Travel Photo Gallery – August 25, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Lee R.
Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland
About this photo: This is an untouched photo of Edinburgh taken from the top of the Sir Walter Scott spire. It was taken using a 25mm Zeiss lens and a Cokin filter system.
Best deal found: Free BritRail tickets.

Submitted by: Andre H.
Destination: Denmark & Norway
About this photo: This was taken from my family’s cabin in Northwest Norway. It overlooks the fjord and was the most spectacular way to start a day. Overlooking the fjord and sipping some coffee, great way to start the day.
Best deal found: Found mid-summer flights to Copenhagen for my family of 4 for only $760(each ticket) including all fees.

Submitted by: Penny D.
Destination: Fussen, Germany
About this photo: This is Neuschaunstein castle. As we were driving away after our visit, I noticed the field of flowers and thought it would make a beautiful foreground. I had to lay on the ground in order to get the shot I envisioned.
Best deal found: In Germany they charge for water in restaurants. They charge a LOT for water, so the three of us ordered one water ($6.50 per liter) and three glasses. It’s not much of a deal, but neither was anything else in the area.

Submitted by: Lane C.
Destination: France
About this photo: This late evening photo was taken in the beautiful little town of Honfleur, France where the Seine River meets the English Channel. The town was a favorite of 19th century Impressionists such as Monet. Even today you can see artists sit at easels painting this Harbor town hoping to catch its changing light.
Best deal found: In the town of Honfleur we found a nice and clean basic room at the Etap hotel just a block from the harbor for 57 euros (about $77 at the time). The rate included a nice breakfast. ETAP hotels are an economy chain of the Accor hotel group.

Submitted by: Judith C.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: This is the Korean War Memorial which captured the tedium of the daily war experience through all kinds of weather.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Jeffrey B.
Destination: Cancun
About this photo: Went snorkeling around this jetty…..some type of protective park under water…loads of different species of fish…family event…
Best deal found: Eating in downtown Cancun is very, very reasonable….many walk in cafes…quite safe…can take an air conditioned bus from the beach zone….$1.00…

Submitted by: Andrea U.
Destination: Moab Utah
About this photo: This photo is Delicate Arch in The Arches National Park, Moab, Utah.
Best deal found: Awesome Bed & Breakfast @ The Cali Cochita Bed & Breakfast, the owners are magnicifent!

Submitted by: Janet C.
Destination: Yellowstone Park
About this photo: My husband and I spent almost a week in the park last year, and one of our favorite things to do was to wake up before dawn, take a half hour drive (after stopping for coffee) to the Lamar Valley, where we drove slowly down the road looking for wolves in the distance. We always saw lots of buffalo, and the light as the sun came up was beautiful. We’d stop when we saw a bunch of watchers by the side of the road with their powerful scopes who always offered to share the view and tell us what to look at. Finally saw the wolves in the distance, and it was one of the most exciting moments of the trip.
Best deal found: Stayed in a cabin at Mammoth Hot Springs in the north west corner of the park. Basic but perfect, and a great location, walking distance to the famous hot springs next to the cabins. Very reasonable, and the good food, and impressive park stores throughout the park made us very proud of our park system.

Submitted by: Robert D.
Destination: Harrington, Maine
About this photo: This was taken in Harrington, Maine. It is a “sandspur” on Carrying Place Cove.
Best deal found: Haddock (fresh) $4.20 a pound and lobster going for $3.99-$4.40 a pound.


Submitted by: Rhonda N.
Destination: Atlantic Beach, NC
About this photo: The trip lows would be having to pack, long car rides and gas station food, but the the payoff is so worth it. This is my infant daughter enjoying the wonders of the Crystal Coast in her own delighted fashion. Total, unbridled joy!
Best deal found: We visited the Crystal Coast in high season, so I would say we have had better deals on past trips. Early October is the best time to get deals on North Carolina beaches. This was an impromptu trip without much planning. We used Google Earth software to survey the area and pick out our hotel. We always use this as a travel tool and it works great.

Submitted by: Patrice W.
Destination: Great Smokey Mountains, Cherokee, NC
About this photo: This was a trip for my 45th Birthday. We love to ride the Smokey Mountain Parkway into Asheville. This picture was taken at one of the lookouts early in the morning just after sunrise.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Barbara F.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo: This captured my feeling throughout Ireland – old ruins amongst cattle grazing fields. Simply beautiful.
Best deal found: Breathtaking scenery – FREE ! And B&B’s everywhere, the only way to go. No reservations necessary, there’s always one around the corner, and you get the best, most filling breakfasts that last the whole day. Being the frugal person that I am, we hit little markets for cheese and bread to take us until dinner.

Submitted by: Walter S.
Destination: Leavenworth, Washington
About this photo: Sunday July 11, 2010 There was a forest fire burning out of control alongside US Highway 97A between Chelan and Wenatchee,Washington. We watched intently as 3 helicopters collected water from the Columbia River in these huge buckets. They would fly directly over us on their way to the fire zone, sometimes as they passed over we could feel drops of water coming from the swaying buckets.
Best deal found: Seeing Firefighters and the Forest Service at work saving homes in the area from fire— absolutly FREE

Submitted by: Rudolph A.
Destination: Oregon
About this photo: September,2009 Sunset at Bandon Beach.  I had the whole beach to myself.
Best deal found: Best place to stay in Bandon is the quaint Table Rock Motel. It sits above the cliffs with access to the beach below. The little town is four and half hours south of Portland.

Submitted by: Stephen M.
Destination: Cancale, France
About this photo: A wall and hydrangeas surrounding a house on a cliff during a misty, late-morning hike to Cancale on the trail from Port Picain.
Best deal found: Fresh-farmed raw oysters with lemon shucked in front of us–12 for $6–a $2.50 bottle of cider and a seat overlooking the oyster farms that were visible since the tide was out.

Submitted by: John L.
Destination: Red Feather Lakes, CO
About this photo: This photo is of the sunset over Red Feather Lake in Colorado.
Best deal found: Drive with friends. Stay with friends. Eat with family. The best deals there are!

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