5 Things To Know Before You Sign Up for AT&T Prepaid

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AT&T isn’t a company that normally is associated with cheap cell phone plans, but the AT&T Prepaid plans are slightly less expensive than its traditional postpaid plans. You can save even more when you activate an AT&T Prepaid plan at Walmart.

If you’re thinking about switching to AT&T Prepaid, read our Clark.com review of the five things to know before you sign up!

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1. Network Coverage

AT&T Prepaid runs on AT&T’s nationwide network with 5G access available on select plans. The coverage map for AT&T Prepaid is similar to the one for AT&T’s postpaid plans, but it’s not identical. Take a look below.

AT&T Prepaid Coverage Map: February 2023
Screenshot from AT&T
AT&T Postpaid Coverage Map: February 2023
Screenshot from AT&T

These screenshots are from AT&T’s website. Before you sign up for a prepaid plan, follow this link and compare the coverage maps. Make sure that there are no dead spots where you live or travel.

2. Plans and Pricing

The regular prices for AT&T Prepaid’s monthly no-contract plans range from $30 a month for 5GB of data to $65 a month for unlimited data. There is no credit check required with these plans.

Those prices won’t save you much compared to postpaid plans, but some of AT&T Prepaid’s deals may be worth checking out.

For the last year or so, AT&T Prepaid’s limited-time offers have become a better value. Here’s a sample of the deals that were available when we checked in February 2023.

Save $15/Month With Autopay on Unlimited Plan

  • $15 a month discount for Unlimited plan
  • Must activate a new line of service
  • Must sign up for auto pay
  • Unlimited calling, texting and data
  • Data speeds may temporarily slow if the network is busy
  • 10GB mobile hotspot
  • 5G access for eligible devices where available
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
  • Use talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada (roaming at 2G speeds)
  • Unlimited text to over 230 countries

12-Month Plan: $25/Month for 16GB 

  • 365 days of service for $300 advance payment
  • Unlimited talk and text within the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited text from the U.S. to over 230 countries
  • 16GB of high-speed data each month
  • Unused high-speed data rolls over to next month
  • Includes data usage within and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Mobile hotspot use included
  • Video streams in HD quality
  • Online-only plan

3-Month Plan: $33/Month for 8GB

  • Three months of service for $99 advance payment
  • 8GB high-speed data each month
  • Unused high-speed data rolls over to next month
  • Unlimited talk and text within the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited text from the U.S. to over 230 countries
  • Includes data usage within and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Mobile hotspot use included
  • Video streams in HD quality
  • Online-only plan

Although these offers typically have expiration dates, deals like the ones featured above have been extended in the past.

If a promotion is no longer available, it may return in the future. Check out this article for updated cell phone plans and deals!

3. Additional Features

Though these prepaid plans don’t have a lot of extras, they do cover the basics pretty well.


For example, a few of the AT&T Prepaid plans let you stream video in HD. However, if you have a plan with a high-speed data cap, you may want to use the Video Management feature (formerly Stream Saver) instead.

When this feature is enabled, AT&T says the video streams at SD quality, and you use less high-speed data.

Other features such as data use in Mexico and Canada, mobile hotspot, rollover data, texting abroad and 5G access may be available depending on the AT&T Prepaid plan that you choose.

Here’s a link to AT&T’s website where you can take a side-by-side look at the latest plans and features.

4. Phone Selection

If you want to purchase a new phone from AT&T to use on its prepaid service, you’ll find a limited selection of devices for sale online.

When we checked AT&T’s website in February 2023, only 11 phones were available in the AT&T Prepaid section. They included Samsung Galaxy devices and a couple of Motorola phones.

Eight of the phones were priced below $100, and many of them were on sale.

AT&T Prepaid Phone Selection: February 2023
Screenshot from AT&T

AT&T Prepaid’s phone selection isn’t impressive, so you may be better off purchasing a compatible device elsewhere and bringing it to the network. I recommend checking out the selection at your local Walmart and activating your AT&T Prepaid plan there to save the most on your monthly bill moving forward.

You can also bring an unlocked phone that you already own. You may also find a better deal by shopping for an unlocked phone before switching. You can check out our top picks of the best places to buy an unlocked phone here.

To make sure that your unlocked phone is compatible with the network, follow this link to AT&T’s website.


5. Customer Service

Some of AT&T Prepaid’s limited-time deals are offered only on its website, while others are available at AT&T stores. AT&T Prepaid SIM cards are also sold in retail locations including Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

If you need to reach AT&T Prepaid customer support, you can call 800-901-9878 or dial 611 from your AT&T phone. This is the number to call for any AT&T Prepaid billing and account issues.

To avoid the wait time, you can search help articles or ask a question in AT&T’s community forums instead.

Final Thoughts

AT&T Prepaid provides a way to keep AT&T’s network and save money, but you don’t have to settle for its regular rates. Take advantage of AT&T Prepaid’s deals to maximize your potential savings.

Of course, AT&T Prepaid isn’t your only option. You can use AT&T’s network with Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk and others. You can check out a full list of our favorite AT&T MVNOs here.

If you aren’t tied to AT&T’s network, there are even more ways to save. Compare your options for low-cost wireless service in Team Clark’s guide to the best cell phone plans and deals!

Finally, if you do decide to make the switch, be sure to avoid the #1 mistake people make when switching cell phone carriers.

Are you shopping for a cheaper phone plan? Find out which providers others are moving to in our Clark.com Community!

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