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Money Expert Clark Howard

As a leading consumer advocate and money expert, Clark Howard has been sharing practical advice to help people save more and spend less for more than 30 years.

Why Clark Howard Is Passionate About Money

Although Clark grew up in an affluent home, he was not immune to financial hardship. During his freshman year in college at American University, Clark’s father lost his job, and Clark soon learned that his parents had never saved any money.

Journey to Financial Independence

Clark started to work full-time to pay for his own education. He was working during the day and attending school at night.

After college, Clark chose a job at IBM because the company offered tuition reimbursement, which paid his way through graduate school.

Clark was committed to becoming financially confident so he started to save every other paycheck, establishing the foundation for a strong financial future.

“I was very lucky in business, in real estate and in investing, and I spent a lot less than I made.”

How Clark Retired at the Age of 31

Clark opened his own travel agency, Action Travel, in 1981. The airlines had recently been deregulated, and the market began to set the fares. It was the perfect opportunity for Clark to start his business.

Clark provided value and discount travel deals to his customers on a regular basis. Action Travel quickly became a major success.

After six years, Clark sold the agency and retired at the age of 31.

With a dream to live at the beach, Clark moved to Florida. He was traveling, exercising and enjoying his financial freedom. Clark was set for life.


“People who say they are going to just play golf or tennis or travel in retirement are going to be pretty confused and out of sorts: That adrenaline runs out quickly. You have to have some meaning that’s greater than yourself in life.”

Why Clark Is Dedicated To Serving You

While still retired, Clark appeared as a guest on a radio show to answer questions about travel. He did a few appearances and soon became a regular guest.

Clark was then asked to host a radio show in Atlanta called Cover Your Assets, which later became a nationally-syndicated radio show, The Clark Howard Show.

Now, Clark is dedicated to sharing practical resources to help you save more money and achieve financial confidence through his podcast and websites: Clark.com and ClarkDeals.com.

No matter where you are in your journey to financial freedom, Clark is here to help.

“I want to help you gain more financial security today and more control over your financial future.”

National Podcast Host

Clark is the host of The Clark Howard Podcast, which boasts some 2 million downloads per month.

Before the podcast, Clark shared his money-saving tips through his nationally-syndicated radio show, The Clark Howard Show, which began in 1989. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.

Best-Selling Author


At his core, Clark is committed to helping consumers like you achieve financial freedom. To help people find answers and feel confident with money, he put his pen to paper. In fact, Clark is the author of several books, including three New York Times bestsellers. Living Large In Lean Times reached #1 on the New York Times best seller list.

  • Living Large for the Long Haul
  • Living Large in Lean Times
  • Clark Smart Real Estate
  • Clark’s Big Book of Bargains
  • Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart Kids
  • Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich From America’s Money-Saving Expert

“My goal is to provide consumer information through whatever channel people find convenient.”

Clark’s Free Resources for Your Wallet


Do you need to pay off debt? Are you looking for the simplest step to start saving money? Not sure how to prepare for retirement? You can find real answers to your money questions on Clark.com.


Clark is obsessed with finding the best deals so he built a team to find real deals you can trust every day. From televisions to tools to travel and more, the best deals are on ClarkDeals.com.

The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark hosts The Clark Howard Show, a podcast full of straightforward tips on managing debt, credit, monthly bills, savings, retirement, and more. He likes to hear from his listeners so you can submit an Ask Clark question or a Clark Stinks comment any time!

Clark’s Consumer Action Center: Free Money Help

The Consumer Action Center is a free community resource for advice on money and consumer issues. Founded in 1993, the Consumer Action Center is staffed by hundreds of knowledgeable volunteers who can help you with your questions. Submit your question on clark.com/cac.


Clark Howard in the Community

Clark is married and has two daughters, a son, and a grandson. He has dedicated himself to making a difference in the community through his work with several philanthropic organizations.

Clark’s Christmas Kids

Habitat for Humanity

  • Habitat for Humanity builds homes for needy families. It partners with businesses and individuals to construct the houses.
  • Clark has been involved since 1996, and his partnership with Habitat is responsible for 90 new homes.
  • Learn more about Clark’s work with Habitat for Humanity.

Georgia State Defense Force

Prostate Cancer Foundation

  • The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research globally
  • Clark was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009.
  • He’s been involved with the foundation since 2011.
  • Learn more about the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Contact Clark

For speaking engagements, appearance requests and community outreach questions, email [email protected].

Meet the members of Team Clark here!

Fun Facts About Money Expert Clark Howard

  • Clark is an expert at fast food math: Order two McDoubles, throw away half of the bread and combine the burgers to save money. That’s the best value for your dollar!
  • At the age of six, Clark Howard wanted to be President of the United States.