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Major Consumer Protections Announced in Response to COVID-19 |
NCLC Digital Library

Small Business Administration / Paycheck Protection Program / SBA – Disaster Loan Assistance
COVID-19   /    
What to Do if You’ve Been Laid Off – Clark Howard
How Do I Apply for Unemployment? – Clark Howard
Coronavirus: Follow These 3 Steps to Prepare Now for a Recession – Clark Howard
Coronavirus & Your Finances: What to Know and Do – Clark Howard
Coronavirus Update – Google
Streaming TV Archives – Clark Howard
How to Find Free Events and Free Things to Do – Clark Howard
Which College Graduates Make the Most? – Wall Street Journal
6 Steps to Take After You’re in a Car Accident – Clark Howard
How the SECURE Act Will Impact Retirement Savings
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health | NCCIH

How to Find a Free ATM Near You: Allpoint, MoneyPass, CO-OP Financial Services and More – Clark Howard
How to find a good moving company – Clark Howard
How to buy a house in 9 steps – Clark Howard
Citi is eliminating these benefits for Costco cardholders – Clark Howard
Where to watch free movies online – Clark Howard
Freon phase-out: Is your air conditioning system going to be obsolete soon? – Clark Howard
New report: The best cell phone providers in America – Clark Howard
Google introducing new privacy measures – Clark Howard to hear and delete everything your Amazon Alexa has recorded
35+ military discounts that are available year-round – Clark Howard
4 questions for teachers to ask about their 403(b) retirement plans – Clark Howard
How to open a Roth IRA – Clark Howard
Hotel rates are going down: Here’s how to find cheap rooms – Clark Howard
New report: The top 15 cars that people keep for 15 years or more – Clark Howard
How to make your Venmo transactions private – Clark Howard
REVISED: 529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard
The Free and Cheap List | Clark Howard
How to buy a new car in 5 steps | Clark Howard
Senior Planning | Clark Howard   —   Senior Care | Clark Howard
How to find a geriatric care manager | Clark Howard
About Facebook’s new privacy hub + how to download a copy of your profile | Clark Howard
How to add a PIN to your smartphone account to prevent SIM hijacking | Clark Howard
Here is Clark Howard’s bottom line on Bitcoin | Clark Howard
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard
ClarkYourBank | Clark Howard
Equifax Data Breach | Clark Howard
How to put a credit freeze in place for your child | Clark Howard
ID Theft Resource Center 888-400-5530

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Friday May 29
How you can help small business
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Amid pandemic, Alaska man supplies groceries for entire town during 7-hour Costco runs | Fox News
Payment apps may pose a coronavirus scam risk, according to AARP
The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors – Clark Howard
Get Free or Discounted Prescription Drugs – Consumer Reports

Thursday May 28
Average expenses and where you can cut costs
-How to Save Money: 35 Ways to Reduce Expenses – Clark Howard
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Coronavirus: Tennessee grandmother working to supply masks to inmates
What are you eating while staying at home?  Food & Drink – Clark Deals
Vegas Goes SOLAR
HOUSING –  iBuyers re-emerge /
-Clark Howard: Here’s my experience selling a home with an iBuyer – Clark Howard

Wednesday May 27
Summer vacation 2020 and hotel safety
-Ask Clark: Should I Book A Summer Vacation Right Now?
-How to thoroughly disinfect your hotel room in light of coronavirus
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-DC’s high school ‘makers’ fire up 3D printers to create PPE
The FIDUCIARY Standard– Insist on it.
– | Frequently Asked Questions on Regulation Best Interest
Cord cutting – Streaming TV – Clark Howard  /  Home – Locast
FIRE update / Financial Independence, Retire Early: What you need to know about the ‘FIRE’ movement – Clark Howard

Tuesday May 26
CORONAVIRUS: Health Coverage Alternatives
Having a major life change? May qualify for Special Enrollment Period|
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-AJC-Metro Atlanta teens helping seniors isolated by COVID-19
Distant learning creates new dilemmas for students and families
Ask Clark: What Should I Do if the Dealership Won’t Take My Lease Back? – Clark Howard
What to Do if You Have a Negative Balance on Your Credit Card – Clark Howard

Monday May 25 Best of
Why did my credit score drop when I paid off a loan? – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: Post Bernie Madoff – Investment cons are alive and well, targeting your life savings
When to let go of your old car
Meat substitutes take hold – high calorie, low environmental impact.
Keep your smartphone longer

Friday May 22
A Covid-19 surcharge and Disney’s new liability waiver
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
As food banks struggle to meet demand- additional resource: Food Assistance | USAGov
Due to sheer volume, shipping delays will continue

