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Wednesday June 26
How to be a  401(k)  millionaire
Cryptocurrency scams
Carry-on bag rules at 10 big U.S. airlines – Clark Howard
Employers – treat all workers right – reduce turnover
Technological breakthroughs significantly lower energy costs

Tuesday June 25
Consumer Reports Build & Buy car buying service: How does it work? ClarkHoward
Warning: Don’t fall for this Social Security phone scam-ClarkHoward
Ripoff U!  College students: Beware the official bank of your school
-Why the ‘official bank’ of your campus is likely the wrong bank to do business with-ClarkHoward
Sites that dig up funeral home pricing secrets
Med tech: Enter a child diagnostic app based on cough audio

Monday June 24
Warning: New lending for apartment rental no free lunch
Life saving hospitals flat-lining your wallet
Protect your aging parents from financial harm
Tools for good digital parenting
Stress invest – you earn less

Friday June 21
People are turning on their smart speakers – by turning them OFF
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks
The Fed’s $400 survey sparks a Clark assignment
New report: The best cell phone providers in America – Clark Howard

Thursday June 20
Have you looked at your last credit card statement? David Lazarus Vs. Citi
Privacy Policies are officially incomprehensible
RIPOFF ALERT! Beware fake health insurance
(10/8/18)– Parents pay a high price helping their adult children
Climate change and insurance

Wednesday June 19
What does Clark Howard think about Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency? – Clark Howard
Gouged for insulin, American diabetics caravan to Canada
Air pollution, today’s EPA announcement and free market energy
Enter a new hybrid credit/debit reward card designed to help keep you out of debt
Protect yourself from hidden fees

Tuesday June 18
Huge news: Discover ditches bank fees on deposits – Clark Howard
Avoid Google Calendar phishing scams with these 4 steps – Clark Howard
2 day, 1 day, SAME DAY!  Walmart, Amazon & Target delivery wars and subscription offers
Stay calm and carry on, investors
On land and in the sky, competition is coming to internet service

Monday June 17
SIM swapping for account takeover and your defense
-How to add a PIN to your smartphone account to prevent SIM hijacking-ClarkHoward
Clark Rage – Big pharma seeks to block Rx price transparency
Auto safety options car buyers should look for
Ecommerce delivers new shipping options
When Boomerangs replace your empty nest with an empty wallet… charge rent

Friday June 14
RIPOFF ALERT! The hotel industry is drunk on junk fees
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Scholarships and the freshman year trap  
Small companies and startups as career bootcamps 

Thursday June 13
Smartphone prices finally come down
Ripoff begets ripoff: Beware timeshare exit companies
A new warning about reverse mortgages
Improving your credit score in preparation for mortgage qualification
Making wills easier and cheaper with do it yourself options

Wednesday June 12
Tariff disputes and retail consequences
Clark Rage – Rip-Off Alert! Zelle NO
Facial recognition tech expands. Pros and cons
Desperation housing and the choice to move
One free call: The prison telephone rip-off is a crime

Tuesday June 11
Amazon’s new secured credit card offering
Clark Rage – Not Impossible burgers
Report: Gas prices drop just in time for summer– Another Clark Howard Money Saving Moment
Clark Smart rules for a car loan you can live with
Facing and preparing for age discrimination in the work force

Monday June 10
New relief from spam calls from the FCC
Quest, LabCorp and more – 2 ways to protect yourself from medical data breaches
-Quest Diagnostics data breach: 12 million patients affected – Clark Howard
-Don’t give your Social Security number at these places! – Clark Howard
The risk of doing business with a full-commission stock broker
3D printing comes to car repair
Kidnapping scams have gone to the next level. Beware
3 apps that could save your life in an emergency – Clark Howard

Friday June 7
Do you really need to buy uninsured motorist coverage? ClarkHoward
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Student debt stunts millennial progress
Have you switched your bank yet?

