How to switch to a cheaper cell phone carrier

How to switch to a cheaper cell phone carrier
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You never want to get stuck paying more than you need to and cell phone service is no exception. Luckily, it’s a snap to switch your carrier, even if the company doesn’t have a physical store for you to go to.

Steps to switching your cell phone provider

Follow these easy steps to switch to a low-cost carrier:

1. Review your billing statements

Reviewing your previous 3 to 6 months of billing statements is key to understanding your cell phone usage. By doing this, you can figure out how much data and minutes you need from your plan so you don’t pay for more than you have to.

2. Find a plan from another carrier that covers your needs for less

Chances are you don’t have the perfect provider or plan for the amount you actually use your phone. The good news is that you have plenty of great plan options!

3. Check that your phone is compatible with the network you want to move to or buy a compatible unlocked phone

Your phone needs to be unlocked if you plan to keep it when you switch. If it’s locked, you’ll need to check with your current provider about how to unlock it. If you don’t know if your phone is compatible with your new network, find out how to tell here. You could also wipe the slate clean and buy a compatible unlocked phone to use with your phone service.

4. Purchase your new plan, and wait for your SIM card to arrive

Try to time this about a week or two before your next phone billing cycle so you don’t double-pay for the same month.

5. Install your new SIM card

Follow the instructions from your provider to install your new SIM card (you can watch an example of an installation in the video above, too!) You’ll also want to check the number transfer policy of your old and new providers so that your transition is as smooth as possible. Most companies have this information on a “How To” or FAQ section on their site. If you cannot find the information, call or chat with a representative to straighten out your situation.

6. Cancel your old cell phone service

Only take this step once you have successfully changed to your new provider and everything works as it should.

7. Get the most out of your new service

Check FAQ pages on your new provider’s website to adjust any settings that need to be changed to ensure total functionality on your phone. This process will vary depending on the phone you have.

8. Review your phone plan

You read that right, review your plan again! You should review how you use your new plan and check for deals at least every 12 months. As life changes so might your needs and carriers offer new deals all the time. You can find all the best bargains at!

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