Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top 5 ways to get the best deals!
Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top 5 ways to get the best deals! Shopping & Retail July 16, 2018
The IRS is rolling out a new W-4: What you need to know
The IRS is rolling out a new W-4: What you need to know Taxes July 15, 2019
Charming Charlie
Retail alert: Charming Charlie to close 260 stores Shopping & Retail January 2, 2019
Clark Howard's wallet
These are the 4 credit cards in Clark Howard’s wallet Credit Cards April 9, 2019
Starter Home
Here’s how much a starter home costs in every state Homes & Real Estate July 12, 2019
Clark Deals
Clark Deals

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Download Episode 7.12.19 Watch out for credit card companies lowering limits; Clark Stinks Credit card companies are lowering the limits of their customers at random. Clark tells you how to protect yourself; Christa…Read more
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