Prime Members: Boost Infinite Now Available at Amazon With a Free Month of Service

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As of this week, Prime members now have exclusive access to buy a Boost Infinite unlocked phone SIM kit online at Amazon. You’ll also be eligible for instant savings on the SIM kit as well as a free month of service!

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at Boost Infinite and Amazon’s new partnership including what you’ll get with Boost Infinite and how Prime members can enjoy the additional savings.

Boost Infinite at Amazon: Plan and Deal Details

Boost Infinite launched last year with the Boost Infinite Unlimited plan. The plan costs $25 monthly per line. Now, it’s available on Amazon (to Prime members only) for the same price. 

Amazon is also offering additional savings. The SIM kit to start service with Boost Infinite typically costs $25, though Prime members are eligible for a 20% discount bringing the price of the SIM kit to $20. 

Additionally, you’ll receive a $25 bill credit that you can use on your first month of service. Each following month, the postpaid plan will cost $25. Ultimately, you’ll be getting a month of free service plus a discount on the SIM kit with this deal!

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For $25 per month, here’s what you’ll get with the Boost Infinite Unlimited Plan: 

  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • 30GB of high-speed data before slower speeds
  • 5G access (on either AT&T, T-Mobile or Dish’s 5G network)
  • Guaranteed price lock as long as your plan remains active

The plan does not include mobile hotspot, though you can enable this feature as an add-on for an additional $10/month. If you do, you’ll be able to use up to 30GB of your high-speed data allotment as a mobile hotspot. Additional add-ons are available for more high-speed data and international features.

To get this deal, visit Amazon’s website and add the Boost Infinite Unlocked Phone SIM kit to your shopping cart. Be sure you’re signed into your Prime account to access the deal. When you add the SIM kit to your cart, you’ll automatically receive 20% off. Your SIM kit will be sold and shipped through Amazon. 

Once you receive the SIM kit in the mail, you can activate your service with the Boost Infinite app. There, you can choose whether you want to keep your existing number or get a new one. If you have an eSIM-capable iPhone, you can activate your service immediately after purchase. 

Note that not all phones are compatible with the Boost Infinite SIM kit. According to Boost Infinite, most phones made in the last five years are compatible with the network. Your phone must be unlocked


Here are a few examples of compatible phones: 

  • iPhone — iPhone XR or newer
  • Samsung — Galaxy S-series — S20 or newer, Galaxy Z-series — Z Flip and Z Fold or newer
  • Google — Pixel — 5-series or newer

You can learn more about the Boost Infinite SIM kit and unlimited plan online at Amazon or Boost Infinite.

About Boost Infinite

If you aren’t familiar with Boost Infinite, it’s a postpaid cell phone service launched by DISH Wireless last year. It’s owned by the same company as Boost Mobile (Review), which offers one of the cheapest prepaid annual phone plans available.

Boost Infinite provides service to customers with access to either AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks as well as a new 5G network being built by DISH. The specific network your service will work with will depend on which has the best service in your area.

Boost Infinite recently launched the Infinite Unlimited+ plan for $50/month which includes the iPhone 14; unlimited talk, text and data; 5G access; talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada as well as talk and text to over 200 destinations. 

Previously, Boost Infinite had only offered the Infinite Unlimited plan for $25. It includes the same coverage and data perks without a free phone or international benefits (available as an add-on for an additional charge.)

Final Thoughts

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, Boost Infinite’s SIM kit is a great deal right now. When you buy the SIM kit through Amazon, you’ll get a $5 discount on the activation kit plus a $25 credit for your first month’s bill. That’s an easy $30 savings! Plus, you’ll have guaranteed service for $25/month as long as you keep the plan active

Compared to postpaid plans directly from any of the major cell phone service providers, you’ll find an excellent price with Boost Infinite’s unlimited plan. T-Mobile’s plans begin at $50 per line per month with Essentials Savers while AT&T and Verizon’s plans begin at $65 per line per month. While you’ll get more high-speed data with these plans, you won’t find an unlimited plan for as low as $25.

You can also cancel your Boost Infinite service at any time. Check out the full details of the plan on Boost Infinite’s website, but be sure to buy the SIM kit directly from Amazon.

If you do decide to make the switch, be sure to also check out our step-by-step guide to switching cell phone service providers.


Will you be buying a Boost Infinite SIM kit from Amazon? Let us know in our Community!

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