Travel Photo Gallery – July 30, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Robert M.
Destination: Outer Banks, North Carolina
Best deal found: The beaches and wildlife areas with free access. The wildlife preserve on Corolla Island with the wild Spanish Mustangs running free. Being able to see these wonderful animals in such a spectacular setting.


Submitted by: Sarah H.
Destination: Yellowstone National Park
Best deal found:  The Yellowstone Association offers a variety of classes from nature and wildlife to art and photography with exceptional professional instructors. We took an EXTREMELY affordable advanced photography class that I’d gladly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skills and experience a beautiful place.

Submitted by: Anna K.
Destination: Merciful Redeemer Orphanage outside of Nairobi, Kenya
Best deal found: My mom and I went with Heart for Africa for a 10 day trip to move the kids of Merciful Reedeemer Orphanage into a new one that we finished while we were there. This was taken at their old home at the edge of a slum.

Submitted by: Bruce B.
Destination: Cancun, MX (Chichen Itza)
Best deal found:  A free tour of Chichen Itza

Submitted by: Nancy C.
Destination: Glacier Park
Best deal found: We rented a cabin for $55.00

Submitted by:  Sgt. Neil W.
Destination: Iraq
Best deal found: FREE, I listen to your show over the ‘net almost every day before I get out of the rack. This is not a Clark Howard special but I thought you might like to hear from one of the armed force troops from over seas. This is an all expenses paid trip, and they pay me too! Thank you for all the good info. — Sgt Willman.

Submitted by:  Skip M.
Destination: Venice
Best deal found:   Price of licorice in Venice

Submitted by:
Chris B.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Best deal found: Eating the locals food on side of the road was about $22.00 for four adults and three kids(wich was home Puertican food)…………if we ate at the hotel well over $150.00!!!

Submitted by: Richard S.
Destination: Kyiv, Ukraine
Best deal found: Rodyna Mat (Nation’s Mother)as seen from Lavra (Monastery) Bell Tower: Beautiful Ancient Church Historical Site(s) – ALL FOR FREE!


Submitted by: William T.
Destination: La Libertad, El Salvador
Best deal found: The Hotel : Roca Sunzal – very nice for the area and reasonable. Staff was incredibly accommodating.

Submitted by: Nap E.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Dave P.
Destination: Bolivia
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Ruthanne R.
Destination: Newfoundland
Best deal found: Cape St.Mary’s Newfoundland with its 60,000 nesting gannets. What a sight! We traveled here by car, 10,300 miles round trip. It was a good deal last year. Glad we did it then when gas was half the price of today.

Submitted Submitted by:
Rhonda B.
Destination: Taxco, Mexico
Best deal found: The silver is still a good deal here, even though prices have gone up since last year. Also,  got a rental car from Hertz for $50 a week and since gas is now much cheaper there than in the US, it made a road trip around the country very affordable. This Indian woman was selling earrings and embroidered work in the market in Taxco. Food and lodging is also extremely affordable.

Submitted by: Hugh G.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Best deal found: $655 Round Trip Air from LAX and 5 nights at the 4 star Wyndham.

Submitted by:
Karyn H.
Destination: Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Ireland
Best deal found: We rented a two bedroom/2.5 bath apartment in a wonderful small village in Carlingford, Ireland. We were there for 9 days, so for 4 adults, it was much cheaper than hotel rooms. We shopped for groceries at Tesco and cooked in the apartment. We had a lovely landlady for this apartment, which was also her own vacation home. We could even do our laundry there! The cost was about $850 for the stay in a great fully equipped apartment that even had a fireplace and a lovely patio with grill looking out at the Cooley Mountains – right in the backyard. It was a perfect base for travel around Northern Ireland and the NE part of the Republic of Ireland.

Submitted by: Jerry J.
Destination: Homosassa FL
Best deal found: Float Boat Rental from Marina, not eh Motel

…and now, the next installment in the adventures of Dana F. and his 1976 bicentennial Appalachian Trail  hike!
Submitted by:
Dana F.
Destination: Appalachian Trail
Best deal found:  Here we are using a technique we learned to keep the black flies, etc. from flying up our noses, in our eyes, mouths and ears. We would stick ferns under our hats and let them stick out around our head and the bugs would fly around the edge of the ferns. We saved a lot of money on insect repellent.

MORE Notable Travel Deals:
We may not have room to post all the great photos submitted, but here are a few other deals that were submitted along with them that we found valuable!


San Francisco, CA, by Tamara P: he very best deal was that the Gold Dust Lounge, located at 247 Powell Street in the Union Square District. Not only is it retro cool with red velvet decor, comfy seating, and live music with no cover charge, the best deal is the price for drinks…$2.95 for a margarita or full glass of champagne! We stopped in for one and stayed for 3 hours!

Rio de Janiero, Brazil,
by Jessica J : Many restaurants have this deal that they bring you about 20 appetizers for about R$17 for both. This is like $6 USD. It gives you a chance to try many things right at Copacabana Beach. What a beautiful place.

Myrtle Beach, SC, by Delores M: The Breaker’s Hotel This hotel had numerous pools and hot tubs and also had a very long lazy river for the children. Part of the water facilities were indoors. They also had a July 4th celebration exclusive to the guests. And the fireworks were awesome. We hardly left this hotel our entire trip!


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