Best 0% Intro APR Credit Cards: Top Picks for 2024

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Team Clark spent hours reviewing the market for the best 0% intro APR credit cards.

We evaluated them using money expert Clark Howard’s guidelines for credit card usage. We considered factors including annual fees, welcome bonuses, length of introductory APR periods and rewards/bonus categories.

This article was updated in March 2024 and I review it every three months. Detailed notes on all updates will be provided.

The Best 0% Intro APR Credit Cards to Apply for Right Now

Often consumers seek out 0% APR credit cards to serve as a temporary tool for financial relief, so we decided to eliminate any card with an annual fee from consideration.

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you probably have stumbled across several offers for cards with introductory 0% annual percentage rates (APRs).

These offers can serve as a short-term financing option for new purchases or as a rescue raft if you need to transfer a balance from a high-rate card. But understand why these 0% APR offers exist: They’re carefully designed and marketed to lure you into a long-term relationship with a particular credit card company.

While the 0% marketing promotions can be intoxicating, money expert Clark Howard believes that introductory interest rate offers should not be the primary factor when you’re deciding on a new credit card.

“I’m always about the long term when it comes to my credit cards,” Clark says. “For me, it’s less about what the initial bundle is but what the card can offer me over time.”

With that in mind, Team Clark set out to find the best 0% APR offers on the market. We’ll also provide some comparative analysis of the top perks that each card offers. That way, you can pick a card that can support your short-term financial needs and serve as a long-term asset in your wallet.

If you landed here looking for information specifically on 0% APR balance transfers, we have more information on those in our Best Balance Transfer Cards roundup.

More on 0% Intro APR Credit Cards:

U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card

Why We Like It


A cell phone protection plan is included if you pay your wireless bill with the card. You also receive free access to your TransUnion credit score.

Why We Like It

The 21-month introductory APR period on balance transfers is one of the best terms available.

Why We Like It

The 21-month term for balance transfers is one of the best available.

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Why We Like It

This card offers unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase. It also has a welcome bonus and offers cell phone protection if you pay your wireless bill with the card.


Why We Like It

In addition to the intro APR periods, you also can earn at least 1.5% cash back on every purchase with the opportunity to earn more via bonus categories. You’ll also get a welcome bonus opportunity.

Why We Like It


This card offers the opportunity to get unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases and a welcome bonus in addition to the 15-month 0% APR period on purchases and balance transfers.

Discover it® Cash Back

Why We Like It

This card is rated as one of our favorite cash back credit cards as well thanks to its unlimited dollar-for-dollar cash back match on your rewards earnings during the first year of card membership. You’ll also be able to capitalize on rotating 5% cash back categories. With 15 months for 0% APR on new purchases and balance transfers, it also is a worthy candidate in the 0% intro APR category.

Clark Howard’s Strategy for Credit Cards

Money expert Clark Howard believes it is important to have a credit card for building and maintaining a solid credit history. That’s to prepare you for big life events like a home purchase or job application: things that require credit checks.

He also believes that focusing on credit card rewards — like those offered on some 0% APR credit cards — should be a consideration only for people who pay off their balances each month. After all, that promotional 0% period doesn’t last forever.

If you don’t plan to pay your bill in full each month, Clark says you should get a card with the lowest possible fixed interest rate — or not use credit cards at all.

Assuming you’re here because you are in search of the maximum benefits from your credit cards, Clark wants you to think about how you spend your money and how that might best be complemented by the rewards programs from the various cards.

“Really think through your charge patterns and whether or not those rewards really give you a bang for your buck.”

Clark, for example, carries the Costco Anywhere Visa card in his wallet because he’s a frequent Costco shopper. He also likes the Citi Double Cash card because of the simplicity of the unlimited 2% cash back program.

Methodology for 0% APR Credit Cards

To determine which cards are “best” in this category, we got input from Clark and sought cards that best fit his credit card strategy.

Team Clark spent many hours reviewing the available 0% APR credit cards on the market, assessing them for several factors including:

  • Annual fees (Clark recommends avoiding them)
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Length of Introductory APR periods
  • Balance transfer introductory periods
  • Additional fees (transaction or otherwise)
  • Perks offered to cardholders

We did not factor in non-introductory APR as a part of the evaluation, because interest rates will vary based on your financial circumstances. Clark recommends never carrying a balance on credit cards, so the non-introductory interest rate shouldn’t matter for you anyway.

We also did not include offerings from local or regional banks and credit unions, because they’re not available to everyone. Often, local institutions will have some really good cards, so we recommend that you compare your local bank or credit union’s 0% APR introductory offer credit cards to the ones that made this list.

Frequently Asked Questions: 0% APR Credit Cards

Does a 0% APR offer mean that I won’t ever owe any interest on purchases made during that period?

Though 0% APR does lead you to assume “interest-free,” that’s not necessarily the case. If you purchase an item during your 0% APR period but fail to pay the balance in full before the introductory offer term ends, you’ll likely be charged interest on the balance you carry forward.

If you want to enjoy a true “interest-free” purchase with a 0% APR credit card, you should plan to pay the full balance while still in your 0% promotional period.

Will I owe retroactive interest on a purchase I made with a 0% card if I don’t pay it off before my promotional period ends?

In most cases, you will not owe retroactive interest on the balance of purchases you make with a credit card during a 0% APR period. However, it is possible. For example, this is a practice often carried out by store credit cards like The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card or the Lowe’s Advantage Card. It is best to check with your card provider to make sure you understand its policies.

Is it possible to extend the 0% APR period on my credit card?

Typically a 0% APR promotional rate has a set expiration date such as 6, 12 or 18 months. Those terms are usually pretty rigid. So in most cases, you’ll find that credit card providers are not willing to extend or change qualifying dates for your 0% APR period.

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