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Friday October 18
WARNING:  Social media is Scam Central
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Merchant Processing. Square is not so simple anymore
Open Enrollment – wallet shock

Thursday October 17
The U.S. catches up to how texting meets commerce for AI customer service
Clark Rage: Medical privacy – none
New report: The happiest states in the U.S.
(02/01) – An attractive new job perk is back: Free college
Startups launch passenger drones

Wednesday October 16
Cell phone  deals – Clark breaks it down
-Cricket Wirelss vs. Metro by T-Mobile: Which Is Better?
Clark Rage: New rules make it easier to tap your 401k. Don’t.
Tried and now untrue – Classic parental advice that needs an update
UPS to begin drone delivery in urban areas
The Clark Truth: A car that takes 7 years to pay off is a car you can’t afford

Tuesday October 15
Better and cheaper: Renewable energy evolves
Clark Rage: What’s in a word  – The meat industry battle over terminology
Buying a new car? Here’s why it’ll cost you more than ever – Clark Howard
Cost of living by metro area
Micro lending expands to everyday items, including clothing. No.

Monday October 14
PRIVACY:  Email and texting
Clark Rage – A concert promotion scam costs investors $31M
Finally the SEC investigates ripoff 403b and 457 retirement plans. What to do now
Housing market update – good news for buyers
HALLOWEEN – The Clark smart way

Friday October 11
Net Neutrality upheld at state level – a win for consumer freedom
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Violent crime in the U.S. is in continuing decline, believe it or not!
Buying a used car with peace of mind

Thursday October 10
Clarkonomics – European tariffs and your wallet
Clark Rage –Beware the seasonal multi-level marketing pitch
You’ve got baggage: Holiday air travel advice
(01/28/19)  – Social media vs. email for business
Trucar has become unawesome

Wednesday October 9
Clarkonomics: Employment and wage update
Clark Rage – Warning: Football season brings PCH scams
Using allowance to teach your children well
Savvy shoppers should know: Amazon brands rule the search
Longevity insurance is a smart buy at retirement – Clark Howard

Tuesday October 8
More options for low cost, easy investing
Clark Rage – Customer’s death triggers early termination fee from callous pay TV provider
Simma down now America! This is no place for the politics of hate
American solutions: Solar Farming
A Clark smart cord cutting strategy
-Best Live TV Streaming Services: Compare Our Top Picks for October 2019 – Clark Howard
Netflix. HBO Go. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Pretty Soon It All Adds Up – WSJ

Monday October 7
New privacy tools from Google
-Google Password Checkup: 4 Steps to Secure Your Passwords Now – Clark Howard
Clark Rage – Veterans cheated by the VA on ER medical claims
RIPOFF ALERT:  ATM fees hit record highs
New overtime pay rules in January
Buying a house sight unseen online – No.

Friday October 4
Small businesses and 401k offerings
-How to Open a Roth IRA – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
A look at what’s possible: Meat substitutes take hold – high calorie, low environmental impact
Keep your smartphone longer

Thursday October 3
“Catch Me If You Can” con-man Frank Abagnale gives his best advice to avoid fraud
Clark Rage – New hires are ghosting employers. Not classy….
Apartment / Condo supply and demand. What buyers and renters need to know
(1-25-19)   –   Car eye scanners offer an anti-theft start
HEALTH WARNING: What to know about the no-braces teeth-straightening boom

Wednesday October 2
Why did my credit score drop when I paid off a loan? – Clark Howard
Clark Rage – Post Bernie Madoff – Investment cons are alive and well, targeting your life savings
When to let go of your old car
If Clark ruled Healthcare
Our savings report card

Tuesday October 1
Southwest Airlines fares from $49 one way – Clark Deals

Zero cost investing takes hold
Clark Rage –The Visa and MC exchange rate ripoff
-International Travel Tips: 26 Things to Know Before Going Overseas – Clark Howard
Wedding ring sales can now include the wedding
To be or not to be –  Recession: Clarkonomic perspective
Travel Warning: Why you should videotape your vacation rental

Monday September 30
Most credit cards are already compromised -Debit dangers intensify
Clark Rage – A payroll warning for small business
Too many rooms at the inn – The new glut of hotels and apartments
Walmart discontinues e-cig sales – Parents, teens and vaping
Heavy traffic & the telecommute exit ramp

Friday September 27
Ways to reduce food waste in the U.S.
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Workers are fleeing big cities for more affordable housing
WARNING! Fake health insurance is destroying people’s lives and finances

Thursday September 26
The Apple / Google gaming war
1040-SR: What you need to know about the new tax form for seniors – Clark Howard
Facebook Contractors Have Been Listening to ‘Hey Portal’
What are negative interest rates?
(1-18) Stop apps from tracking your location
Extinct consumer issues – a look back…

Wednesday September 25
Open Enrollment: Choose your benefits wisely
Clark Rage: Bait & Switch – Beware airline fees
New Target REDcard holders save $50 on a $100+ future purchase – Clark Deals
Ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell for $78, free shipping – Clark Deals
Southwest Airlines fares from $39 one way – Clark Deals
Costco membership deal: Get $89 in savings with new membership! – Clark Deals
Amped Wireless Ally AC1200 dual-band smart mesh Wi-Fi system for $50 – Clark Deals
Google Play Pass: $2 a month for the first 12 months! – Clark Deals
Travel Archives – Clark Deals   /    Travel Archives – Clark Howard

