parents – Yes, but who pays?
(7/9)  –  Robotics applied to eldercare –A free service providing safer online purchases

Wednesday February 6 6things to know about the EITC – a tax credit that may give you a $6,318 refund!
Clark Rage Kicked when you’re down in the gig economy – Instacart a heavy load
Another Clark Howard Money Saving Moment: The oversupply of vehicles
Corporate kangaroo court arbitration is not justice, and NOT the American way
Best and Worst Drivers by State

Tuesday February 5
Clarkomonics: America’s direction and small business concerns
CLARK RAGE: The U.S. Dept. of Education is financially abusing teachers, converting TEACH grants to loans. FIGHT it.
Enlightened self-interest: The nation’s largest employer is improving employee benefits
Manufacturers unite to reduce packaging waste. The difference you’ll see
Life balance for young students calls for less pressure, less homework

Monday February 4
Free TV lives!
Small things come in big packages. How NOT to get ripped on food items
Winter storm damage – when to make an insurance claim
When should you file a claim on your homeowners insurance?
Beware quick-to-get business loan solicitations
Warning: Easy electronic payment methods can lead to overspending

Friday February 1
Clark Howard’s daughter Rebecca – the wedding story
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
An attractive new job perk is back: Free college
Startups launch passenger drones

Thursday January 31
Deliveries via robot
Reverse Clark Rage Clark Rave! CPR as seen on TV saves a woman’s life
Are we heading for recession?
(Best of 6/11)– Millennial spending on pets
Most women would rather discuss death than money. Not cool. Strategies for money talk$

Wednesday January 30
ClarkDeals-Jet Blue Airlines Sale
Apple FaceTime bug lets others spy on you – Clark Howard
Canceling pay TV has challenges. Clark smart advice
Should you buy pet insurance? – Clark Howard
Simple ways to reduce heating bills
-16 ways to lower your energy
Strategies for mindful credit card spending put you in charge

Tuesday January 29
Digital mortgages are on the rise
Documents: Facebook knowingly tricked kids with game
Burning Glass Technologies –  The best jobs call for hybrid skill sets
Court ruling on student loan forgiveness
Tax prep and when to file  –  6 reasons why this is the best week of the year to file your taxes
Tax season 2019: Whick tax prep solution is right for you?

Monday January 28
11 best cruise deals for Wave Season | Clark Deals
Deals today: Costco membership deal: Get a $20 Costco Cash Card with new membership! | Clark Deals
-Today only: 50” 4k TVs for $197 | Clark Deals
Update: Verizon gets schooled by bad publicity
Multi-level marketing: A Clark Smart Warning
Social media vs email for business
Trucar has changed

Friday January 25
A new tax credit for some small businesses – What to know
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Car eye scanners offer an anti-theft start
Health Warning: What to know about the no-braces teeth-straightening boom

Thursday January 24
States address credit card processing fees, giving merchants a break and consumers a choice
Clark Rage: Really Wells Fargo?
Clark and LA columnist extraordinaire David Lazarus talk junk insurance “croak and choke” rip offs
(Best of 6-8 Hour 1)   Employers can reduce the blight of payday loans
Beware private real estate house flipping schemes
Build credit simply by paying your rent

Wednesday January 23
Student loan debt: Impact and prevention
SCAM ALERT: This one email could wipe out a home buyer’s life savings – Clark Howard
Looking for the best mechanic? Here are 10 shops to try – Clark Howard
The free dinner that’s poison for your financial future
Dental painkillers put youth at risk for opioid addiction

Tuesday January 22
Electronic driver’s licenses are on the way for more Americans
New Mastercard rules stop automatic charges when free trials expire – Clark Howard
Financial education initiatives take hold in schools, but learning begins at home
DNA test results necessitate consumer counseling
A new alliance between VW and Ford offers a look into the future of automobiles

Monday January 21  (Best of)
(12/20)  Breakthrough! First time home buyers are shopping financing
Tips for first time
Beware IRS imposter scams
Most American jobs don’t support middle class life. Clark smart solutions
(12/10)  Google Fi and Clark’s updated guide – Best cell phone plans and deals | Clark Howard
Raises and the minimum wage lag behind a growing economy and the will of the people

