Verizon Wireless Introduces New ‘myPlan’ Unlimited Plans

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As of May 18, Verizon is reducing its selection of unlimited postpaid plans to only two options. However, these two options will include a new range of flexibility regarding plan perks (for $10 per perk per month).

I’ve checked out the details of Verizon’s two new plan options to see how much they cost, what they include, and how they compare to similar plans.

Verizon’s Two New Unlimited Plan Options

Earlier this week, Verizon announced the new myPlan model for wireless postpaid customers available as of May 18. With this change, Verizon’s familiar postpaid plans (5G Start, 5G Do More, 5G Play More and 5G Get More) will no longer be available for new customers. Instead, new postpaid customers will choose one of two plans: Unlimited Welcome or Unlimited Plus.

Unlimited Welcome will cost $65 for one line of service and include unlimited talk, text and data on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE / 5G Nationwide networks. This plan will not include any mobile hotspot data, and customers may experience slower data when the network is congested. 

Unlimited Plus will cost $80 for one line of service and include unlimited talk, text and data on Verizon Wireless’ premium 5G Ultra Wideband network. It also includes 30GB of premium high-speed mobile hotspot per month (speeds reduce to 3Mbps on 5G Ultra Wideband or to 500Kbps on 4G LTE/ 5G Nationwide once you’ve reached your monthly mobile hotspot allotment). 

AutoPay and paper-free billing is required for both plans. Taxes and fees are not included in the price of either plan.

Plan Perks and Pricing

While Verizon is reducing the number of plans that customers have to choose from, there’s a bit of customization that you can do now when it comes to plan perks — for a price. You can choose your own plan perks (if any) for $10 per month per perk.

Here are a few perks that you can choose from and how much you’ll save at $10 per month compared to regular monthly pricing:

  • Disney Bundle (save $4.99)
  • 100 GB Mobile Hotspot (save $35)
  • Apple One (save $6.95)
  • Walmart+ Membership (save $2.95)
  • Apple Music Family (save $6.99)
  • Smartwatch Data & Safety (save $10)
  • +play Monthly Credit (save $5)
  • 3 TravelPass Days (save $20)
  • 2 TB Cloud Storage (save $4.99)

Of course, with so many perks available, you could potentially make your phone bill much higher than it needs to be. You can save the most with Verizon’s new plans by skipping the perks altogether unless it will help you save on a service that you’re already paying more for otherwise. 

If you do choose to add any of these additional services, you can add or drop them at any time. Your plan perks can be managed in-store, online or via the MyVerizon App.


Fortunately, there are also ways to reduce your monthly phone bill. One of the best ways to reduce your per-line price is by adding more lines. If you have four lines on your bill, the prices drop to $30 per line for Unlimited Welcome and $45 per line for Unlimited Plus! 

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for multiple lines:

Unlimited WelcomeUnlimited Plus
1 Line$65$80
2 Lines$110 ($55 per line)$140 ($70 per line)
3 Lines$120 ($40 per line)$165 ($55 per line)
4 Lines$120 ($30 per line)$180 ($45 per line)
5 Lines$135 ($27 per line)$210 ($42 per line)

Verizon still allows customers to mix and match with the new plans, which means some people can be on Unlimited Welcome while others are on Unlimited Plus with the same multiline discounts.

Alternatives to Verizon Wireless

If you’re wondering whether or not Verizon’s new plans are a good idea for you, it’s important to first consider what you need out of a phone plan. 

Existing customers will be able to keep their existing Verizon Wireless plans if they choose. This will be a money saver for some people while others would get a better deal by upgrading. 

If you have four lines on Verizon Play More, for instance, you’re paying $45 per line for unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband plus the Disney bundle. That’s a better deal than paying for four lines on Unlimited Plus and adding the Disney Bundle Perk ($45 per month per line plus $10 per month for Disney+). However, if you have just one line on 5G Start ($70 per month with no perks after six months), you can save $5 per month on the exact same plan with Unlimited Welcome.

Alternatively, you can save even more by switching away from Verizon Wireless’ postpaid unlimited plans altogether. Free plan perks have always been one of the biggest benefits of postpaid unlimited plans, but now Verizon is charging an additional $10 per month for each perk. This opens up the possibility for consumers to try a cheaper prepaid plan with access to the same service without losing any free perks. 

Here are a few of the best Verizon alternatives that will help you save on your phone bill:

  • Visible (Team Clark’s Review): Unlimited plans begin at $25 per month for new customers. You can even access Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network with Visible+ for $35 per month.
  • Twigby (Team Clark’s Review): Twigby offers very cheap plans from $5 per month for the first three months for 1GB of 5G data. Unlimited plans begin at $30 per month ($40 after the first three months).
  • Xfinity Mobile (Team Clark’s Review) or Spectrum Mobile (Team Clark’s Review): If you have Internet service with either of these companies, you’re eligible for great rates on phone service. Plus, both companies use Verizon’s towers for service!
  • Lively (Team Clark’s Review): Lively offers unlimited talk and text for $19.99 per month plus data beginning at $5 for 1GB. I highly recommend this alternative for seniors as the prices are great and Jitterbug phones are designed to be accessible.
  • Verizon Prepaid (Team Clark’s Review): If you really don’t want to leave Verizon, you can still save with a prepaid phone plan. Prices begin at $35 per month for one line with unlimited data starting at $50 with autopay. 

You can check out a full list of the best cell phone companies that use Verizon’s towers here. For even more options, check out our full guide to the best cell phone plans and deals in 2023

Are you thinking about getting one of Verizon’s new “flexible” plans? Let us know your thoughts in our Community!

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