Rideshare for kids
Facing and fixing the retirement crisis

Tuesday September 24
What Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile are doing to prevent SIM card swapping – Clark Howard
Clark Rage – Who’s really behind attacks on Amazon
PRIVACY WARNING: How TVs are tracking viewers
Twisting in the wind: The changing homeowners insurance market
Walmart rolls out a new grocery delivery program

Monday September 23
A cell phone carrier breaks the law and hides behind arbitration
Clark Rage –  3 data breaches: prevention and compensation
Your Equifax claim will be denied if you don’t take this additional step – Clark Howard
Yahoo data breach settlement: How to file a claim & get paid – Clark Howard
Clark’s recommended bargain time for home buyers
3 best places to buy hearing aids online – Clark Howard
Better, faster – Behold Wi-Fi 6

Friday September 20
Chase rolls out the Verified Mark Certificate, a digital logo to watermark emails as legit
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Low cost investment advice  and a unique offering from Schwab
A change coming to the home buying process

Thursday September 19
Walmart just announced a new rewards credit card program – Clark Howard
Reverse Clark Rage – A little good news about the kindness of strangers
Why did my car insurance go up? – Clark Howard
The free dinner that’s poison for your financial future
Dental painkillers put youth at risk for opioid addiction

Wednesday September 18
The Federal Reserve, interest rates and your wallet
Clark Rage: Congress harms Gold Star military families and won’t correct it
Hazardous Healthcare: Medical bill shock
Car buying advice based on how long you keep your vehicle
Survey Junkie Review: 3 things to know before you sign up – Clark Howard

Tuesday September 17
The Saudi attack and an update on gas prices
Your Equifax claim will be denied if you don’t take this additional step – Clark Howard
California approves a landmark bill affecting the gig economy
The best time to book holiday flights for 2019 – Clark Howard
Get Clark smart prepared for a slowing economy

Monday September 16
2 Car rental cost alerts
Apple repairs update
Study: Silver Lining – The benefits of being an optimist
Traditional financial advisors  expand roles to stay relevant
The auto insurance revolution

Friday September 13
Gaming addiction
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
The gender gap in education and employment
Clearing credit score confusion
-Why you don’t need to pay for MyFICO to monitor your credit – Clark Howard

Thursday September 12
Annuity hazard – A case in point
WARNING: When your insurance claim becomes a crime
Instant payment apps  Venmo, Cash app & Zelle – what you need to know
(1/16/19)  Older headlights a major safety concern.  DIY restoration
Keep your car spotless with these 5 easy cleaning hacks – Clark Howard
The secret to buying the perfect diamond, at the right price

Wednesday September 11
Tracking apps with family and friends
Clark Rage – Until robocalls have ceased, follow Clark’s rule
Hydroponics and the rise of controlled agriculture in America
Common sense preparation vs. doomsday survivalists measures
Inertia has its price. Moving the needle to SAVE MORE

Tuesday September 10
Airport security AI
Clark Rage –  Beware genetic testing scams targeting seniors, defrauding Medicare
How I saved my father $283/month in one afternoon – Clark Howard
The Morningstar rating system gets better
The concert ticket racket and the Clark smart way

Monday September 9
Making prescriptions cheaper
Clark Rage: Struggling on a $.5M  a year – Beware the marginal propensity to consume
 Is a safe deposit box really safe? – Clark Howard
How to choose the right home safe for your needs – Clark Howard
Keyless car carbon monoxide hazard
New employee benefits from the retail and restaurant industries

Friday September 6
Save More – Start with Clark’s $500 challenge
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Living on less than what you make: Millennial saves a $million
RIPOFF ALERT: How crooks use fraud alerts to commit fraud

Thursday September 5
Red-light running hits an all-time high. This Clark smart driving tip could save your life
Special Warning for students considering loans for for-profit colleges
A growing alternative to payday loans
Real estate co-ops are not a scam, but not recommended. A better choice: REIT
Ask Clark: Is StreetShares a legitimate investment opportunity?
Banks help watch out for your aging parents. The role of adult children

Wednesday September 4
Proposed medical record apps come with major privacy concerns
Clark Rage – Charity fraud- Hurricane Dorian: How to help the victims – Clark Howard
Witness the proposed roll back of energy efficient lighting
RIPOFF ALERT! Beware debt relief scams
Auto insurance: How to shop for a new policy in 2019 – Clark Howard

Tuesday September 3
Target and Walmart September car seat recycling incentives
Clarkrageous  Wells Fargo – the grift that keeps on grifting
Update: Streaming wars yeild new options
Now job hopping can pay off
The ability to save, regardless of income. The $million club is growing

Monday September 2  (Labor Day Best of)
(8/1) How to buy a house in 9 steps – Clark Howard
Should you buy cell phone insurance? Clark Howard
A lost art during college years that can pay off for life
(8/2)  U.S. Best: Little Free Pantries
Here’s a lousy idea: Borrow money for a wedding!