8 New Cell Phone Deals in December

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Cell phone service providers frequently offer new deals and plans to try and get new customers. Whether or not you’re looking to move away from your current cell phone service, you may be able to save money by taking advantage of limited-time deals.

I’ve checked out more than 100 cell phone service plans to determine what to look for in a good deal. In this article, I’ll take a close look at eight new deals and plans available this month that could help you lower your monthly bill. 

This article was updated in December 2023 and I review it every month.

8 Great Cell Phone Deals Available This Month

If you’re looking for ways to save on your cell phone bill, be sure to take advantage of new customer offers. This month, you can find deals for cheap and free months of service, student discounts, new phone plans and more.

Before you switch to a new service provider, read the details closely and make sure that your phone is compatible. And make sure you’ll have coverage in your area. 

Keeping these things in mind, here are eight of the best new cell phone deals this month:

  • Tello Mobile: New plans include increased high-speed data allotments and lower prices.
  • Visible: Get Visible+ for $35/month for the first six months with a promo code.
  • Red Pocket: Get 50% off your first month on any monthly plan, or get 10% off your first year on any annual plan.
  • Mint Mobile: New customers can get three months of service free when they buy any three-month plan.
  • Ultra Mobile: Two different deals:
    • Get 3GB for $10/month when you prepay for at least three months.
    • New plans include increased high-speed data limits for the same price.
  • AT&T Prepaid: Students can save $10 per month on unlimited (online only).
  • Boost Mobile: New customers can get a month of unlimited data (30GB high-speed) for $12.50.
  • Boost Infinite: Two different deals:
    • Amazon Prime members get a free month of service + 20% discount on a SIM kit.
    • New Infinite Access for iPhone plan includes a free iPhone 15 and an annual iPhone upgrade.

You’ll find more information below on each deal including who’s eligible, how to get the deal and how much you’ll save. 

Tello Mobile

This month, Tello Mobile revealed a new lineup of cell phone plans. The new plans include more options, more high-speed data and lower prices. 

Tello Mobile’s new plan selection now includes seven different high-speed data options. Each high-speed data option can be paired with no minutes, 100 minutes, 300 minutes, 500 minutes, or unlimited minutes. All of Tello Mobile’s plans include unlimited texting and mobile hotspot capabilities.

Here are Tello’s new plan options with unlimited minutes:

  • 1GB of high-speed data for $9/month (previously $10)
  • 2GB of high-speed data for $10/month (previously $14)
  • 5GB of high-speed data for $14/month (previously $19)
  • 10GB of high-speed data for $19/month (new plan)
  • 15GB of high-speed data for $24/month (new plan) 
  • 35GB of high-speed data for $25/month (previously 25GB for $29)

All of Tello Mobile’s plans include free unlimited texting. Plans that include calling can also be used for calls to over 60 countries. Plus, no matter how much high-speed cellular data you have with Tello, you’ll always have unlimited 2G data and mobile hotspot tethering. 

The two biggest highlights include Tello’s cheapest plans as well as its new unlimited plan. If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest monthly phone plan with data and unlimited minutes, 1GB for $9 is hard to beat. Plus, if you need a bit more data, you can now get 2GB for only $1 more.

Additionally, Tello’s unlimited cell phone plan previously included 25GB of high-speed data monthly for $29. Now, the same unlimited plan costs $25 per month and includes 35GB of high-speed data before slowed speeds.

You can visit Tello’s website to check out the new plans. Before you decide to switch, be sure to also read our full Tello Mobile review


Visible offers two unlimited cell phone plans: Visible and Visible+. The price on the Visible plan recently dropped from $30/month to $25/month! The plan still includes all the same perks for a new lower rate.

Additionally, for a limited time, you can get Visible+ for $35/month for the first six months (typically $45/month) with promo code 35FOR6. Visible+ includes all the same perks as the basic Visible plan as well as a few additional features.

Here’s what you’ll get with Visible+:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 5G & 4G LTE
  • 5G ultra wideband
  • 50GB of premium network experience
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (max 5 mbps speeds)
  • Spam protection
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
  • International calling from US to 30+ countries
  • International texting from US to 200+ countries

To get the limited-time discount on Visible+, choose the premium data plan on Visible’s website and enter promo code 35FOR6 during checkout. Then, you’ll get $10 off your monthly bill each month for six months. After six months, you’ll see the regular $45/month price for Visible+. You can cancel your service or switch to Visible’s basic plan at any time.

