AAA Membership: Is It Worth It?


If you’re thinking about buying an AAA membership, you should make sure the services it offers are things you need.

Because if not, the subscription can quickly become one of those monthly expenses you hardly ever use, and that’s a waste of money.

In this article, I’ll tell you what you need to know about joining AAA including the cost, whether membership is worth it and how to save money using the service.

What Does AAA Stand For?

AAA stands for the American Automobile Association. Formed in 1902, the group was originally made up of automobile enthusiasts.

Now more than a century later, AAA and its affiliated clubs offer a range of services that cater to travelers on the go.

AAA Membership: Is It Worth the Money?

As a member myself, I have used AAA’s services to get deals on rental cars. But there are some other services that might make it worth the cost for you. So let’s take a look at the different price levels and what they offer.

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How Much Does AAA Cost?

AAA’s pricing depends on where you live and the membership level you select. There are three membership tiers — Classic, Plus and Premier — and they all are priced differently. We’ll get into each tier in more detail a bit later.

An annual membership can cost as little as $53 and as much as $169.

Mostly, the prices are governed by where you live and what affiliated club (Auto Club South, Auto Club Northeast, etc.) you belong to, but there are exceptions. I checked the AAA prices across several cities in January 2021, and here’s what I found.

AAA Membership Prices: 8 Sample Cities

ZIP CodeCity / StateClassicPlusPremier
30303Atlanta, Ga$68$104$131
28105Charlotte, NC$59$89$119
60603Chicago, IL$60$96$126
48207Detroit, MI$54$90$120
19103Philadelphia, PA$52$100.50$139.50
23222Richmond, VA$52$100.50$139.50
95050San Jose, CA$56$91$119
33605Tampa, FL$68$104$131

What Are Some Key Features of an AAA Membership?

Aside from roadside assistance, one of the most popular AAA features is access to travel discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages.


To see the key features that AAA membership offers, it’s beneficial to look at some of the key differences between the three membership tiers: Classic, Plus and Premier.

AAA Membership Levels and Benefits*

AAA Classic AAA Plus AAA Premier
Towing: Up to four tows per year up to 5 miles each Towing: Up to four tows per year up to 100 miles each Towing: Up to four tows per year up to 100 miles each including one up to 200 miles
Battery jumpstart Battery jumpstart Battery jumpstart and free replacement
Free flat tire change with your spare Free flat tire change with your spare Free flat tire change with your spare
Fuel delivery (you pay for fuel) Fuel delivery (fuel is free) Fuel delivery (fuel is free)
Locksmith service up to $50 for vehicles Locksmith service up to $100 for vehicles Locksmith service up to $150 for vehicles and homes
Trip interruption expense reimbursement ($500) Trip interruption expense reimbursement ($1,000) Trip interruption expense reimbursement ($1,500)
Legal defense reimbursement (up to $1,000) Legal defense reimbursement (up to $1,500) Legal defense reimbursement (up to $2,000)

* Membership information based on Northeast Club prices.

Travel Discounts

There are also travel discounts that could make a membership worth your while. AAA works with the following hotel brands:

  • Best Western: Get a discount of up to 15% on room rates at Best Western Hotels & Resorts.
  • Hilton: Members can save 5% plus free parking at Hilton hotels and resorts.
  • Marriott: Save 5% or more and earn Marriott Bonvoy points.
  • MGM Resorts: Save 10% off rates and earn M life tier credits.

For car rentals, AAA partners with Hertz to offer up to 30% on some rentals.

The last time I needed to rent a car, I checked Kayak, Orbitz and Priceline, but AAA’s discount beat them all. I ended up saving $40 with AAA for my rental car. The club offers discounts on cruises and vacation packages as well.

You also get access to TripTik Travel Planners, all the AAA Tourbook Guides and point-to-point travel directions for your road trips.

Other Benefits

AAA’s other services include auto loans and insurance, home insurance, and free identity theft protection via Experian.

Roadside Assistance

By far, AAA’s biggest claim to fame is its roadside assistance. It operates 24 hours a day and covers each member whether they’re a driver or just a passenger.

As a AAA member, money expert Clark Howard says he’s used the service occasionally for towing.

“The big beef with AAA is how long you have to wait for emergency road service, but when it works, it’s great,” Clark says.


AAA says the average wait time for roadside assistance is 21 minutes or less, and if you have the app, you can track your driver’s location with the Service Tracker feature.

How to Save With a AAA Membership

If you choose to buy a AAA membership and want to take immediate advantage of the savings, here’s how to get some of them:

  • Go to the Deals page: You can search “All Deals” or “Local” to find restaurants and other discounts near you.
  • Visit the AAA Dollars Online Mall: When you shop there, you can earn AAA Dollars toward renewal dues.

Having said all that, you may sign up for a membership and find that you’re not taking full advantage of it or that it’s not meeting your needs.

How to Cancel Your AAA Membership

AAA makes it fairly easy to cancel your membership, but you can’t close your account online. Call the Member Service Center at (800) 222-6424 to speak with one of their customer service representatives.

You may also be able to visit your local AAA club and cancel in person.

You may be due a full or partial refund based on how much time is left before your renewal date.

Conclusion: Is AAA Worth the Money?

I agree with Clark in saying that AAA membership is not for everyone. It largely depends on your lifestyle: how often you travel and whether the other services are things you’ll use.

During the pandemic, many people don’t travel as much, so they may decide that a AAA membership isn’t worth it right now.

On the other hand, AAA’s free vehicle towing may be a better option over an alternative like your insurance company, which typically only provides such services through a policy claim.

Here’s the bottom line: Before you spend any money on AAA, make sure you take a good look at all of the services and compare the benefits of the membership tiers by going to the membership page on your local AAA site.


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