What’s the Best Way To Get a Deal on Disney Hotels and Resorts?

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Even as movie theaters struggle, theme parks such as Disney are bringing in as much revenue as ever.

Like virtually everything, the price tag has only gotten more expensive in recent years. So while it may be a great experience for a family, a Disney trip represents a huge financial commitment.

There’s an entire ecosystem of companies, blogs and social media influencers focused on Disney advice. It’s information overload if you’re not sure which entity to trust.

Yet it’s natural to want to be economical when planning a Disney family vacation.

How Do I Land the Best Deal on a Disney Hotel or Resort?

What can I do to get a deal on a Disney hotel or property?

That’s what a Clark Howard listener recently asked.

Asked Brian in Michigan: “Is there a place to find deals on Disney accommodations? How far in advance [should I] book? Is the Disney Vacation Club a traditional ‘timeshare’ that you regularly tell people to avoid?”

First, Clark says it’s OK to book through Disney Vacation Club if you find a deal. Just don’t buy into one of their timeshare-type products, he says.

Clark’s favorite source to get information on where to stay at Disney is mousesavers.com. The site features discounts as well as detailed information (example: the pros and cons of booking a vacation package vs. a “room only” reservation).

Disney accommodations include two types. You can stay at an official Disney owned-and-operated property. Or you can stay at peripheral “junior” type properties operated by third parties. The latter still offers transportation to various Disney parks.

“I tend to like the Disney junior properties, as I call them. The ones that are not owned and operated by Disney,” Clark says. “A lot of the Disney accommodations are very expensive. And most of the rooms, truth be told, are really basic.

“As cheap as I am, I’m always staying away from an amusement park and dealing with the logistical hassle of getting to [the parks] to get a much cheaper place to stay.”

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to Disney, make sure to check out mousesavers.com.


“I’m telling you Brian, you will learn so much on Mouse Savers,” Clark says. “You will be just shocked that there are these people who spend this much time digging deep into everything Disney.”

If you value savings over convenience like Clark, avoid Disney-operated hotels and resorts. What Clark calls “junior” properties that still offer transportation are a deal. But hotels that are off campus and don’t offer direct transportation will offer you the best deals.


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