Thursday June 6
WARNING – DANGER – Beware reverse mortgages
Kids with credit cards – Nope
Healthcare warning: Hospital systems can bleed your wallet. What to know
(9/26/18) A ready solution to affordable construction – shipping containers
The pitch for tuition insurance and why most shouldn’t buy it
Post recession – the art of getting a corporate raise – ClarkHoward: The best way to ask for a raise

Wednesday June 5
Filling the financial learning gap: What one charter school is doing – Priceless!
Wells Fargo brokers continue a legacy of corruption
Fiscal Vs. physical fitness in the happiness equation
Life insurance for seniors: What you need to know – Clark Howard
The retail shift that can make your life easier

Tuesday June 4
17 jobs that don’t require a four-year college degree and pay over $70,000 a
Clark Rage: An old holiday charity scam has arrived early this year – Beware the police and firemen donation scam
-The best and worst charities for your donations
-A guide to the best and worst veterans charities
-How to assure you’re giving to a legitimate charity
Bad debt on credit cards is skyrocketing. How to protect your credit
Update on what’s left of the CFPB
The best way to file a complaint against your bank-Clark Howard
You know you’re tracked online. But what about in-store spying?

Monday June 3
Variable pricing set to become the norm
Debt collector dirty deeds and your defense
End of life rituals are changing radically. Make your choices known!
Don’t buy into fake reviews
The safest place to sit in a car may not be where you think – Clark Howard

Friday May 31 (Best of)
(4/30)  Auto insurance tracking can save money, cost privacy
Buying prescription drugs from Canada – rip off of money saver?
Clark’s ‘crazy’ idea for getiing rid of traffic
(5/1) Carmax customer service centers and the future of car buying
4 ways to stop junk mail – Clark Howard

Thursday May 30 (Best of)
(4/29)  Medic Alert devices
PRIVACY WATCH: Your face and IBM
-Are your social media photos being used for facial recognition research? – Clark Howard
A golden era to buy used
EMPLOYMENT: Rethink your job while the gettin’s good
Real estate agents and 6%

Wednesday May 29 (Best of)
(4/25)  Key to financial security: Keep your housing budget low
How to stop robocalls for good-ClarkHoward
PRIVACY ALERT: You don’t own your own medical records
(4/30) Walmart masters ‘click and collect’ shopping
How to choose the right travel reward credit card
-5 best travel rewards credit card right

Tuesday May 28 (Best of)
(4/24) A great new travel tool with a difference
A major retailer rip off: The Office Depot virus scam
Privacy protection for Americans now! Invasive biometrics in the workplace
American car debt is crushing. The Clark smart solution
Employee, independent contractor – and the need for a third classification: Dependent contractor

Monday May 27 (Best of)
(4/23) Hotel rates are going down: Here’s how to find cheap rooms – Clark Howard
A car scam exposed – what to look out for
Housing market update: Smaller, more affordable homes in demand
New tech advances alternative energy. Your new power sources
Lenders are using new methods to determine who gets credit

Friday May 24
Student loan rates have reset for next school year
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Beware credit repair schemes and scams
Retailers going cashless feel backlash

Thursday May 23
School lunch worker reminds us what it means to simply do the right thing
A new Airbnb scam serves as an e-commerce safety lesson
Economy update: Interest rates and a Clark smart saving strategy
(9-19-18) – Lessoned learned. Returning pay TV / cable equipment requires extra care
Strategies for getting the best used car for your money

Wednesday May 22
Something defective in the air- The 737 Max:  Europe Vs. the FAA
Baltimore’s been hacked. Prepare for more
Chinese tariffs and retail- Why now is a time to buy it forward
Clark’s message to grads is universal
The rental scam returns. How to spot it and protect your wallet

Tuesday May 21
Mortgage rate update and how to shop a mortgage
FDA warning on dietary supplements –  The Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List
Warning: Dietary supplements from these 12 companies may not be what they seem – Clark Howard
SAT to assign students adversity score to capture socio-economic background. Clark has a different solution
Fast Food success and Chick fil-A ‘s new lean menu
What is a good credit score? – Clark Howard