Friday January 18
How you’re judged as credit worthy is changing
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Stop apps from tracking your location
Extinct consumer issues – a look back…

Thursday January 17
The Zero Energy Ready Home standard – Ask for it by name
MetLife caught withholding pension benefits. How to get your rightful pay
The Financial Independence Movement: Clark welcomes Brad and Jonathan from the ChooseFI  podcast
( 6-7)   
Social media marketing for online business
You pay big money for the latest greatest cell phone. So should you buy the insurance?

Wednesday January 16
Netflix raising prices by up to 18% – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: How Verizon steps on school kids and doesn’t respond to complaints
Clark’s Money Challenge: How to save $3,000 this year – Clark Howard
What’s wrong with a 70% federal tax rate on incomes of $10M or more?
Older headlights a major safety concern.  DIY restoration
The secret to buying the perfect diamond, at the right price

Tuesday January 15
New law requires hospitals to post prices, but does it really change anything?
Don’t make this huge mistake with your car key fob –
Contactless credit cards: Pros and cons
Dollarbird for private, hands-on budgeting
The kindness of strangers: 2 New Yorkers erase $1.5M in medical debt

Monday January 14
Privacy Alert for job hunters
AT&T privacy rip-off
Think you’ve got a 5G phone? Not yet…
The partial federal government shutdown – An update and Clark smart survival tips
Walmart welcomes robotic janitors
Higher penalties now on late credit card payments. 2 ways to make sure you’re right on time

Friday January 11
Computer appraisal has entered the home buying process
A new social media platform parents need to know about
Now is primo booking time. Clark smart rules of travel
Proof it can be done: The 50/50 path to financial independence

Thursday January 10
Opportunity and hazard: Texting job interviews
Clark Rage: Privacy alert: Your bank balance is out there
Why you shouldn’t do a cash-out refinance to pay off credit card debt | Clark Howard?
(6/6-1)     5 keys to a longer, healthier life
Buying electronics and designer goods online: A Clark Smart Warning
Retailers pay the price for cutting costs by cutting workers

Wednesday January 9
Clark broadcasts live from CES

Tuesday January 8
Clark broadcasts live from CES

Monday January 7 
A call for more emphasis on job training
When economy seating is too close for comfort, there’s premium economy- for a price
-Big changes coming to United, JetBlue and other airlines in 2019 | Clark Howard
-Delta Air Lines: What to know before you fly | Clark Howard
Reassess old-school home and office phones
Floral entrepreneur arranges great success
Small business benefits expand

Friday January 4  (Best of 12/6 – 10/15)
How to make your Venmo transactions private-ClarkHoward
Clark Rage: A medical industry scandal – Doctors protecting their own
Robotaxis have officially arrived: Waymo One drives Arizona
The transformation taking place in real estate home sales
The multi-level dare-to-be-rich pitch is alive and well. Who makes money?

Thursday January 3  (Best of 10/9 – 12/4)
It can be done. Clark listener John’s crushing debt and happy ending
Timeshare unloading scam
4 ways to protect yourself in case there’s a cyberattack on your bank | Clark Howard
‘Ninjas’ reflect a change in company cultures
Online shopping: New tools promise to protect your credit card info-ClarkHoward

Wednesday January 2  (Best of 11/30 – 12/3)
Price check on pet foods: Find the right brand for less
Special Warning for retirees looking to move: RENT before you buy
The pay TV box rip off, and how to cut costs
8 things to know about the changes coming to CVS and Walgreens in 2019 | Clark Howard
Cash is King – The King is dead – almost. The role of cash in disciplined spending

Tuesday January 1  2019  (Best of 11/29)
The 401(k) turns 40. Time for a change
How to tell if that email you get from Amazon is legit or a phishing scam | Clark Howard
Customer service chats – They’re not private either
Social media influencers and nanoinfluencers – eyes open on how the game is played
Supermarket showdown: Aldi Vs. Whole Foods