Travel Photo Gallery – May 28, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Dave T.
Destination: Pingan, China
Best deal found: At the top of Pingan is a hotel (really a cabin) that charges only $8/night. Not too many luxuries but this is the view. Wonderful people. Pam (who runs the hotel) and her husband are golden people. This is the second time we’ve stayed at the same place. They also prepared bamboo shoots only available in the April/May time of the year. Wonderful! …dave    Details:

Submitted by: Michael M.
Destination: Brown Deer
Best deal found: We as people travel around the world to see many wonderful things sometimes we forget what is in our our location the beauty of nature is priceless. I watch this Great Blue Heron have his breakfast for 30 minutes and it did not cost me a lot of money.


Submitted by: Mike K.
Destination: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Best deal found: The scenery!

Submitted by: Cyndi V.
Destination: San Francisco
Best deal found: Air Fare from Atlanta to San Francisco. This picture was taken from the flight as you can see the world above doesn’t always look so dangerous. I could only imagine a peaceful nights sleep on these clouds.

Submitted by: Greg S.
Destination: At the base of Arenal Volcano at sunset, Costa Rica
Best deal found: NatureAir plane tickets – Always set around $60/person one way. It wasn’t on sale, but I thought this in itself was a great deal for any active traveler and a great way to see the country.

Submitted by: Amanda A.
Destination: Litchfield Beach, SC
Best deal found:  As a federal employee, I saved 20% on our room at the Litchfield Inn. We paid $89 a night for a hotel room on the beach in May. There were restaurants within walking distance. We splurged and ate out for breakfast at the ‘Eggs Up Grill’. The service was amazing and fantastic eggs too! During our walk to breakfast we saw this great view of the marshes and canals nearby.

Submitted by: Carolyn M.
Destination: Taos, NM
Best deal found: Glass of wine while viewing the free great NM vistas and sunset from a restaurant on Outlaw Hill.

Submitted by: Eric L.
Destination: Segovia, Spain
Best deal found: Go see a real bullfight for a few euros in Madrid.

Submitted by: John C.
Destination: Great Wall of China
Best deal found: R/T Business Class from ATL to Seoul Incheon using SkyMiles ~ $60 each.


Submitted by: Rency Y.
Destination: Orlando
Best deal found: The picture is of my daughter Rayna, the 2 year old tour guide! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in April ’08, which was fun, but we really liked the Portofino Hotel. I looks just like the real Italian village and they have a lovely breakfast buffet in the cafe! The BEST DEAL: This is a darling little restaurant not to far from downtown Orlando. Great prices, kid friendly, outdoor seating right on a little neighborhood lake.

Submitted by:
Patricia M.
Destination: Egypt
Best deal found: The food at local eateries and restaurants is extremely cheap. Eating at the hotels was NOT. The two of us could get a two course meal with drinks for the equivalent of $10.00. The most we spent for a dinner was $18.00. Using reward points, we didn’t pay a dime for the hotels. We also used reward points for a portion of our flight.

Submitted by:
Keith H.
Destination: San Francisco
Best deal found: I saw this out of the window of our plane leaving San Fransisco on the way to Syndey Australia.

Submitted by: Carmen M.
Destination: Bryce Canyon, Southern Utah
Best deal found: My husband and I traveled in October and stayed at a popular ski resort in southern Utah. Since it was the off season, we got our condo for half price. We flew into Las Vegas in order to get a better air fare and got a rental car for $12/day. We never plan a trip without checking Clark’s Travel Deals! Thanks Clark!

Submitted by: Alex H.
Destination: Draguignan France
Best deal found: Our 2007 Vacation. VRBO. In Paris. Our apartment could sleep 6 and located right by a metro station and walking distance to the Tour Eiffel. Accommodation Kitchen, Internet, Phone. All kind of shopping around. Price $980.00 for 7 days. We were 5 persons.

Submitted Submitted by:
Yumi U.
Destination: Dubai, UAE
Best deal found:  Well, I stayed with my family, so there was no accommodation cost. Flight was about $1000 round trip from ATL <–> Dubai non-stop. The safari trip was great because I had family discount through my friend that works at a hotel. Plus, we had the best driver, too! Gold Souk had very nice jewelries and the prices were GREAT! You can also bargain them…

Submitted Submitted by:
David B.
Destination: Xalapa, Mexico
Best deal found:  Posada La Mariquinta is a great 16th Century hotel run by a trilingual French host. The staff was friendly and the host very knowledgeable of the surroundings. These schoolgirls ran in front of my camera wanting me to take their photo and talk to them so they could practice their English.


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