Visible Deal: Try Verizon’s Network Free for 15 Days

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Visible is one of Verizon’s best and most affordable wireless carriers. Right now, eligible iPhone users can try Visible’s unlimited plan free for 15 days. 

I checked out Visible’s 15-day free trial to see who’s eligible and to find out how you can get started. You can check out the details below.

Get Visible Wireless Free for 15 Days

Visible is currently offering a great deal: 15 days of service completely free. The company says it’s is offering this free trial as a way for new customers to test Visible’s network against their current cell phone service. 

Visible Free Trial on Verizon's Network

Here’s the catch: You have to have an eligible iPhone with eSIM capability. 

Here’s a list of eligible devices: 

  • iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Max and 13 mini
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 mini
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XR, XS and XS Max (running on iOS 14+)

The plan includes unlimited data, messages and minutes. With Visible, you’ll have access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network with average download speeds of 5-12Mbps. In times of traffic, data may be slower. If your phone allows you to connect to 5G, speeds will be capped at 200Mbps. 

How To Get Visible’s Free 15-day Trial: 

Start by checking your iPhone’s eligibility. You can do this by using your camera app to scan this QR Code. If you’re eligible, follow the link to get started. 

Visible 15-day free trial QR code

Visible will give you a trial number to use while you’re testing the service. According to the website, the company will “make it easy to navigate testing Visible with your new number while still keeping your old one.” 

Once you have your trial number set up, you’ll have full access to Visible on Verizon’s network.

The free trial doesn’t require you to enter any payment information. Instead, you can decide at the end of 15 days whether you want to keep Visible (rates as low as $25 per month) or continue with your old service. 


Visible: The Best Multiline Phone Plan

If you aren’t already familiar with Visible, it’s a wireless carrier that runs on Verizon’s network. Visible stands out from other phone plans for several reasons.

First, Visible only offers one phone plan. It includes unlimited talk, text and data. It also includes unlimited hotspot data (5Mbps speeds) and allows you to stream standard video.

The plan costs $40 per month for one line, but Visible offers a few different ways for you to reduce that price. 

In fact, you can get Visible for $5 your first month and $25 per month afterward. Here’s how: 

  1. When you first join Visible, visit the Savings Spot forum first. There, you’ll find thousands of “Bring a Friend” referral codes. You can use any of these codes to get your first month for $5. I recently tested out Visible for 30 days, and this is how I did it for $5.
  2. Once you’ve joined Visible, return to the Savings Spot forum and find a “Party Pay” link. When you use one of these links, you’ll join an existing Visible Party and your line will only cost $25 per month. 

With Visible Party Pay, each member of the party is billed separately. This unique feature allows you to get the lowest possible rate while not being responsible for other Party Pay members’ share of the bill. 

We’ve highlighted Visible’s plan many times on for its flexibility, price and features. Here are a few of the superlatives that we’ve awarded Visible recently: 

Other Current Phone Plan Deals and Promotions

In addition to Visible’s 15-day free trial, these current cell phone plan deals are also worth checking out if you’re looking for ways to save on your monthly bill: 

Mint Mobile (Review)Through January 15, 2023, new customers can buy any three-month plan and get three months of service for free. Additionally, if you buy a new device and a six-month plan, you can get six months of service for free.T-Mobile
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Cricket Wireless (Review)New customers can try Cricket with a 14-day free trial including unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high-speed data.AT&T
Visible (Review)Save $15 each month for the first three months with promo code 15OFF. Or get unlimited talk, text and data for $10 a month after you refer a friend on Visible's basic plan.Verizon
Twigby (Review)Ten dollars off for the first three months! Plans include unlimited talk, text and 4GB of data starting at $10 per month. 1GB data plans begin as low as $5 per month.Verizon
AT&T Prepaid (Review)Students can get $10 off unlimited data with this online-only offer. Additionally, anyone can get a year of AT&T Prepaid with 16GB of data per month if you prepay a year in advance (available through 12/14).AT&T

Tello Mobile (Review) is another cheap service provider to consider. You can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of high-speed data for $10 per month per line with Tello’s Economy plan.

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