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Clara proudly admits to being a Michigan Yankee. She left Motown in ’82 (where all of her family still lives) to travel through Europe (with Saudi Arabia as her home base) for two years before landing in Atlanta. The opportunity to see that bit of the world inspired her to take up a career in the travel industry. Clara began at Action Travel — agencies owned and managed by Clark Howard. Clara continued her career as a retail travel agent while assisting Clark with two weekly travel columns for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution until 1996 and solo travel columns through 2017. Each weekday Clara searches for the latest and greatest travel deals (that Clark hasn’t already found!)
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Hershey, Pennsylvania
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Here are the best new airline routes added for 2019
New airline routes for 2019: Here are some we’re most excited about Travel January 8, 2019
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Travel Tuesday: 50+ of the Best Cyber Week travel deals! Deals & Savings November 27, 2018
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San Francisco
Travel e-Scapes: September 4, 2018 Travel September 4, 2018
DESTINATION & DEAL OF THE DAY: San Francisco WOW! Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted): $148 San Francisco, or $74 each…
Hyatt is the latest hotel chain to face data breach
Hyatt is the latest hotel chain to face data breach Travel December 28, 2015
Here's yet another reason to check your credit card statements each month for fraudulent charges. Hyatt Hotels is asking past…
Virgin and Airbnb team up for new deal
Virgin and Airbnb team up for new deal Travel November 9, 2015
A new partnership between Virgin and Airbnb will allow Virgin Elevate members to earn loyalty points for stays at Airbnb…
Hotel booking scams are getting worse: How to protect your wallet & identity
Hotel booking scams are getting worse: How to protect your wallet & identity Travel October 13, 2015
There’s a scary scam that travelers need to be aware of, and the Better Business Bureau says the scariest part…