Thursday May 21
CORONAVIRUS:  LIFE INSURANCE How to Buy Term Life Insurance – Clark Howard
Insurers Are Giving Consumers a Break Amid Pandemic – WSJ
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Cobb restaurant owner who sold car to pay employees gets new ride
Jobs Archives – Clark Howard  /  COVID-19 and the Great Rehiring
-Jobs for Vets – Veteran Job Opportunities, Skill Building
New healthcare enrollment regulations are voluntary for employers
Employers Can Let Workers Change Health Plans Without Waiting – The New York Times

Wednesday May 20
CORONAVIRUS: Credit card debt and dealing with bank customer no-service
-What to Do if You Have a Negative Balance on Your Credit Card – Clark Howard
 ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Kids are reading to therapy dogs on Zoom. They can’t pet the pooches, but sessions l book up fast. WP-
Housing and the future of vacation rentals – Vacation real-estate markets are ‘toast’ because of the pandemic as Airbnb owners rush to offload their homes, Redfin CEO says – MarketWatch
Supermarket ‘dark stores’ serving online buyers expand in pandemic era
Physical and mental challenges working from home
-Working From Home Is Taking a Toll on Our Backs and Necks – WSJ
-How To Maintain Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Tuesday May 19
Walmart Free Grocery Pickup: 7 Things to Know Before Your First Order – Clark Howard
-6 Best Grocery Pickup Services – Clark Howard
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Formerly Homeless Atlanta Resident Staves Off Coronavirus With Portable Sinks | Here & Now
-People Are Installing Portable Hand-Washing Sinks for the Homeless in Cities Across the US
CORONAVIRUS:  Cyber security working from home
COVID-19:  Reopening schools this fall
Savings  and  student loan  rates hit new lows
Federal student loans will be cheaper than ever | East Idaho News
-Goldman Sounds the Death Knell for High-Yield Savings Accounts – Bloomberg

Monday May 18
Forbearance vs. Deferment: What’s the Difference? – Clark Howard
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Postal worker leaves gift cards for 2020 grads in New Hampshire – CNN
CORONAVIRUS: Reasons to be optimistic
-After Devastating Economic Contraction, Glimmers of Growth Emerge – WSJ
-Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine shows encouraging early results in human safety trial – The WP
Costco’s Kirkland and other store brands are having a moment
COVID-19: Laid off and facing the bills

Friday May 15
CORONAVIRUS Retail Struggles
U.S. Economy Adds to Grim Records, Signaling Yearslong Recovery – Bloomberg
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
CORONAVIRUS: A Back-to-School Plan is Needed
-Coronavirus Will Keep Cal State University Classes Online in the Fall – The New York Times
-Fewer Students Apply for College Financial Aid, a Sign Coronavirus May Disrupt Enrollment – WSJ
COVID-19: A new era in restaurant dining
McDonald’s Sets Conditions for Restaurant Reopenings – WSJ

Thursday May 14
CORONAVIRUS: New PPP guidance – It’s safe to apply
-SBA Clarifies Certification Requirements Today For Paycheck Protection Program Borrowers
-SBA provides safe harbor for PPP loans under $2 million – Journal of Accountancy
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-After Botched Restaurant Burglary Attempt, Owner Offers Free Meals to Anyone Who is Desperate
Major Consumer Protections Announced in Response to COVID-19 | NCLC Digital Library
Amazon Fire HD 8 new version announced, costs $90
PayPal Cashback Mastercard® Review: Unlimited 2% Cash Back Credit Card – Clark Howard

Wednesday May 13
CORNAVIRUS: Pricing effects  /  Clothing – Clark Deals
Here’s When You Can Find the Best Deals on Clothing – Clark Howard
-These 10 Groceries Items Are Getting More Expensive – Clark Howard
 ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
Atlanta officer uses hazard pay to buy students tablets for school
CORONAVIRUS FRAUD:  Operation Stolen Promise | ICE
Warning: Scam Targets People Trying to Get COVID-19 Tests
-Report counterfeits and other fraud by emailing [email protected]
-Reliable Sources: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION -Coronavirus
-Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC
-How to protect yourself from counterfeit COVID-19 merchandise
Malls opening soon
COVID-19: Clark is using a diagnosis app – CovidSymptomStudy
-Shows Promise in Tracking New Coronavirus Cases, Study Finds – The New York Times

Tuesday May 12
CORONAVIRUS: Airlines in the disease management phase
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Shipping Containers & Modular Construction | BMarko Structures
Student loan servicers destroying borrower credit
-Student Loans Are Being Reported To Credit Bureaus! : StudentLoans
-Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Offer Weekly Free Credit Reports for a Year
How to Get a Job During a Recession – Clark Howard
The Car Is Staging a Comeback, Spurring Oil’s Recovery – Bloomberg

