Travel Photo Gallery – September 23, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: John L.
Destination: Maui, Hawaii
About this photo: This was taken on our first day in Hawaii at the Haleakala Crater just after dawn. My son is running up the summit path and at this angle he looks like he could jump off and fly through the clouds.
Best deal found:
I got a great deal on our hotel room at the Fairmont Kea Lani by using I compared this price to all the other travel sites and it was about 20% cheaper than the discount sites and 50% cheaper than the Fairmont website.

Submitted by: Michael M.
Destination: Grand Rapids, Mi
About this photo: Taken at the fred Meijer Gardens on 6/11/2009.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Deni P.
Destination: Macau – SAR of China
About this photo: This photo was taken on the skywalk of Macau tower, 732 feet above ground. Few minutes later, I bungee jumped. Macau is special administrative region of China, former Portugese colony located near Hong Kong.
Best deal found: Food bought on the street was very cheep and tasty. Especially fruit and juices. Avoid expensive western chains and restaurant. Fish balls are not bad either.

Submitted by: Lawrence B.
Destination: St Lucia
About this photo: We took a cruise recently. One stop on our seven day vacation was St Lucia. The prime geographical feature of the region, the Pitons, soar out of the sea to great heights. The Gros Piton (large piton) to the south is 2,619ft and the Petit Piton (small piton) is 2,460ft. They were formed by volcanic activity about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago. Both considered difficult climbs. The Petit Piton was first climbed in 1978. Some divers enjoy exploring them as underwater cliffs. However, as I did most visitors simply view them for their scenic beauty.
Best deal found: We hiked to the Sulfur Springs along a meandering wooded paths, hills we even crossed a couple of rope bridges, and eventually arrived an hours to an hour and a half into the hike. The Springs were incredible, they were breathtaking to look at and we had the opportunity to soak in a hot sulfur bath and swim in a waterfall located just above the Sulfur Springs. To complete our tour we hiked back only to be met with a terrific caribbean feast. This tour and all the sights were amazing and the cost was right about $50.00 a piece.

Submitted by: Chuck A.
Destination: St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
About this photo:
Maho Beach sits right on the approach end of Runway 10. The beach is literally 50 yards from the runway. This is my son with an American Airlines 757 on short final behind him. Great time!
Best deal found: Princess Heights Condos on the east side of the island near Dawn Beach. Cheap price, outstanding quality, good view with rental car included. A bit of a walk to the beach and not much on that side of the island but it is nice and quiet. STAY AWAY from Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar and Grill at all costs. Absurd prices for marginal food and horrendous service.

Submitted by: C. Sayers
Destination: Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada
About this photo: Trip of a lifetime to Banff National Park . . . this lake is north of Banff and is, as you can see, exquisite!
Best deal found: The scenery! It was free!

Submitted by: Kris F.
Destination: Australia
About this photo: Picture is of the interior of the inside of the Sydney Opera House. Took my 18 year old son on his HS Graduation trip to Australia because of the low fares! He leaves for the US Army in January!
Best deal found: Airfare was $499 RT + taxes out of LAX. Used ff miles to get to LAX and to travel within Australia!

Submitted by: Donna S
Destination: Curacao
About this photo:
We went on a southern Carribean cruise that included the island of Curacao – what a beautiful, small island next to Aruba!! This was one picture that really reminded us of how beautiful and unspoiled the island is…
Best deal found:
Beautiful artwork at a private artist’s home – extremely reasonable for the quality and uniqueness – also handmade jewelry – very reasonable priced…

Submitted by: Rudolph A.
Destination: Portland
About this photo: Delta let me open the window to take this picture of Mt. Hood.
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Derita D.
Destination: Blue Ridge, Ga
About this photo: This picture is at the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge. Georgia has some of the most beautiful landcapes in all the world and its right here at home. Explore Georgia’s hidden treasures and don’t spend a lot of money while doing it because its right here in your home state and within a short driving distance.Stay Georgia!
Best deal found: Floating down the river for $5.00. This is a two hour trip with spectacular views. What a deal!

Submitted by: Bob C.
Destination: Kenai Peninsula, AK
About this photo: Taken one evening from Seward Highway as the sun went down over Cook Inlet around 10:30pm.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Gayle M.
Destination: Outer Banks, NC
About this photo: Check out the two passengers on the boat!
Best deal found: Wonderful place! Crab legs were cheap everywhere and we had some every day of our vacation!

