Travel Photo Gallery – July 22, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Davis O.
Destination: Asheville, NC
About this photo: While the Biltmore house is quite beautiful, I preferred the serenity of its lawn. This photo was taken from the courtyard overlooking the exquisitely manicured field to the south.
Best deal found: Our friends have season passes to Biltmore and were able to take us to the grounds as guests.

Submitted by: Henderson S.
Destination: Seward Alaska
About this photo: The train ride between Seward and Fairbank is breath taking. Never seen anything like it!
Best deal found: AAA, AARP and military has great discount prices. Pay coach and still have a great time. If you are military stop in the Seward Military Resort and get discount prices on many tours!!

Submitted by: Roger H.
Destination: St. George’s, Grenada
About this photo: The port of St. George’s in Grenada. Taken from the dock looking into St. George’s. I almost hesitate to submit this photo and show the beauty of the Island, as it is very laid back and not totally overrun with tourists.
Best deal found: A bucket of Caribe and 2 beach chairs for $10.00 US!

Submitted by: Maite P
Destination: Columbia Glacier, Ak
About this photo:
This was taken on a kayak trip to Columbia Glacier in Alaska. The trip starts from Valdez where you take a small boat for about an hour and a half. You kayak, eat lunch, and hike all while enjoying incredible views.
Best deal found: The best deal of our trip was renting an RV out of Anchorage and not having any reservations at campgrounds. Alaska is very RV friendly and most nights we found “turnarounds” next to the road and by rivers where we camped for FREE with million dollar views!

Submitted by: Clarence D.
Destination: Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
About this photo: My wife in the Terminator exibition.
Best deal found: Universal Studios has a “all you can eat” wrist band. You buy it for about $28.oo and can eat in all the restraunts all day, drink not included. You can only have one entree, one side, and one desert per visit. But you can go through the line as many times as you want.

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Death Valley, CA
About this photo: The reflection of the sky and the mountain in the water was broken by the salt flats of the Death Valley floor making this an interesting shot.
Best deal found: National Parks are always a bargain. Buy an annual pass!

Submitted by: Edgar C.
Destination: Miami
About this photo: Boat ride from Bayside.
Best deal found: Pick a copy of Roomsaver at rest stops, fast-food chains, etc. Save a bundle. Holiday Inn Express $69.99 four people. What a deal.

Submitted by: Dallas E.
Destination: Colorado
About this photo:
A little town, I think Cripple Creek, totally surrounded by mountains. Everything was beautiful in Colorado. Even got snow while we were there on June 12.
Best deal found:
One-way air fare to Denver for $109.

Submitted by: Michele D.
Destination: Lilburn Georgia
About this photo: This is an amazing find. The Hindu Temple in Lilburn Georgia. This place is absolutely amazing. Very peaceful day. SO you looking to find yourself speechless go visit this temple. Be sure to cover your legs when you go…be ready to take your shoes off but once you enter it will blow your mind the detail and the time put into the beauty. Cameras arent allowed inside but i have the thoughts still in my mind.
Best deal found: It’s free to get in and you can find unique items in their shop.


Submitted by: Doug T.
Destination: Bernkastel, Germany
About this photo: This was in the town square of the old town in the Mosel valley town of Bernkastel. This group of young people were on a school field trip of some sort and had just received instructions from their teacher. Right after I took this photo, they disbursed to complete what I assumed to be a history lesson in this charming little wine village.

Submitted by: David B.
Destination: Howth, Ireland
About this photo: Visited Edinburgh Scotland and Dublin, Ireland and took the DART train about 30 min outside Dublin to the beautiful fishing village of Howth. Flew my wife and kids on my Skymiles and applied a flight coupon to my ticket so all four of us flew round trip for $420!
Best deal found: Stayed at the Royal Garden Apartments in Edinburgh, got a 2 BR with kitchen for $275 a night, and cooked our own dinner in the evenings. It’s easy walking distance to all the sights, and they have free muffins and coffee for breakfast and a complimentary happy hour with wine each evening.

Submitted by: Karen A.
Destination: Liverpool, England
About this photo: We were at a drive-through Safari in the area of Liverpool. My friend said he particularly wanted to be babooned so we went into the area of the game park where there are only baboons (big warnings that baboons can damage your car). Finally this big fellow hopped onto the hood (bonnet) of the car and figured out how to pull off the windshield washers (which my friend assured me were already broken). Soon we exited and he was swept (yes, with a broom) off the car.
Best deal found: Staying with friends!!

Submitted by:
DeNorris D.
Destination: St. Petersburg, FL
About this photo: This is off the balcony of our condo around 6:30a.m. Great weather, great view, perfect beaches, not too far from Busch Gardens. It was a great family vacation.
Best deal found: The condo, it was a great price. Use VRBO to find the best deals, compare prices, and look for a place not too close to all the tourist attractions, they tend to be a little cheaper if you dont mind a drive. Ours was about 40 minutes from the condo to Busch Gardens. Weigh your options, we only went to Busch Gardens 1 day yet stayed on the beach played in the ocean everyday.

Submitted by: Cheryl K.
Destination: West Bend, Wisconsin
About this photo: This is an albino whitetail deer that was born in the shalom wildlife sanctuary. They have elk, bison, deer (many albino and pye colored), foxes, porcupine, racoon, bobcat? And dall sheep all on one hundred acres. They offer a self guided golf cart tour of their sanctuary.
Best deal found: This is a low cost adventure and a wonderful educational trip. the cost is $8 for adults, $6 kids. They also offer educational programs that teaches folks about the animals and their care. Just a great way to spend the day and well worth the money.

Submitted by: Teri W.
Destination: Paris
About this photo: Under the Eiffel Tower – just seeing the incredible architecture was amazing.
Best deal found: My husband and I flew roundtrip via Air France for $2200 total. We got our airfare at thanks to you.

Submitted by: Tim B.
Destination: Tahiti
About this photo:This is a photo of my son Spencer on his first fishing trip to Key West. This also the first time he was able to cast and retrieve the line by himself, resulting in a nice little snapper.
Best deal found: I am an active duty military member so the deals we get in Key West are great. The Naval base down there offers three bedroom townhouses with a full kitchen for $90.00. Plus the marina offers nice fishing boats for a really good price.


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