Verizon Launches Yahoo Mobile Phone Service for $40/Month


Yahoo Mobile is the newest way to get cell phone service on Verizon’s network for a lower price.

Yahoo is part of the Verizon Media portfolio, so that explains this partnership. In a news release, Verizon Media’s CEO said the company is “constantly looking for new ways to drive product innovation and synergy that unlocks value for our consumers.”

What You Need to Know About Yahoo Mobile 

At launch, Yahoo Mobile is offering an unlimited data plan for $39.99 per month, taxes and fees included. Here are the details:

  • Unlimited text, talk and data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • Yahoo Mail Pro for ad-free email
  • Verizon’s 4G LTE network
  • Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 Yahoo account customer service

As you might expect, there is some fine print with this offer. Yahoo Mobile says your high-speed data may be slowed during times of congestion, and mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps.

The unique feature with Yahoo Mobile is Yahoo Mail Pro, an ad-free email service that normally costs $3.49 per month.

Other than that, Yahoo Mobile looks a lot like Verizon-owned Visible. They have similar websites, pricing, phone availability and limited customer support options.

However, Visible does let you lower your monthly bill to as low as $25 with its Party Pay feature. Learn more here.

BOTTOM LINE: Priced at $40 per month, Yahoo Mobile could save you money if you switch from Verizon. The best part? You keep your network. But Visible may be better for your wallet if you take advantage of its Party Pay feature. 

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