Travel Photo Gallery – April 9, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.

Submitted by: Amber C.
Destination: Australia
Best deal found: Great Ocean Drive Scenery– Free

Submitted by: Richard S.
Destination: Kyiv, Ukraine
Best deal found: Photo of Ukrainian Cat Woman Reading A Poster! Fantastic Old World City where EVERYTHING is so cheap by USA standards. A visit to the famous Kyiv Circus was about $7 a ticket and the show was super. A ticket to the famous Kyiv Opera was also under $10 a ticket.

Submitted by: Jim M
Destination: France
Best deal found: In Blaye (north of Bordeaux), we found a place to fill pretty much whatever you were will to carry in (i.e 2-liter bottle, etc.) with excellent wine for 1.5 euros. Unbelievable, if you like wine, of course. Jim

Submitted by: Susan Y
Destination: Washington DC
Best deal found: Best ever deal–stayed with a friend!

Submitted by: Lewis P.
Destination: San Juan Ixcoy, Guatemala
Best deal found: Was burning some frequent flyer miles and traveled to Guatemala. This city is at about 8000′ in the mountains. The kids were playing and having a great time. The city is San Juan Ixcoy. population around 16,000

Submitted by: Matthews E.
Destination: Ethiopia
Best deal found: 

Submitted by: Craig C.
Destination: Normandy, FR
Best deal found: Whew… deals, none really… not with the current exchange rate. It was brutal on the pocketbook, but a worthwhile experience for me and my 10 year old son. Pic is from the American GI cemetery in Normandy. What a moving experience.

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Carrollton, GA
Best deal found: The coming down was cheaper than the going up.

Submitted by: Steve C.
Destination: Morroco
Best deal found: The People and the food.


 Submitted Submitted by: Peter C.
Destination: New Zealand
Best deal found: We got a great deal on Air New Zealand in business class. Here is a shot of a black sand beach on the west coast of the north island near Auckland.

Submitted by: David W.
Destination: Cozumel, Mexico
Best deal found: Everywhere i went, the locals were wanting 50 dollars for this, 60 dollars for that. Well, with a little bargaining and sticking to my guns, the wife and I got everything we wanted at about 25% of the original asking price. Of course, there were lots of freebies on the Carnival inspiration that we took advantage of. This picture I sent you was between the Carnival Inspiration and Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. It is such a breathtaking view of two great ships, side by side, looking like skyscrapers on the sea.

Submitted by: Gary S.
Destination: Alberta, Canada
Best deal found: This is Lake Louise 30 minutes from Banff, Alberta. Canadian dollar is about par now, but the real deal is food/hotel values. If you think this place is beautiful, go to Lake Moraine (just next door) and watch your socks go up and down.

Submitted by: Angel C.
Destination: St. Augustine, FL
Best deal found: This was at Fort Matanzas National Park outside of Saint Augustine. No fee to enter the park and my daughter loved climbing in the trees.

Submitted by: Jade P.
Destination: London, England
Best deal found: Not a lot considering the exchange rate was $2 per GBP!

Submitted by: Mary K.
Destination: London to board the QE2
Best deal found: We were off for a cruise aboard the nostalgic QE2. The airfare from Atlanta thru the cruiseline was $99. Great deal! What was better was the $800 in vouchers (each) given when we gave up our seats on the return flight which had been overbooked. That’s a DEAL! Another plus was the rarely raised Tower Bridge.

Submitted by: Gary S.
Destination: Costa Rica
Best deal found: Casa Ridgway Guest House. Extremely inexpensive Private and Shared Rooms with breakfast included.


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