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Home Equity Loan Calculator

This home equity loan calculator will provide you with your monthly home equity loan payment amount based on your inputs. Additionally, you can also view a full amortization schedule and a dynamic line chart that visualizes your remaining loan balance over time. As you make changes to the terms of…

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HELOC Calculator

This HELOC calculator will instantly provide you with detailed information, including your monthly payments and the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Additionally, you can also view a full amortization schedule and a dynamic line chart that visualizes your remaining loan balance over time. For additional questions…

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Mortgage Points Calculator

If you are considering a new home loan, you may have the option to lower the interest rate you receive by paying mortgage points. Team Clark’s Mortgage Points Calculator is designed to help you make this decision. Simply input two loan options (starting with the loan with the lowest amount…

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Loan To Value Calculator

This Loan to Value (LTV) Calculator is a simple yet effective tool designed to help individuals understand their borrowing capacity against the value of their home. It calculates your current LTV percentage and determines the amount you are eligible to borrow based on the current market value of the home,…

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Car Loan Calculator

Use our car loan calculator to see an estimate of your monthly car payment and total loan cost based on vehicle price, interest rate, down payment, sales tax, fees and more. Details on How to Estimate Sales Tax and Fees Depending on your state, sales tax rates can vary by…

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Saving and Investing Calculators

401(k) Calculator With Match

This 401(k) calculator is designed to help you estimate how much money you could have in your 401(k) retirement account by the time you retire. It takes into account various factors such as your current age, income, existing savings, contributions, employer match, and investment growth. The results are updated automatically…

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Roth IRA Growth Calculator

Our Roth IRA growth calculator provides you a simple way to see how much your Roth IRA will grow based on your contributions and your expected growth rate. For more assistance with the calculator see the help guide below.
Estimated IRA Balance at Retirement
Total Contributions
Total Savings Growth
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<!– See amortization schedule –>
Age Contributions Employer Match Earnings Growth Balance
Age Total Contributions Investment Growth Roth IRA Balance
document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function () { calculateRothIra(); var loanForm = document.getElementById(‘loan-form’); var inputs = loanForm.querySelectorAll(‘input, select’); inputs.forEach(function (input) { input.addEventListener(‘keyup’, calculateRothIra); input.addEventListener(‘change’, calculateRothIra); }); }); function calculateRothIra(selectedFieldEvent) { clark_calc_init_amount_field(selectedFieldEvent); let errors = []; const currentAge = document.getElementById(“currentAge”).valueAsNumber; const retirementAge = document.getElementById(“retirementAge”).valueAsNumber; const rateOfReturn = document.getElementById(“rateOfReturn”).valueAsNumber / 100; const annualContributions = clark_calc_convertToNumber(document.getElementById(“annualContributions”).value); const catchUpContributions = clark_calc_convertToNumber(document.getElementById(“catchUpContributions”).value); const startingBalance = clark_calc_convertToNumber(document.getElementById(“startingBalance”).value); // Errors if (currentAge >= retirementAge) { errors.push(“Current age must be less than desired retirement age.”); } if (annualContributions > 7000) { errors.push(“The annual contributions you entered exceed the current IRS limit of $7,000 per year.”); } if (catchUpContributions > 1000) { errors.push(“The catch up contributions you entered exceed the current IRS limit of $1,000 per year.”); } addCalcError(errors); let balanceRothIRA = startingBalance; let totalContributed = 0; let years = []; let balancesRothIRA = []; let yearlyData = []; for (let i = currentAge; i = 50) { totalContributed += catchUpContributions; balanceRothIRA += catchUpContributions; } let investmentGrowth = balanceRothIRA * rateOfReturn; balanceRothIRA *= (1 + rateOfReturn); years.push(i); balancesRothIRA.push(balanceRothIRA); // let investmentGrowth = balanceRothIRA * rateOfReturn; //balanceRothIRA += investmentGrowth; yearlyData.push({ age: i, totalContributions: totalContributed, investmentGrowth: investmentGrowth, balanceRothIRA: balanceRothIRA }); } let totalSavingsGrowth = balanceRothIRA – totalContributed; document.getElementById(“totalSavingsGrowth”).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(totalSavingsGrowth); document.getElementById(“estimatedBalance”).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(balanceRothIRA); document.getElementById(“totalContributions”).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(totalContributed); let tableBody = document.getElementById(“yearlyDataTable”).getElementsByTagName(‘tbody’)[0]; tableBody.innerHTML = ”; // Clear existing data yearlyData.forEach(data => { let row = tableBody.insertRow(); row.insertCell(0).textContent = data.age; row.insertCell(1).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(data.totalContributions); row.insertCell(2).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(data.investmentGrowth); row.insertCell(3).textContent = clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(data.balanceRothIRA); }); var ctx = document.getElementById(‘comparisonChart’).getContext(‘2d’); var comparisonChart = new Chart(ctx, { type: ‘line’, data: { labels: years, datasets: [ { label: ‘Roth IRA Balance By Year’, data: balancesRothIRA, borderColor: ‘rgba(255, 99, 132, 1)’, fill: false } ] }, options: { tooltips: { mode: ‘index’, intersect: false, callbacks: { label: function (tooltipItem, data) { var label = data.datasets[tooltipItem.datasetIndex].label || ”; if (label) { label += ‘: ‘; } label += clarkCalculators_formatMoney(tooltipItem.yLabel); return label; }, }, }, scales: { yAxes: [ { ticks: { beginAtZero: true, callback: function (value, index, values) { return clarkCalculators_formatMoneyWhole(value); }, }, stacked: true, }, ], } // scales: { // y: { // beginAtZero: true // } // } } }); } function addCalcError(errors) { let errorList = document.getElementById(“calculatorErrorList”); errorList.innerHTML = ”; // clear errors for (let i = 0; i < errors.length; i++) { let errorSpan = document.createElement('h4'); errorSpan.className = 'calc-error-message'; errorSpan.textContent = errors[i]; errorList.appendChild(errorSpan); } }

Roth IRA Calculator Help Guide This calculator…

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Compound Interest Calculator

This easy to use compound interest calculator shows how your investments compound and grow over time. Based on your inputs it shows the future value of the investment, the total growth, and a detailed breakdown of contributions and growth over time. Additionally, it visually represents this data in a chart…

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