Monday May 11
CORONAVIRUS:  Manufacturing and Unemployment
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution – Rhonda Roland Shearer, patron saint of PPE, went $600,000 in debt to outfit hospital workers battling coronavirus – The Washington Post
-Fundraiser by Rhonda Roland Shearer : Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes
COVID-19: Stimulus Update /  Life Insurance
-Some Americans Are Being Turned Away Trying to Buy Life Insurance – WSJ
-How to Buy Term Life Insurance – Clark Howard
-The Best Term Life Insurance Companies – Clark Howard
-How to Return a Stimulus Check You Weren’t Supposed to Get – Clark Howard
-You have till Wednesday to set up direct deposit for your stimulus check. Here’s how – CNET
Walmart launches two-hour delivery service for groceries, electronics, and more – The Verge
CORONAVIRUS:  Real Estate Update
-Why Home Prices Are Rising During the Pandemic – WSJ
-Plunging home sales in wake of coronavirus should rebound in 2021

Friday May 8
Mortgage forbearance preparation
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
CORONAVIRUS lifestyle changes for better and worse
Banks panic cut credit limits. Act now to secure your credit

Thursday May 7
It Is Possible to File Bankruptcy on Student Loans
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Girl sends note to letter carrier, gets big surprise from across the country
CORONAVIRUSApple and Google take steps to ensure privacy as coronavirus tracking rolls out
COVID-19:  We must adapt to masks and other safety precautions
How Germany Kept Its Factories Open During the Pandemic – WSJ

Wednesday May 6
CORONAVIRUS:  Meat shortages
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
Coronavirus: Texas principal travels 800 miles to visit every graduating senior
Principal surprises 220 graduating seniors with a celebratory visit to their home – ABC News
Humana to Waive Patients’ Share of Some Costs for Rest of 2020 – Bloomberg
Reward Credit Cards –  Credit Cards Archives – Clark Deals
Why You May Want to Dump These Travel Credit Cards – Clark Howard
COVID-19: – Working remotely is changing the future

Tuesday May 5
Locked down vs unrestricted states – consumer spending and the lack of health protocols
-As States Begin to Reopen, Many Stay Home—Keeping Economic Rebound Elusive – WSJ
-The Economy Recovery Rests on Getting Consumers to Spend. It Won’t Be Easy. – Barron’s
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution: Habitat For Humanity
-Good News: Amid pandemic, Louisville construction company builds homes for people in need
CORONAVIRUS: Age discrimination  –
Why millions of older workers will pay a big financial price—       forever—from the coronavirus – MarketWatch
How to Maintain a Car You’re Not Driving During Coronavirus – Clark Howard
Coronavirus turns many Americans into savers

Monday May 4
CORONAVIRUS:  Corporations want a liability shield
Liability Shield Is Next Coronavirus Aid Battle – WSJ
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution: Volunteers! /      Create the Good: Find Volunteer Opportunities Near You
US airline stocks tumble after Buffett sells whole stakes
Tiny Digital Businesses Play Key Role in Local Economies, Study Says – The New York Times

Friday May 1
CORONAVIRUS: Clark Quarantine – Week 7 – All is Well
Keep Dr. appointments and go to the ER if needed!
-Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, Heart and Stroke Patients Go Missing – The New York Times
-In Coronavirus Lockdown, People Are Finally Eager to Visit the Dentist – WSJ
Thanks and respect to all the hard working truckers
Truckers step up as coronavirus pumps demand for necessities, but face mounting obstacles – The Washington Post

Thursday April 30
Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need to Know – Clark Howard
-Coronavirus travel: Road trips, outdoor landmarks may be safest bets
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the Problem – Being the Solution
Everyday Hero: 9-Year-Old Runs for Coronavirus Charity
-‘They need to be protected,’ Pleasant Hill woman leaves handmade masks on front door for delivery workers | KTVU FOX 2
Navigating the new normal: Vegas to Costco
-Coronavirus: Las Vegas’ Venetian to reopen with thermal cameras, EMTs
-Costco to return to normal hours, require face masks starting Monday
COVID-19:  Air Travel Safety
Investing advice: Millennials are stock trading to beat the downturn

Wednesday April 29
CORONAVIRUS:  MLB refunds, stimulus checks and unemployment
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
-Woman, 101, escaped 1918 flu, survived coronavirus – CNN
Consumer Spending
COVID-19: Cashing a stimulus check
Where to Cash Your Stimulus Check if You Don’t Have a Bank Account – Clark Howard
CVS and Walgreens testing – Coronavirus tests: CVS, Walgreens to offer free COVID-19 testing

