Travel e-Scapes FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question about my Travel e-Scapes account?  
Customer care is provided via e-mail for Clark Howard’s Travel e-Scapes. This email address is for questions concerning Clark Howard’s Travel e-Scapes account or newsletter services.  

Click here to send an e-mail to customer care.  
How can I e-mail Clark Howard with a specific question?  
Clark does not handle questions via email. He would love to personally answer everyone that wants to email him, but then he wouldn’t have time to bring you his radio show! We do have Consumer Action Center volunteers answering your consumer questions daily on the Clark Howard message boards.  
You can also call the Consumer Action Center at (404)892-8227 Monday – Friday from 10am – 7pm.  
I didn’t get a newsletter this week. What’s going on?  
From time to time, Team Clark Howard will take a vacation. Your subscription entitles you to a minimum of 94 newsletters per year. You’ll likely get more, because we’ll periodically send you hot  
deals that can’t wait for the next newsletter.  
If you have not received the newsletter for more than two weeks, please e-mail customer care and let us know when you received your last email, what your user name is, and your e-mail address.  
The airline said they had never heard of the deal you told me about.  
Either the deal has been taken out of the system, or you need to go through a travel agent to book it. Clark always suggests using a travel agent for your travel plans (unless it’s a web-only deal, of course), because they know where to find these special deals. If we have given a code for the special, tell the travel agent what the code is. Provide as much information as you can. Also, make sure you aren’t trying to book during any blackout dates or restricted times.  
Know this: fares change instantly and constantly — as often as 2 million times per day — so act fast and make  
your purchase quickly!  
I don’t live in the Southeast. Can I get travel deals for my city/state?  
At this time, we are giving travel deals from Atlanta, as well as deals from close cities, such as Birmingham, AL. If you frequently travel to Atlanta from your city, you may want to register, as many round trip deals work both ways.

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