Monday May 20
Facing the time bomb that is long-term care: One state’s tax initiative
Shopper brand loyalty has become Clarkrageous
The delivery wars intensify to bring you fast, free shipping
Just Do fIT  – Nike’s new app aims to get it right the first time
A new choice for better deals on pet care

Friday May 17
Teens smuggle burner phones
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Is it cheaper to own an electric car? – Clark Howard
Cutting the pay TV cord accelerates. And loyalty will be punished

Thursday May 16
Tax Vs. bans and the sugar tax
NY business abuse new credit card surcharge law
Clark Howard and the Prostate Cancer Foundation working together to raise awareness
(9/18/18)  – Clark smart guidelines for student loan borrowing
How we watch video is going through changes that will lead to new pricing

Wednesday May 15
Hack warning for WhatsApp and Microsoft users
Clark Rage: Apple restricts apps that fight device addiction
Trade tariffs and American shoppers
Home buying services – what to know
What to know about car rental insurance 

Tuesday May 14
Bike to Work Week – The E-bike commute alternative
Home speaker spy alert -Alexa is spying on kids
A travel industry slowdown could mean deals
“I prefer fake meat to real meat”  – said Clark NEVER – until now
Analog vs. digital in the search for the right job

Monday May 13
Clark’s take on the China trade tariffs
Update: National outrage leads to purge of punitive lunch money debt for RI school district
The Supreme rules on the Apple app lawsuit. How iPhone users can avoid the app store rip-off
Competition: Marriott goes Airbnb
Biometric credit cards increase security

Friday May 10
Auto insurance in the age of safety automation – Enter Tesla insurance
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
A salute to military discounts
Loot boxes could be trouble for your kids and destructive for your wallet

Thursday May 9
Google introducing new privacy measures – Clark Howard
A school district practices humiliation over lunch money
Standing room only – from ballparks to airplanes. Clark with LA Times columnist David Lazarus
Relocation for work can reload your wallet
What’s the difference between PMI and MIP? | Clark Howard

Wednesday May 8
Betrayed: The CFPB unleashes collections harassment on American citizens
Here’s how to send a ‘drop dead’ letter to a collection agency – Clark Howard
Warning: Cybercrooks target PayPal, Zelle and Venmo money transfer apps
Thank you Arizona! Taking a stand against abusive licensing requirements
Small businesses are a target for hackers- 2 steps to protect your company
Clark Smart Direction: Life after a layoff

Tuesday May 7
The delivery wars intensify to the promise of one-day delivery
Scam alert: Do not answer calls or texts from these area codes – Clark Howard
Movie theater subscription services are down to one
Premium advice from Clark about gasoline
4 basic money questions most college grads can’t answer — can you? – Clark Howard

Monday May 6
T-Mobile launches free checking account paying 4.00% – Clark Howard
Clark Rage:  Boeing – knowing and doing nothing
The impending Uber & Lyft strike and the gig economy
TRAVEL TECH: Biometric boarding
Annuities– No Deal / Ask Clark: Is it still a bad ideal to buy annuities?

Friday May 3
Should you ever buy travel medical insurance? – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Young and in debt
Keep your car spotless with these 5 easy cleaning hacks – Clark Howard

Thursday May 2
In the supermarket wars, how Kroger is staying competitive
Key warning for Medicare? recipients: Beware the brace scam among others
-Warning: Don’t fall for this new Social Security phone scam – ClarkHoward
How to shop for a mortgage – Clark Howard
Why you should never get a mortgage from a big bank – Clark Howard
Outsourcing customer service – to customers
One move that could line your pockets every month: An auto loan refi

Wednesday May 1
Mortgages for the self-employed
The Earnin app – a cousin to the payday loan
Enter the robot baristas
Carmax customer service centers and the future of car buying
4 ways to stop junk mail – Clark Howard