This limited-time deal expires on January 2, 2024.

In addition to the price drop on Visible’s basic plan, you can also get $20 off a month of service when you refer a friend, and your friend will get $20 off their first month as well.


Before you make the switch, be sure to check out our full Visible review. You can also learn more about Visible’s plans on its website. If you have an iPhone, you can also test the service for 15 days before you decide to switch.

Red Pocket

Red Pocket is offering a holiday deal for new lines and plans purchased online. New customers can sign up for Red Pocket and choose any monthly plan for 50% off. The savings will only last for your first month of service before the plan price reverts to normal. 

Here are the monthly plans you can choose from at Red Pocket with their normal monthly prices and first-month promotional pricing: 

  • 1GB high-speed data for $10 (first month: $5)
  • 5GB high-speed data for $20 (first month: $10)
  • 20GB high-speed data for $30 (first month: $15)
  • 30GB high-speed data for $40 (first month: $20)

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data. High-speed data allotments include 5G access. 

If you’re willing to commit to a year of service, you can get an even better deal with Red Pocket’s annual plans. Plus, new customers can sign up for Red Pocket and choose any annual plan for 10% off their first year of service.

Here are the annual plans you can choose from at Red Pocket with their promotional first-year pricing: 

  • 1GB high-speed data for $89 ($8/month)
  • 5GB high-speed data for $162 ($14/month)
  • 20GB high-speed data for $270 ($23/month)
  • 30GB high-speed data for $324 ($27/month)

You can also cancel your Red Pocket service at any time. To learn more about Red Pocket before you decide to take advantage of this deal, check out our full Red Pocket review.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider that runs on T-Mobile’s network. Plans begin at $15/month for 5GB of high-speed data, but you’ll have to prepay for three months in advance when you sign up for Mint Mobile. 

For a limited time, when new customers buy any three-month plan, they’ll get an additional three months of service for free. That means you could get six months of service for as low as $45 (that works out to be $7.50/month!) 

Here are the current cell phone plans available at Mint Mobile with the limited-time new customer deal:

  • 5GB of high-speed data/month: $45 for six months ($7.50/month)
  • 15GB of high-speed data/month: $60 for six months ($10/month)
  • 20GB of high-speed data/month: $75 for six months ($12.50/month)
  • 40GB of high-speed data/month: $90 for six months ($15/month)

All of Mint Mobile’s plans include unlimited talk, text and data. However, download speeds slow once you’ve hit your monthly high-speed data allotment. 

For more information, you can check out Mint Mobile’s new customer offer online. Before you decide to make the switch, be sure to check your device’s compatibility online and read our full review of Mint Mobile

Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile is offering a few different online exclusive deals this month. However, the best deal is a 3GB high-speed data plan for only $10/month.

For one month, the plan typically costs $19. However, for a limited time, when you pay in advance for at least three months, you can get the same plan for $10/month. You can get a three-month plan for $30, a six-month plan for $60 or an annual plan for $120.

To compare, Tello Mobile (Review) offers one of the cheapest monthly plans for $9, but it includes only 1GB of high-speed data. Mint Mobile (Review) offers 5GB for $15/month ($45 for three months), which includes slightly more data for an additional $5/month. Other annual plans begin as low as $8.33/month at Boost Mobile (Review), but you’ll only get 1GB of high-speed data.

Earlier this year, Ultra Mobile also unveiled a new lineup of cell phone plans. Several of the plans include more high-speed data for the same price. 

Additionally, all plans now include unlimited talk & text to 90+ international destinations (up from 80+). Each of the plans also now includes unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada.

Here are the current monthly plans available from Ultra Mobile with their new high-speed data limits: 

PlanPriceHigh-Speed DataMobile Hotspot
Talk & Text Plan$15250MBPulls from plan data
3GB Plan$193GBPulls from plan data
5GB Plan$245GBPulls from plan data
10GB Plan$2910GBPulls from plan data
15GB Plan$3915GBPulls from plan data
Unlimited Plan$4940GBUp to 10GB

To learn more about the new lineup of cell phone plans, including multi-month and multi-line discounts, be sure to check out our full Ultra Mobile review

AT&T Prepaid

Opting for a prepaid phone plan is a great way to lower your phone bill even if you want to stick with a major carrier. If you’re eligible for additional discounts, that’s another great way to stack the savings!


