Travel Photo Gallery – January 6, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Davis O.
Destination: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
About this photo: While touring the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam on motor scooters, we came upon a bridge that was out. The detour led us to this enchanting little fishing village of Cua Can where we met and photographed these fishermen. The image really sums up the whole experience…smiling faces, rich colors and beautiful weather.
Best deal found: The deals were endless, but two stand out: 1) two beautiful tailored silk dresses and two nice silk ties for $95 in Saigon/HCMC, and 2) dinner for two with an appetizer and a couple of beers rarely exceeded $7 at all destinations.

Submitted by: James R.
Destination: Mars Hill, North Carolina
About this photo: This is the Wolf Ridge resort about 30 minutes north of Asheville. It took us 9 hours to make the four hour trip from Georgia due to the worst snow storm they had seen in twenty years. This view alone was worth the trip. It was a winter wonderland for the kids at Christmastime.
Best deal found: The best deal was the free shuttles (for 11 people) to and from the ski lift provided by the owner because we were iced in.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Highlands, NC
About this photo: This is dry falls in highlands which is one of many in this area. It’s about 2 hours north of Atlanta. This is a great day trip: nice shops, restaurants and beautiful landscape.
Best deal found: The best deal of this trip was seeing my parents for the holiday season. And the great food they cooked.

Submitted by: Juliann K.
Destination: Ecuador
About this photo:
One of the poorer neighborhoods in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The official currency of Ecuador is the US Dollar.
Best deal found: Locally made handicrafts from shops along the Malacon 2000 waterfront pier.

Submitted by: Teresa D.
Destination: South Dakota
About this photo: We took a trip to see Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills in South Dakota. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have traveled all over our beautiful US since we didn’t have any children we were able to go and do all the time. Well after 17 years God blessed us with a little boy (Nicolas) and now we can take him traveling and see everything new through his eyes…What a blessing!
Best deal found: Well we enjoyed going through the underground caverns in the Black Hills and it is said to be the biggest cave system in the US because they are still discovering more to this cave. For the money it was really neat and I think everyone would enjoy it.

Submitted by: Kim D.
Destination: Netherlands
About this photo: This is in a little village that I am from. I grew up in the Netherlands and this is one of the amazing views you will see there. If you think of the Netherlands you think of wooden shoes and windmills, that is why this is one of my favorite pictures because it shows really how we lived and some still are living.
Best deal found: To be honest i didn’t find any good deals on this trip, because the euro is so high there are not many good deals at all, not in the American eyes, our dollar is lower then the euro so the deals are here for them.

Submitted by: Jyoti P.
Destination: Big Island Hawaii
About this photo: You are looking at the view from our hotel room we saw 24/7 till 10 days. After a long trip from Atlanta-Chicago-San Fran and finally reach to Kona International airport after whole day travel.
Best deal found: We paid $1800.00 for both of us for the Air fare, Hotel (Hapuna beach prince beach resort) & Car rental for 10 nights at Kona Big island Hawaii. Free upgrade to the hotel room from garden view to ocean view was icing on the cake.

Submitted by: Phanat D..
Destination: Angkor Temple Cambodia
About this photo:
Me and my wife at Angkor Temple Cambodia.
Best deal found:
Roundtrip ticket under $900

Submitted by: Mark P.
Destination: La Jolla, CA
About this photo: This woman just happened to be enjoying the La Jolla Cove view. My wife and I just happened to be walking by. A nice shot was born.
Best deal found: Nothing is inexpensive in La Jolla, but we ate breakfast at a little place in downtown La Jolla called the Coffee Cup. It was very reasonable…and tasty


Submitted by: Scott M.
Destination: Chicago
About this photo:
Another day in the Chicago Area
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Jim T.
Destination: Sanibel island, FL
About this photo:
My wife went an exercise program and lost several pounds and decided to show off her new look.
Best deal found:
Sanibel Sunset Resort on Expedia. $500 for the week

Submitted by: Melissa P.
Destination: Key Largo, FL
About this photo:
Home, Sweet Home a la John Pennekamp State Park, Key Largo, FL. Save Money, Spend Less! We don’t actually have money for a vacation in our budget, but I was determined that my 12 year old daughter and I would have one before she grows up and doesn’t want to vacation with Mom anymore. Drawing on tactics I learned from my parents, who had to budget for FOUR kids, we did a “road trip” (rental car <200$ alamo “hot deal”; gas <200$) to Florida. We stopped the first two nights in Anastasia State Park (~23$/night), from which we visited gorgeous and UNCROWDED Anastasia beach and historic St. Augustine, which is about two miles from the beach (I actually grew up here!). Then, we drove down to Key Largo, taking part of our route along scenic US 1, unitl we arrived at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. The photo is our “room” at John Pennekamp (~35$/night). Seems rugged, but not actually, because JPCRSP had plenty of clean, comfy facilities adjacent to our campsite as well as helpful campground hosts. We would have been wasting money on a hotel room anyway, because we literally were only there long enough to shower and sleep before we were off again to another exciting day full of beauty and adventure! We enjoyed a guided snorkeling tour to a protected coral reef, canoeing in the mangrove swamps, a glass-bottom boat tour of another coral reef, and LOTS of shallow water snorkeling at the BEAUTIFUL white sand Bahia Honda State Park beaches, which are a nursery for the abundant ocean species of the keys. These beaches are incredible, and the day use fee is only 8$. We spent little of our money on food, munching liberally on very affordable fresh rolled sushi from the local Publix, and lots of picnic lunches from our cooler in the trunk. However, we did splurge on a delicious breakfast at the local Conch House restaurant- we definitely recommend it for a freshly prepared, home cooked breakfast before a big day of snorkeling! All together, this fabulous 10 day vacation for two cost less than $800!!! We’re saving up to do it all again next year!
Best deal found:
The State parks are an incredible deal and the best way to NOT GET RIPPED OFF, both for camping and for activities that are much less crowded, and very reasonably priced Overall, I have to say that snorkeling Bahia Honda is absolutely the best deal anyone could ask for- you can snorkel MILES of shallow water coral reef nursery (i.e., lots of baby wildlife to see!, or WADE to the reef ledge for deeper water snorkeling or DIVING a few hundred feet off shore, as well as swimming and bathing on the some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world- all for an $8 day use fee!!! Incredible. We bought our snorkeling equipment at Bahia Honda- they helped us fit it, and it all functioned perfectly AND it cost LESS than the junky stuff we got from Academy Sports that didn’t work! The prices were not inflated as with most “tourist” or vacation spots. We love this place.

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