Tuesday April 28
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution
People across the country are delivering groceries free. It’s ‘solidarity, not charity.’ – The Washington Post
COVID-19: Tech companies offer accommodation
Verizon, AT&T and Comcast extend no late fee, terminations
Clark smart borrowing guidelines /  Loans Archives – Clark Howard
Pandemic reshapes commerce

Monday April 27
Pandemic investing in gold  /  Best Gold ETFs for Q1 2020  /  Gold  – Investopedia |
ClarkRAVE: See the problem. Be the solution
-An Ohio bakery is delivering cupcakes to people having birthdays within their retail zone.
-99-year-old British WWII vet raises $22 million for health workers
Ask Clark: Should I Buy a Car Right Now? – Clark Howard   / Cars Archives – Clark Howard
The FIRE movement spells survival in tough times
Your 401K and unemployment
-Ask Clark: Should I Take Money From My 401(k) Right Now? – Clark Howard
-Ask Clark: What Do I Do With My 401(k) if I Am Laid Off? – Clark Howard

Friday April 24
Coronavirus: Unemployment update
-Going Back to Work: Tips on What Your Boss Can—and Can’t—Make You Do – WSJ
 ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution: Teachers
Local teacher’s act of kindness gets national attention | WMBB –
Beware con job ads for fake cures
-Coronavirus Scams: How to Protect Yourself – Clark Howard
-Google to Require All Advertisers to Identify Themselves – WSJ
How to See How Busy a Store Is Right Now with Google Maps
Credit Cards Archives – Clark Howard
-Credit Cards Start Offering Lower Limits Amid U.S. Outbreak – Bloomberg
Forbearance vs. Deferment: What’s the Difference? – Clark Howard

Thursday April 23
CORONAVIRUS:  The SBA’s PPP – round 2 /
-What’s in the Coronavirus Relief Package for Small Businesses – Clark Howard
Ask Clark: Does Collecting Unemployment Affect Social Security in the Long Run? – Clark Howard
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution:
Cobb restaurant owner sells car to make sure employees are paid
-Stimulus check hackers /  
-Report: The Top 10 Area Codes for Stimulus Check Spam Calls – Clark Howard

Wills & Funerals Archives – Clark Howard
CORONAVIRUS:  Opportunity in the housing market

Wednesday April 22
CORONAVIRUS:  Stimulus 3.5  –  Senate Passes Bill for More Small-Business Stimulus – WSJ
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the Problem – Being the Solution:
-More than 40 employees lived at their plant for 28 days to make material to protect health care workers -| FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports
You Can Now Get Free Credit Reports Every Week – Clark Howard
-Free credit reports are now available for everyone, every week
Americans Are Poisoning Themselves in Their Rush to Fight Virus – Bloomberg
How top Google searches have changed during the coronavirus – The Washington Post

Tuesday April 21
Oil supply affects stock market
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution:  Sports magnates step up
-Coronavirus sports shutdown: Athletes, teams step up – Sports Illustrated
-Hedge Fund Billionaire David Tepper On Coronavirus Donations:
– ‘People Have To Step Up If They Have The Ability’

Release from vehicle leases now a challenge
 Ask Clark: What Should I Do if the Dealership Won’t Take My Lease Back? – Clark Howard
-Coronavirus: Lease car returns tough as lenders refuse to accept autos
How to See How Busy a Store Is Right Now with Google Maps

Monday April 20
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution:
-Coronavirus: ear guards alleviate mask pain for healthcare workers – 9Honey
COVID19:   Ticketmaster and Airline refunds –
-How Do I Get My Money Back if My Concert Is Cancelled?
– Clark Howard
Forbearance vs. Deferment: What’s the Difference? – Clark Howard
Advice for 2020 college grads
CORONAVIRUS: Unemployment alternatives
-Layoff Alternative Grows in Popularity During Coronavirus – WSJ

Friday April 17

CORNONAVIRUS:  Staying the course for your long term financial future
ClarkRAVE: Seeing the problem – Being the Solution: Altruism
-Anonymous local businesses donate $210K to pay all water and sewer bills in Fortville
-A man spent $82,000 on gift cards and sent them to every home in an Iowa town
-Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates And At Least 75 Other Billionaires Donating To Pandemic Relief
You are not alone. And this WILL pass
-Coronavirus: Financial Stress Statistics 2020 | Best Money Moves
Stay Calm – Reading between the lines of sensationalistic headlines
New, affordable cell phones hit the market  Cell Phones Archives – Clark Howard
-5 Things to Know About Apple’s New $399 iPhone – Clark Howard
-Best Cell Phone Plans and Deals for 2020 – Clark Howard

