The Jitterbug phone: 7 things to know before you buy

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Staying connected is something that’s important to people no matter what age — and the Jitterbug phone was built with the idea in mind of providing cell phone service to an under-served senior population.

In an age when most phones are touch screen, Jitterbug offers an old-fashioned flip phone that’s targeted to appeal to older people who just want a simple phone that’s easy to understand and easy to use.

The Jitterbug phone: Here’s what you need to know

The 65+ crowd is the prime market for the Jitterbug phone, which features a large keypad for easy dialing, a hearing-aid-compatible speaker and a bright easy-to-read display.

If you fall into that demographic, or you’re thinking about buying a Jitterbug for a loved one who does, here’s what you need to know before signing up…

1. The phones are easy to use

Senior citizens are the prime market for this phone, which features extra-large keypad buttons for easy dialing, a hearing-aid compatible speaker and a bright display.

The phone has the highest available rating for compatibility with hearing aids (M4/T4).

jitterbug phone

As for the cost of the phone itself, Jitterbug charges $99.99 for the handset, plus a one-time activation fee of $35 and a $10 shipping and handling fee.

2. The entry level plan is $14.99

Monthly plans start at $14.99/month for light users. Government taxes are extra. That basic plan gets you 200 minutes, and from there you can add on 300 text messages for $3 and 40MB of data for $2.49 if you wish.

A couple hundred minutes is not a lot of talk time and many people in Jitterbug’s target audience may want more minutes. There is an unlimited talk and text plan for $50/month.

But for that price, you’d probably be better off with an unlimited talk plan from Consumer Cellular for $20 a month or some of the other cheap plans we’ve featured on our best cell phone plans for seniors page.

3. This is a no-contract service

No two-year contracts here! In fact, there are never any contracts to sign up and there are no cancellation fees, either.

4. Personal operators can help when you forget a number

U.S.-based operators are available 24 hours a day and will greet you by name when you call. However, you’ll be charged 99 cents per call if the operator performs any service for you — such as retrieving a number for you or helping you program it into your phone so you don’t have to go looking for it again.

5. The red 5Star button offers health and safety features

jitterbug phone in man's hand

The Jitterbug phone can also function as a personal safety device via the red 5Star button on the keypad.

With a press of that button, you can talk with a U.S.-based 5Star Urgent Response Service representative who will confirm your location, assess the severity of your situation and send the help that you need, including calling 911 on your behalf if necessary.

There is an additional charge for 5Star Urgent Response Service on your phone, with those plans ranging from $24.99/month to $59.99/month.

For that price you also get one call per week from a wellness expert; medication and refill reminders; and daily automated check-in calls.

6. You can try a Jitterbug at no risk

You can try the Jitterbug phone out and if you decide you don’t like it, just return it within 30 days (in like-new condition) for a full refund of both the phone ($99.99) and the activation fee ($35). Note that the shipping and handling fee of $10 is not refundable.

You’ll also get your first monthly charge of $14.99 back if you only used less than 30 minutes during those first 30 days.

If you used more than that amount of talk time, you’ll be assessed a per-minute charge of 35 cents/minute for every minute over 30 minutes that will be deducted from your refund. There’s also a $10 restocking fee that you’ll be charged when you return the phone.

7. Jitterbug runs on the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network

The coverage offered by Jitterbug is generally good in the eastern half of the United States. It gets a bit more spotty the further west you head out. See the coverage map below.

Jitterbug runs on Verizon’s wireless network.

jitterbug coverage map

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