For example, AT&T Prepaid offers an online-only deal for students with a valid school email address. The student discount includes the AT&T Prepaid Unlimited plan for $40 per month with autopay. The AT&T Prepaid Unlimited plan typically costs $65 monthly, but customers can get the plan for $50 monthly with autopay. The $10 student discount brings the total price to $40/month!

Here’s what you can expect with the AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plan: 

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited high-speed data with 5G access
  • 5GB of mobile hotspot
  • Unlimited texting from the United States to more than 230 countries
  • Unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico
  • Use talk, text and data in Canada and Mexico
  • ActiveArmor fraud call blocking and spam alerts

Students can check out the full details of AT&T’s student discount online.

If you’re thinking about switching to AT&T Prepaid, be sure to check out our full review before making the switch.

Boost Mobile

New customers can try Boost Mobile’s $25 unlimited plan for 50% off the first month. That makes the plan $12.50. It includes unlimited talk and text, a free SIM kit with free 2-day shipping and 30GB of high-speed data before reduced speeds. The plan renews at $25 per month after the first month. To get this deal, visit Boost Mobile’s website and enter your ZIP code and email to see if your location qualifies.

Boost also offers a free SIM card with the purchase of a $10 2GB plan. Finally, you can get 5GB for $5 per month for the first three months ($15 total).

If you do plan on switching to Boost Mobile, I recommend taking your phone to a Boost Mobile store and checking its compatibility in person before switching. To learn more about why I don’t recommend ordering a SIM card online from Boost Mobile before checking your phone’s compatibility in-store, read my full Boost review here.

Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite is a postpaid cell phone service launched by DISH Wireless last year. It’s owned by the same company as Boost Mobile (Review). Its basic unlimited phone plan for $25/month includes the following perks:

  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • 30GB of high-speed data before slower speeds
  • 5G access (on either AT&T, T-Mobile or Dish’s 5G network)
  • Guaranteed price lock as long as your plan remains active

Right now, Prime members have exclusive access to buy a Boost Infinite unlocked phone SIM kit online at Amazon. You’ll also be eligible for instant savings on the SIM kit as well as a free month of service!

To get this deal, visit Amazon’s website and add the Boost Infinite Unlocked Phone SIM kit to your shopping cart. Be sure you’re signed into your Prime account to access the deal. When you add the SIM kit to your cart, you’ll automatically receive 20% off. Your SIM kit will be sold and shipped through Amazon.


Note that not all phones are compatible with the Boost Infinite SIM kit. According to Boost Infinite, most phones made in the last five years are compatible with the network. Your phone must be unlocked. You can learn more about Boost Infinite’s Amazon Prime deal here.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have the latest iPhone model every year, Boost Infinite’s new Infinite Access for iPhone could be a plan worth considering. Infinite Access for iPhone costs $60 per month per line, but it does include a free iPhone upfront with no trade-in required, and a free annual upgrade to the latest iPhone with the trade-in of your current model.

Like Boost Infinite’s other plans, Infinite Access for iPhone is a postpaid plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data (30GB high-speed). Here are the other perks you’ll get with the latest plan: 

  • Titanium iPhone 15 Pro included today with no trade-in required
  • Latest iPhone every year
  • Access to “America’s Smart Network™”
  • Talk and text to over 200 global destinations
  • Mexico & Canada talk, text and data

You can learn more about Boost Infinite’s Infinite Access for iPhone here. You can also check out the details on Boost Infinite’s website or Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Switching to a new cell phone service provider is a great way to get a deal and reduce your monthly phone bill. In addition to looking for deals directly from service providers, check cash back offers on your credit card. I once got a month of service from Cricket Wireless for less than $16 with a Chase cash back offer!

Before you make the switch, take the time to make sure your phone is compatible with the carrier you’re switching to. Most cell phone service providers have tools on their websites for you to check your phone’s compatibility by entering its IMEI number. If your phone isn’t compatible, consider whether or not it’s still worth the savings if you have to buy a new phone. 

Also, make sure that you’ll have service in your area with your new company by checking out its coverage map online. In most cases, you can enter your home address or ZIP code to get an idea of whether you’ll be covered.

If you’re switching to take advantage of a limited-time deal, be sure to cancel your service before the plan renews or be prepared to pay normal prices if the deal expires after a few months. You can check out our full list of tips on how to switch cell phone carriers here.

For more great prices on cell phone plans, check out our full list of the best cell phone plans in 2023.

Did we miss a plan on our list or did you find a better deal? Let us know in our Clark.com Community or check out the latest conversations around cell phones.

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