Thursday April 16
CORONAVIRUS:   SBA assistance a fail so far – Why?
ClarkRAVE – Seeing the Problem – Being the Solution: Teen power
Coronavirus in Iowa: Teens deliver groceries to quarantined seniors, neighbors
Teen pilot flies medical supplies to rural hospitals
COVID-19 – Learning by example: Germany’s soft opening
When you can deduct the cost of a home office – Setting Up a Home Office – TheStreet

Wednesday April 15
CORONAVIRUS: Airlines and other big businesses get a bailout
20 companies offering healthcare workers FREE food, apparel, lodging & more – Clark Deals
BP offers gas discount for health care workers during coronavirus pandemic – CNN
5 Things to Know About Telemedicine – Clark Howard
Customer service underwater with high demand
Streaming TV Archives – Clark Howard   /
Sling TV deals: Get a device or stream 50+ live channels 5pm to midnight FREE – Clark Deals

Tuesday April 14
Fighting CORONAVIRUS with technology
CLARK RAVE: Honoring patients and medical workers
Health care workers are wearing smiling photos of themselves to put coronavirus patients at ease
Buildings “Light It Blue” in tribute to frontline healthcare workers
CORONAVIRUSEssential retail workers risk exposure and deserve respect
Car buying in the time of CORONAVIRUS
CORONAVIRUS  – Mortgage lenders /
Forbearance vs. Deferment: What’s the Difference? – Clark Howard

Monday April 13
Best use of helicopter money
Clark Rave: CORONAVIRUS – Getting through this together-How 1 GA coastal bar owner paid her staff
Auto Insurance refunds
When will you get your car insurance refund? Here’s what several companies are saying | Fortune
Ticketmaster / Stubhub disaster
Angry Fans Say First the Concerts Were Canceled, Then the Refunds – The New York Times
Clark Smart Investing Direction

Friday April 10
CORONAVIRUSHow to get back to work – Safely
Money for small business – a FAIL so far.  EIDL and PPP insanity
CORONAVIRUS:  Safety measures
Safety Advice If You Must Visit the Grocery Store – WSJ
RIP OFF ALERT:  Coronavirus Scams: How to Protect Yourself – Clark Howard
Don’t Click! Coronavirus Text and Phone Scams Are Designed to Trick You – WSJ

Thursday April 9
CORONAVIRUS: Help is on the way – Unemployment and SBA loan update
-Kabbage Resource Center  –  Apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans | Kabbage, Inc.
CORONAVIRUS: Federal Reserve rescue measures
CORONAVIRUS Stress Management
Feeling Down? Anxious? Hostile? A 4-Day-a-Week Exercise Regimen May Help – The New York Times
Home office – Clark Deals – Today’s Best Deals of the Day
-3-pack Orbi mesh dual-Wi-Fi router and satellite system for $170 – Clark Deals
-WOOT-Update Your Office

Wednesday April 8
CORONAVIRUS:  Rent update
CORONAVIRUS: Housing impact
UPDATE: Private student loans

Tuesday April 7
SBA administrator Ashley Bell joins Clark to explain CV loan processes
CORONAVIRUS: Unemployment Compensation
Coronavirus depression, stress, isolation: Mental health care online
CORONAVIRUS: Mortgage Relief
-Our COVID-19 Response – Freddie Mac   /  Fannie Mae | Home

Monday April 6
CORONAVIRUS: Stimulus update  /
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
CORONAVIRUS: Economic Outlook
-TurboTax To Help Millions of Americans Get Their Stimulus Payments with Launch of Free Stimulus Registration Product | The TurboTax Blog
Companies stepping up to help customers
Wills & Funerals Archives – Clark Howard
-Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2020 – Nolo

Friday April 3
CORONAVIRUS: Stimulus update
Coronavirus and Your Money: Answers and Resources – Clark Howard
Perspective based on what we’ve learned
CORONAVIRUS: Zoom trouble and Videoconferencing options
-The best alternatives to Zoom for videoconferencing – The Verge
CORONAVIRUS: Robo-investing a steadying force

Thursday April 2
CORONAVIRUS: Stimulus Check Update
CORONAVIRUS: Unemployment
What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits – Clark Howard
CORONAVIRUS scam alert: Fake cures
CORONAVIRUS  continues to morph retail

Wednesday April 1
What’s in the Coronavirus Relief Package for Small Businesses – Clark Howard
April 1 rent now due – Pandemic protections
CORONAVIRUS: Healthcare costs – Help from insurers
Travel – Airbnb and VRBO refund policies