Travel Photo Gallery – January 27, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Bill H.
Destination: Glacier National Park, MT
About this photo: This was taken within Glacier National Park and is a view of St. Mary Lake with Wild Goose Island in the middle. The color of the water just jumped out at you which is why I took around 50 pictures from this point.
Best deal found: If you are willing to drive around 30 miles to get into the park, staying in Kalispell is considerably cheaper than lodging in the park. The drive into the park is worth the view and the savings.

Submitted by: Kate M.
Destination: Kahakuloa Village, NW Maui
About this photo: A little village in the hills of NW Maui.
Best deal found: Julia’s Banana Bread, just across the street! Best on the planet they claim, and I had to agree. OK, so $6 a loaf might not “sound” like a deal…but it was hot from the oven, with fresh picked bananas, served in the middle of the jungle, far from town. Best deal on earth, at that place and time! 🙂

Submitted by: Sanja C.
Destination: Puerto Rico
About this photo:
Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic: This photo was shot at Jacinto’s Well in Isabela, PR. Legend has it that long ago, farmer Jacinto saw his cow falling into the well and tried to save her. Unfortunately both fell in the well. The site was breathtaking and refreshing. My friends said that this is a great place to surf as well.
Best deal found: The flight was $369, roundtrip. I went to visit friends so I stayed for free. Visiting friends and having them visit you is great!

Submitted by: Lauren O.
Destination: Chicago
About this photo: Millennium Park has a lot of interesting architecture and nice open spaces. It is also a fairly short walk from the Navy Pier, which is another popular tourist attraction.
Best deal found: Stayed at the historic Palmer House Hilton for $99 through Priceline.

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Kansas City, Missouri
About this photo: One of Claes Oldenburg’s shuttlecocks on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City.
Best deal found: Admission to the Atkins-Nelson Museum is free. Also, I have family in KC so was able to avoid hotel costs and have a guide to the best Kansas City BBQ.

Submitted by: Jyoti P.
Destination: Hawaii
About this photo: Loive volcano picture, Amazing!!!!
Best deal found: I always find good deal from Priceline. 🙂

Submitted by: Steven H.
Destination: Astoria, OR
About this photo:
This was taken in front of the Columbia River Museum in Astoria, Oregon. We also saw the house from “The Goonies” while we were there.
Best deal found:
A hotel called “The Sea Gypsy” on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. Great hotel in a slow paced small town Oregon coastal town.

Submitted by: Jennifer F.
Destination: Marianna, FL
About this photo: This is a photo of the Blue Hole Springs cavern/cave system that my scuba instructor, buddy and I dove (first time in a cavern/cave underwater!).
Best deal found: The entrance fee to the Blue Hole Springs park! Please support natural parks for preservation.

Submitted by: William H.
Destination: Hawaii
About this photo:
Rainbow over Waikiki just before leaving to return home. It’s normally the rainy season in Hawaii, but was dry all week. This was the only rainbow we saw.
Best deal found:
Received an email from Clark about $245 round trip to Honolulu ($275 with junk fees). Couldn’t pass it up. Also found a great price on NCL for the cruise and ended getting upgraded to a balcony!


Submitted by: Joel R.
Destination: Atlanta
About this photo:
This is from my back porch at home, just a beautiful sunset over Atlanta.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Susan M
Destination: Las Vegas to Albuquerque
About this photo:
Took this at the big Watering Hole in Arizona, Grand Canyon. First Visit, Jaw dropping views.
Best deal found:
Took advantage of your Friday Flight deals… flew into Las Vegas first weekend, rented car and drove across to Alburqurque NM during the week and flew out on another deal the next weekend. Great vacation and would recommend this. Driving across Arizona was fantastic! Susan

Submitted by: Zachary K.
Destination: Antigua. Sandals Resort
About this photo:
Picture taken from beach of my wife on our honeymoon at Sandals resort in Antigua. Picture of her with the sunset in the background.
Best deal found:
Sandals resort. All inclusive package. Didn’t have to spend any money or leave resort for any reason.

Submitted by: Ashley S.
Destination: Australia
About this photo:
Cycled across Australia 2,500+ miles from (Perth to Sydney) This photo is sunset in the Nullarbor. Trip happened October 09 to December 09
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Keisha FP.
Destination: New York, NY
About this photo:
I was coming from Albany,NY on Amtrak headed to NYC. I took this pic just past the Croton-Harmon stop Sept 13,2009.
Best deal found:
No deals to report.

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