Travel Photo Gallery – February 4, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.

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Submitted by:  John K.
Destination: Beijiing
Best deal found: Entire trip, air, tours, all admission charges, all meals, 5 star hotel, per person for 8 day tour, $1600.  Photo of old man in park, my favorite of 1200 pics from trip.

Submitted by: Hector M.
Destination: Honduras
Best deal found: You know that its great when you discover areas that are inexpensive simply because they have not been discovered by the masses. This is what it felt like visiting La Ceiba, Honduras in Central America. Most Hotels and Food are inexpensive, but you don’t always get all the creature comforts…so what! While I know that this secret won’t last, the views and people of the small city of La Ceiba, Honduras were worth every “lempira” I spent. This picture was taken on a dirt road that led to a small village just about 20 minutes outside the city of La Ceiba. In the background, you can see the Cangrejal River, and if you look closely at the mountains in the background you can see a spectacular waterfall from the National Park Pico Bonito.

Submitted by: Dianne F.
Destination: Antarctica
Best deal found: Tour was all inclusive with no surprise charges. Great tour. Once in a lifetime experience. Checked off one of my husband’s bucket list items.

Submitted by: Jeffery N.
Destination: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
Best deal found:  Get away from the ports and trade your dollar for local currency and the deals are much better. This was a tip from a local we met on the cruise. Be aware of pick pockets, my bag was unzipped twice, but I knew better to put valuables in my back pack.

Submitted by: Renee C.
Destination: Sydney, Australia
Best deal found: Everything is expensive there, but it’s well worth the trip. The Aussies are great people. Getting around by train and ferry is a good deal however. The ferry rides across Sydney Harbour to Manly Beach are fantastic. This pic is a view near Bronte Beach, not too far from Bondi Beach.

Submitted by: Lewis P.
Destination: East Malaysia “Borneo”
Best deal found:  While traveling by long boat up river to see some of the worlds largest caves passed by this village and caught this shot. Best deal: Air Asia is the best for cheap flights all over Asia. But their baggage limits are the catch.

Submitted by: Carol B.
Destination: Bora Bora
Best deal found:
The scenery was breathtaking throughout the French Polynesian Islands therefore the cost of the views was free. We traveled via sailboat: Wind Star of the Holland America ships. This trip was the best I’ve been on and I’ve traveled all over the world.

Submitted by:  Joanne T.
Destination: Rome, Italy
Best deal found: This picture has caused quite a stir. No one can figure out where the little man in the lower right corner comes from. Several of my friends have been to see the “Four Rivers Foundation” since this picture was taken to see if they could get a picture of the “little man.”


Submitted by:  Russell C.
Destination: Costa Maya
Best deal found: Mexican Rivera Jade in Belize.

Submitted by: 
Petra B.
Destination: Key West, FL
Best deal found: We bought a big and sturdy canvas shopping bag (for groceries) for about $12 at the Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Cafe. Every time we use it it reminds us of our trip. A great souvenir!

Submitted by:  Terry T.
Destination: Egypt
Best deal found:  Complete set of Egyptian robes with turban for $9.50 American, but be ready to haggle!

Submitted by: Janice R.
Destination: Yellowstone National Park
Best deal found: A great restaurant in a small town in So.Dakota, the name Shoot the Bull!

Submitted by: Adriana B.
Destination: Savannah, Georgia
Best deal found: It was a last minute trip. My family and I enjoyed it. It was so beautiful! I’m hoping to go again soon. My kids enjoyed the free tour on the yacht “Avany”.

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