Submitted by:
Lalitha A.
Destination: Cologne Germany
About this photo: This photo was taken from the railway station side of the great world famous Koln Cathedral. It was so massive I felt dwarfed standing right next to the church.Though it was early in the evening the courtyard was crowded with tourists.
Best deal found: Incredible views of the busiest railway bridge in the world. They say around 30 trains per hour travel over this railway bridge. Scenery along the river Rhine was unbeatable too.

Submitted by: Jim W.
Destination: Italy
About this photo: This a photo of an olive grove on the side of the hill in Civitanova, which is about three hours outside of Rome.
Best deal found: Touring of Rome on the line that offers unlimited ‘hop off’ – ‘hop on’ 24 hour pass for 18 euro.

Submitted by: Aubrey J.
Destination: Columbus, Indiana
About this photo: I was on vacation, and could not afford to travel anywhere, so my daughter and I decided to check out the local attractions in Columbus, Indiana, our hometown. We attempted to visit a local attraction, Irwin Gardens, former home of J Irwin Miller, founder of Cummins Incorporated, formally, Cummins Engine Company. We found out that due to J Irwin Miller’s death the garden was closed, and up for sale, so we used a service entrance to sneak into the garden, and we found it to be so beautiful. I took many pictures, and had a great family outing, total cost, $0.00! We left and encountered another family asking if we lived here, I said no, just sneak in that’s what we did, and we quickly left.
Best deal found: Mallory, my daughter, and I stopped at a local restaurant, and she knew the employee who bought her lunch, not wanting to impose, I said I was not hungry, it cost just a dollar or two in gas, Great time!

Submitted by: R. Gates
Destination: Athens, Greece
About this photo: The Acropolis, one of those icons I waited 73 years to see. Wonderful weather in August, 2009.
Best deal found: Wonderful excursions from the HAL Oosterdam cruise allowed me to see many sites in spite of being handicapped in walking.

Submitted by: Cynthia Z.
Destination: Amelia Island, FL
About this photo: This photo was taken from our beachfront hotel room at Amelia Island Plantation Hotel. This large resort area has all the necessary amenities within its community, a variety of restaurants, shops, golfing and other activities. It it such a peaceful and lovely place to visit.
Best deal found: We book this trip through Expedia. During the time we book the trip, the hotel rate was around $184.00 per night; we were able to get the hotel for $149.00 per night.

Submitted by: Alice L.
Destination: Gualala, California
About this photo: This is taken from Mar Vista Cottages in Gualala, California. It is south of Mendocino and north of San Francisco; a perfect vacation spot for those who like serenity. Beautiful little 1940’s cabins with kitchens, private beach, organic garden, fresh eggs, friendly owners and a big hammock.
Best deal found: Cook your own food to save on restaurants. Dogs are welcome to stay, too.

Submitted by: Su E.
Destination: Maui
About this photo: My sister and I took a 10-hour bus tour from Seattle to Mount Rainier this summer. It was fantastic! We played in the snow in June! It is very large and we never would have seen it all by ourselves.
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Sandra H.
Destination: Grand Cayman trip
About this photo: Rum Point Crew….Paradise in Grand Cayman…One of the more MARAVILLOSAS Experiencias…Thank you to my Housband, Jarrett Halsey!!!!
Best deal found: Clark Alert!!! My housband change his trip for a bachellor party in Las Vegas, because we recived an email from you guys 3 weeks ago…Grand Cayman in US AIRLINES from $89 dollars, one day sale… Thank you Clark!!!

Submitted by: Clarence D.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: We used our neices RV and made a round trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks and back. This marker is at Delta Junction,and marks the end of the Alcan highway. We understand the highway is paved all the way now and is great to use.
Best deal found: At North Pole, Alaska we stayed in Santaland RV park. We paid $30, for the night with our Good Sams discount. Santaland has the best, cleanest showers and laundrymat we have ever come across in all of our years of RVing and tent camping. Each shower was a lockable restroom with comode and sink, mirrors and shower. CLEAN!!!

Submitted by: Mae D.
Destination: Rodanthe NC
About this photo: Found a great rental home only feet from the ocean. Prices were cut in half because it was the week BEFORE Memorial Day. Ordinarily a week would rent for 1350 to 1550. We paid 550 plus tax for 6 nights and 7 days for a fully furnished (cooking utensils and all) 3 bedroom vacation home. Always check the realty companies–they have great bargains before Memorial Day and after Labor Day on beachfront property. We took our 2 dogs, fished, sightseed, and most of all RELAXED. The temperature was a pleasant 75 degrees!!!
Best deal found:

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