Consumer Cellular Review: 7 Things To Know Before You Sign Up


If you’ve seen the ads for Consumer Cellular on TV, you may be wondering if the wireless provider lives up to the hype. Team Clark spent 30 days testing the service to find out.

Although Consumer Cellular targets seniors with a 5% AARP discount, it’s available to people of all ages.

Is Consumer Cellular Really Worth It? Team Clark’s Review

My overall experience with Consumer Cellular was positive, but I had some minor hiccups with customer service.

In this review, I’ll lay out everything you need to know before you sign up.

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1. Network Coverage 

Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that partners with two networks to provide coverage: AT&T and T-Mobile.

Customers get access to one of those networks, not both. Consumer Cellular will decide whether AT&T or T-Mobile is best for you based on network coverage where you live.

Want to make sure you get a specific network? Skip the website and pick up a Consumer Cellular SIM card at a Target retail store.

2. Plans and Pricing

For my 30-day test of Consumer Cellular, I paid $30 before taxes and fees for unlimited talk, text and a few GB of high-speed data.

Consumer Cellular’s plans start at $20 per month and most of them have shared data limits. However, the company recently added an unlimited shared data option.

The unlimited talk, text and data plan is $60 a month for one line and $75 a month for two lines. Taxes and fees are extra.

Consumer Cellular data plans (February 2021)

AARP Discount 

For AARP members, Consumer Cellular offers a 5% discount off monthly fees and usage charges, a 30% discount off select accessories, and an extended 45-day money-back guarantee.

For customers who don’t have an AARP membership, the risk-free guarantee is limited to 30 days.

Automatic Upgrade 

If you go over the minutes or data allowed by your plan, Consumer Cellular will automatically upgrade you without charging overage fees. However, you will have to pay for the more expensive plan.

After you’re automatically upgraded, you’ll remain on the new plan unless you switch back.

Not a Prepaid Service 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Consumer Cellular is a postpaid carrier, not prepaid. That just means that you get a bill in the mail at the end of your billing cycle and don’t pay in advance for the service.

There are no contracts. If you decide to cancel, Consumer Cellular will prorate your monthly service charges and minutes/data in your rate plan.

3. Activation Process

I signed up for Consumer Cellular through the carrier’s website and my free SIM card arrived in the mail a few days later.

The SIM card came with step-by-step instructions on how to activate my service online, but I ended up having to call customer support to get my account fully up and running. With other carriers, I can usually do this 100% online.

After calling Consumer Cellular, it took about 15 minutes for a customer service representative to help me get started.

4. Phone Selection

For my 30-day trial of Consumer Cellular’s service, I took advantage of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program and used the same unlocked Moto G6 phone that I already had.


If you don’t want to bring a compatible device as I did, you can purchase a new phone from Consumer Cellular.

When I last checked Consumer Cellular’s website, there were 23 devices available for purchase — including high-end Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Several $100 phones were also for sale.

Customers can either pay full price for a phone or spread payments over time interest-free with EasyPay, pending credit approval.

Consumer Cellular phones (February 2021)

5. Call and Text Performance

From my South Florida test location, Consumer Cellular’s call quality was clear, and I had no texts that were missing or delayed.

Call and text performance will vary depending on your location and which cell phone towers you get, AT&T or T-Mobile. You can check Consumer Cellular’s coverage map to learn more.

Consumer Cellular coverage map

Then, enter your city on RootMetrics’ website to compare how all of the major networks perform in your neck of the woods.

6. Data Speeds

A fast, reliable data download speed is necessary to surf the web and watch videos on your smartphone. Many people worry that low-cost carriers will slow down their data, but that was not my experience with Consumer Cellular.

Using the Speedtest by Ookla app, I regularly recorded download speeds of more than 25 Mbps. Here’s an example:

Consumer Cellular results
Consumer Cellular results

I’ve tested about a dozen affordable wireless service providers and Consumer Cellular’s data performance was among the best. I consider download speeds of 20 Mbps or higher to be above average.

Having said that, I generally have no problem streaming on my phone at speeds of around 10 Mbps.


7. Customer Service

Established in 1995, Consumer Cellular provides 100% U.S.-based customer service from its headquarters in Oregon. Not a lot of low-cost cell phone providers can say that!

The customer service representatives were always helpful, but wait times sometimes exceeded 30 minutes. You can request a callback to avoid staying on hold.

Consumer Cellular’s app and website are easy to navigate when you want to check your data usage or update payment information. However, it was a little frustrating that I had to call in to cancel my service.

The support agent indicated that canceling online may have been an option in the past, but not anymore.

Final Thought 

Consumer Cellular’s prices certainly aren’t the lowest we’ve found, but it may be worth a closer look if U.S.-based customer support is something that you value.

Consider switching to Consumer Cellular if:

  • You know that AT&T and/or T-Mobile offer good coverage in your area
  • You have a compatible device or are willing to buy a new one
  • You want to take advantage of the special AARP discounts
  • You are someone who relies on phone-based customer support

If you want to learn about other low-cost cell phone service providers, there are cheaper options to consider from prepaid brands. We’ve rounded them up in Clark’s guide to the best cell phone plans and deals!

This article was originally written by Michael Timmermann and published on September 13, 2019.

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