The Best Way to Reach Customer Service at the Most Popular Airlines


With air travel still in flux because of the coronavirus pandemic, be able to get in touch with airline customer service is more important than ever.

In this article, I’ll show you how to reach customer service for several major U.S. air carriers — by phone, online and through social media.

Airline Customer Service: How to Reach Delta, Southwest & More

Whether you’re trying to rebook a flight, manage a missed connection or find lost luggage, contacting your airline can be a pain. To help you, we’ve rounded up the major airlines below with links that will take you right where you need to go.

Airline Customer Service: Table of Contents

When it comes to airline customer service, just figuring out the best channel to use get support can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve taken the time to contact airline customer service on various platforms to gauge their responsiveness.

Here are the numbers and links that will get you what I found to be adequate customer service as quickly as possible at the major airlines.

American Airlines

How to reach airline customer service

How to reach American Airlines by phone: The main American Airlines customer service phone number is 800-433-7300.

Web: Here is American’s FAQ and help page. If you have compliments or complaints, use this form.

Social media: The company is active on the following social media platforms:

Delta Air Lines

How to reach airline customer service


How to reach Delta Air Lines by phone: Delta’s main customer service number is 800-221-1212.

Web: You can reach the airline here to log complaints or report issues.

Social media: Delta answers customers on the following social media platforms:

  • The company uses its main Twitter account at @Delta, which also tweets travel tips and promos.
  • On Facebook, the airline responds routinely to customers in the comments or via Messenger.

Frontier Airlines

How to reach airline customer service

How to reach Frontier Airlines by phone: Frontier’s main customer service number is 801-401-9000. (If you book a flight over the phone, it will cost you an extra $25.)

Web: Fill out their Feedback Form for questions or concerns.

Social media: Frontier is active on two platforms.

  • Looking at Facebook, the company doesn’t typically respond to complaints lodged on the social networking site. It does, however, from time to time post a reply to comments that praise the company.
  • On Twitter, the folks monitoring @FlyFrontier will frequently answer individual concerns.

Hawaiian Airlines

How to reach airline customer service

How to reach Hawaiian Airlines by phone: Hawaiian Airlines’ customer service number is 877-426-4537. You can also text 855-808-1717 between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. HST. For general inquiries, call 800-367-5320.

Web: If you have a problem, use this email form. The Contact Page has live chat, and you can text to 38285. There’s also a Help Center for various requests.


Social media: If you check the @HawaiianAir Twitter account, you will see responses to individual customer concerns but not on the carrier’s Facebook page.

JetBlue Airways

How to reach airline customer service - JetBlue is offering free flights right now: Here's how to apply

How to reach JetBlue by phone: The main JetBlue customer service number is 800-538-2583. (Flights booked via phone are subject to a $25 fee).

If you have an Apple device, you can message JetBlue via Apple Business Chat.

Web: To ask a question or give feedback, use this form.

Social media: The airline’s @JetBlue account handles customer service via Twitter. JetBlue’s Facebook account is very responsive as well.

Southwest Airlines

How to reach airline customer service

How to reach Southwest Airlines by phone: The main Southwest Airlines customer service number is 800-435-9792. 

You can also call Southwest’s Baggage Claim Office at 888-202-1024 to report a lost item.

Web: To report a complaint, you can fill out this form using your email. Here’s the customer service FAQ.


Social media: You’ll find responses to customers’ concerns regularly on the company’s Facebook account and the @Southwest Twitter account.

Spirit Airlines

How to reach airline customer service

How to reach Spirit Airlines by phone: The main Spirit Airlines customer service number is 855-728-3555.

Web: Aside from online check-in, Spirit’s website has few resources for customers. I did however find this “complaint, question, compliment, bag claim” form. The Spirit “Contact Us” page is here.

Social: On Facebook, the airline will typically respond to a complaint. The @SpiritAirlines Twitter account does the same.

United Airlines

v - Big changes coming to United, JetBlue and other airlines in 2019

How to reach United Airlines by phone: United’s customer service phone number is 800-864-8331. Lost or damaged luggage? Call the Baggage Resolution Center at 800-335-2247.

Web: United has a FAQ page for common questions. To contact United Airlines’ Customer Care, here’s the form.

Social: @United is pretty active on Twitter when it comes to responding to customers’ needs. On Facebook, the airline does respond to individual patrons who post their concerns in the comments sections of the posts.

Final Thought

The major airlines, as is the case in many industries these days, aren’t immune to having to react publicly and quickly to customer complaints.


Money expert Clark Howard, who at one time owned a very successful travel agency, says reaching out online to airline customer service can yield fast results.

“The thing to know is that if you have a dispute with anything involving travel, they are monitoring social media like crazy,” Clark says. “I’d post on social media.”

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