Travel Photo Gallery – July 8, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Valerie B.
Destination: Canal du Nivernais, Burgundy, France
About this photo: While riding along a barge towpath on the Canal du Nivernais in Burgundy, I happened upon this sign. I didn’t see “Monsieur Yogi” though.
Best deal found: The Paris Metro!

Submitted by: John C.
Destination: Ireland, June 2009
About this photo: Rock of Cashel, Ireland. Ruins dating from 12th and 13th century. Found in County Tipperary.
Best deal found: Used Delta FF points (booking 331 days in advance) for Business Class (tax/fees on ticket was $160 each). Used Marriott points in Dublin at the Shelbourne (3 nights)…. and points for the Marriott Limerick (3 nights). Cost for a week: Rental Car $500 with max insurance for a week, 1 night in a hotel along the coast $110 USD. $250 in gas, $60 on city transfers in Dublin. That’s $1240 plus food for a week for two. Thanks Clark!

Submitted by: Rudolph A.
Destination: Marietta, Georgia
About this photo: This photo was taken at the Marietta, GA 4th of July celebration. A wonderful parade of fireworks.
To take firework pictures, try: 4 sec. exposure /14f aperture /100 ISO

Submitted by: Clay S.
Destination: Grand Cayman
About this photo: This is the mermaid off of Sunset House. She is about 40 feet below the surface and a great shore dive.

Submitted by: Amy H.
Destination: Page, AZ
About this photo: Photo was taken at the Navajo Bridge
Best deal found: Days Inn in Page for $99

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Tahiti
About this photo: The hotel in Tahiti

Submitted by: Robin P.
Destination: New York City
About this photo:
I was on assignment, doing a piece on NY’s homeless. Though I’ve been a frequent visitor to NYC throughout my life, I never grow tired of Times Square. Though I’ve seen hundreds of photos of the area, I’m sweet on this one because of the stormy skies, which intensified the energy, lights, people and overall explosion of our culture.
Best deal found:
As I usually try to do when in NY for an extended period, I hotel-hopped. A hustler by nature, being a freelancer has honed my skills at finding the best deals – on anything. I search all the usual online outlets for deals, plus I will call the manager and let them know I’m doing a story. A personal touch when trying to score a deal with a hotelier never hurts. I stayed at the Hotel Chelsea, a favorite because of its almost unbelievable artistic history. The rooms are cheap, unique, and the staff seem to be part of the building itself. Hotel Chelsea isn’t a hotel, it is an experience. I also got a good deal on a room at the fabulously spare yet exquisitely stylish Hudson, by using the same methods. If you want a deal, you have to want it and then you gotta go after it until you find it. Because they are out there. Trust me.

Submitted by: Skip J.
Destination: Gettysburg
About this photo: This is the start position for Pickett’s Charge on the 3rd day of the Gettysburg battle in July of 1863. We were visiting with friends and were struck with the stillness of the site on this morning in June while there.
Best deal found: If you’re visiting a battlefield the size of Gettysburg, its worth it to hire a guide who will travel with your group around the park and provide you with insights and stories that make the experience come alive. You can make arrangements in advance through the visitor center web site.

Submitted by: Denise S.
Destination: Cozumel Mexico
About this photo: Downtown Cozumel, Mexico; After shopping. Gathering spot where peoplehang out. I and my twins loved the city and the natives were friendly.
Best deal found: Thanks Clark. Cruise for (3 people) under $1000.


Submitted by: Michele D.
Destination: Aruba
About this photo: Aruba has beautiful sunsets!! This was taken Manga Hantel Beach. Amazing snorkeling! If you want to relax go to Aruba!
Best deal found: The flight with Spirit Airlines…even at last minute the flight was affordable!

Submitted by: Becky J.
Destination: Chicago, Illinois
About this photo: This was taken from a boat ride we took out on Lake Michigan Sept. of 2008. This was a trip we took to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.
Best deal found: Well, everything on this trip was pretty much a good deal since it was a business trip for my husband combined with a lot of fun. The best thing you can do to save money in Chicago is to walk get a hotel that is centrally located like we did and walk everywhere.

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Wyoming
About this photo: This photo was taken in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in northern Wyoming.
Best deal found: My wife flew free on Delta using a companion ticket. Also used my lifetime national parks pass for admission to Yellowstone.

Submitted by: Shannon S.
Destination: Mendocino National Forest
About this photo: This is the Precious Forest cabin in the Mendocino National Forest. We stumbled upon it during our Father’s Day excursion. It is about three miles into the forest with stunning lake views and absolute quiet. It is completely off the grid.
Best deal found: This cabin only costs $300 per week!

Submitted by: Alan K.
Destination: Cabarete, Dominican Republic
About this photo: The view from the 11th hole at the Playa Grande Golf Course. The course’s landscape is similar to Pebble Beach with the cliffs especially prevalent on the back 9. The course is about one hour east of Cabarete which is one of the top kitesurfing locations in the world. They have had several World Championships held there. The beaches are beautiful and the prices are not typical Caribbean prices. It is also safe to walk and drive, day or night.
Best deal found: One week 2BR/2BA condo on the beach with a pool for $750. Was difficult to spend more than $30 for a nice meal and drinks.

Submitted by: Bob N.
Destination: Taylor County, Florida
About this photo: Only six hours by car, Taylor County and is an outdoor paradise. Places like Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee have affordable places to eat that offer delicious dishes. In the town of Steinhatchee, you can rent a cottage at the Steinhatchee Landing Resort where you can fish, kayak, canoe, cycle and just hike. By staying in a cottage, you can save serious dollars by going down the street to Dollar General and stocking up on all of your food for the whole week. Bring your laundry detergent because you can wash your clothes in the cottage. Ditto for the dishes that you use. An outdoor-based getaway saves you hard-earned dollars. You don’t have to get all “fancied up” in this part of Florida.
Best deal found: Aside from the local Dollar General, Steinhatchee has great markets like Mason’s. The seafood restaurants like Fiddler’s and Roy’s are incredibly affordable.


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