Travel Photo Gallery – February 3, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Bob E.
Destination: Italy
About this photo: Burano-Venice. The island of the”Fisherman”. Very colorful buildings and laided back islanders. No crowds in early Oct. Temp. 79 Degrees. A lunch on the island and a walk along the canals made for some great photos and memories.
Best deal found: Trafalgar Tours provided the best value. They took care of the hotels-most meals- and ground transportation. Our guide Marc was outstanding. Ciao!

Submitted by: Robert D.
Destination: Stonington, Maine
About this photo: I drove 8 hours to Stonington Maine to set up my photography equipment to capture this sunrise. My only wish that there was cooperative weather.
Best deal found: Milbridge-Red Barn that has a business mans rate of $166.00 a week. It is a motel with rooms that have 2 queen size beds, a/c and shared balconies that has a salt water river view.

Submitted by: Jody C.
Destination: Australia
About this photo: My son, Chris, recently visited an animal reserve in Brisbane, Australia. He loved this little koala!
Best deal found: He is performing on the Silversea Cruiselines. His favorite part was getting to know the warm and friendly Australian people.

Submitted by: Fred B.
Destination: Turkey
About this photo: This photo was taken the fall of 2006 on a trip to Turkey. It is of one of the statue heads on Mount Nemrut in South- Eastern Turkey. Mt. Nemrut is about 7000 feet high and the statues were part of a tomb built on top of the mountain. When my wife and I were there, we were the only ones at the site. The views from the mountain were great.
Best deal found:
Turkey is still quite inexpensive. The best deal we found was to travel through out the country on our own by car. When they found out we were not part of a tour group, we almost always got a better price.

Submitted by: Donna S.
Destination: Italy
About this photo: View from the Isle of Capri. The scenery was breathtaking!
Best deal found: $3900 for Mediterranean Cruise

Submitted by: Mike B.
Destination: Half Moon Cay/Nassau
About this photo: Panoramic shot from the Beach at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Carnival Fascination in the background.
Best deal found: After mulling over numerous honeymoon spots, I decided on Carnival Cruise Lines. They offer absolutely stunning ports of call and an endless amount of entertainment. With all entertainment and food included, this is one vacation that you cant beat when it comes to price. We picked the cruise that stopped at Half Moon Cay because it is a private island and is staffed by the same people who take care of you on the ship. All drinks were purchased with your Beverage card (making them free!) and a huge lunch was included. Also, while at Nassau, you can very easily barter with the locals and find excellent deals on souvenirs or cab or buggy rides around the city!

Submitted by: Warren J.
Destination: Santa Claus Goodwill trip to Dubai
About this photo: After being Santa Claus, in Dubai, we went to the country next door, Oman. This is a view from our balcony at a 5 star beach resort.
Best deal found: No deals, Dubai is pricy. To visit the Birg hotel on an island, it cost $75 apiece at 9pm at nite for 3 drinks.

Submitted by: Steven H.
Destination: Oregon
About this photo:
This is a view of the Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Deni P.
Destination: Catalina Island, CA
About this photo:
I travel to los Angeles couple times a year and always like to return to Catalina Island, an hour-long ferry ride from Long Beach, CA. The photo captures Avalon harbor where most of the natives live. I always like to explore island on bicycle or boat. The island is fairly rocky but it has quite some fauna and flora. You’ll even find bisons here.
Best deal found: Hiking permits are free and there is a small fee for bicycle permits. If you visit as a group, it’s cheaper and more fun to rent a private boat instead of taking ferry. I found Marina Del Rey more affordable than Long Beach and it’s only 45 min away from Catalina Island. Plus if you are staying on the West side, Marina Del Rey is more convenient.


Submitted by: Jolyne D.
Destination: Bennett Springs S.P., Lebanon, MO
About this photo:
Off the beaten path. Our family took a staycation in July 2009 and spent 4 days at Bennett Springs State Park in Lebanon, MO, a two hour drive from our home. I followed a tiny path into the woods and came upon this wondrous stream! It was such an unexpected sight, peaceful and teaming with trout. Ah the beauty of nature.
Best deal found: Rented an entire cabin with a gigantic front yard for $160 per night. More than I would usually pay, but, it was for 6 of us. We had a fire pit, bbq grill, lawn chairs and lots of trees, wildlife, flowers and beautiful scenery. There was a tiny, old church in the park and the pastor let my grandson come in and play the piano. He was thrilled. There was also a large lodge that served very substantial meals. The lodge was constructed by crews hired after the great depression as a job creation effort. The park is known for its trout fishing. You don’t have to go far from home to find natural beauty!

Submitted by: Karen A.
Destination: Greek Island of Corfu
About this photo:
You see a view of the Ionian Sea from the Byzantine Monastery on a hilltop on the Greek Island of Corfu.
Best deal found: Olive Oil Greek soap from the little market on the other side of the island. Great price in euros, plus could get several to share with others back home, a piece of Greece brought home!!

Submitted by: Joe M.
Destination: Aruba
About this photo:
Aruban Sunset – Winter escape January 7, 2010, One hour after deplaning from Milwaukee-Atanta Ice Storm.
Best deal found: Best Beach on the Island, clean, uncrowed, always chairs with talapas, and cool tropical drinks by placing a flag in the sand.

Submitted by: Chuck L.
Destination: St.Petersburg, FL
About this photo:
Our recent trip to St. Peterburg. This was the view from our balony at Boca Ciega Resort & Marina Condotel.
Best deal found:

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