Travel e-Scapes: December 9, 2016



Travel e-Scapes: 12092016

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$146 Salt Lake City, or $73 each way
Valid Tuesday only through March 7
Wednesday service via Denver is $82 each way
Other travel days from $123 each way
Valid on Frontier, nonstop on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday; via Denver other days
Purchase today, December 9
Compare to Delta’s round-trip rate of $404


Safety App
In the event of an emergency, it’s not always easy to notify people that you are safe. So Google created Trusted Contacts, a new app that can automatically share your status and location with friends or loved ones. It’s available on Android and coming soon for iOS devices.
How it works:Select specific people as ‘trusted contacts’ (friends or family members who you would feel confident knowing your phone’s activity status) and when they open the app. Those contacts will be able to see if your phone is connected and moving, whether you were active in the past hour, whether your device has a low battery, is empty of power or has no connectivity.
Trusted contacts can also ask for your location if they feel you might be in danger. The app offers a five-minute window for you to approve or deny the request but should it not receive a response, it will share your position in order to make sure that someone you trust will know how to find you if you really are in trouble.
If you’re walking home late at night and would feel safer knowing that someone knew exactly where you are, Trusted Contacts can help. Instead of waiting for someone to request your whereabouts, you can proactively share your location with a friend or loved one and include a short status explaining what it is you’re doing. Once you arrive at your destination, hit the banner top of the screen or from the lockscreen and it’ll stop broadcasting.
The app’s settings can also be tweaked at any time, allowing users to decide who they do and don’t want seeing their activity without having to re-add them at a later date.

Comfort Pig & Ponies 
Some folks find air travel stressful, but the San Francisco International Airport can bring relief. The airport offers support to those in need with a crew of 22 therapy dogs and now Lilou – a pig – has joined the Wag Brigade. The spotted Juliana pig wears a special ‘Pet Me!’ vest and she performs tricks (plays a toy piano, twirls and bows) to ease passenger stress. She even has her own Instagram account.
Her appearances are spotty, so don’t expect to see her on a regular basis, or in the same get-up. She may be dressed as a pilot, a wrapped present or as a ballerina. While more than 30 U.S. airports have therapy animal programs, most teams are dog-only – with some exceptions. The Cincinnati International Airport have brought in miniature therapy horses since May.

In Flight Snacks
Flying on Delta Air Lines soon? If you’re booked to travel on a domestic Delta route (over 250 miles) on or after December 14, look forward to a free snack. The carrier will offer passengers new choices of NatureBox apple cinnamon yogurt bars, Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, and Squirrel Brand honey-roasted peanuts. Those Biscoff cookies that pair so well with coffee will remain on the snack trolleys as they have for over 30 years!


Airfare offers – ones with a ticket-by date – and deals with our suggestion to ‘Hurry!’ can expire at any time.   Heed Clark’s advice: Buy that great airfare deal – and then figure out a reason to go there! Eventually, you’ll see the world at a fraction of the normal price!

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$223 Bangor, Maine
$276 Tucson, Arizona
A 21-day advance purchase required
Not valid Friday or Sunday
Complete travel on or before May 8
Valid on Delta via NYC to Bangor; nonstop to Tucson
Purchase by December 15

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$236 Calgary, Alberta, or $104 north; $132 south
A 14-day advance purchase required
Valid daily through April 29
Blackout dates: December 26-28; January 2-4, 7, 8, 16; February 17, 20; March 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 23-26; April 2, 9, 23
Valid on American via Dallas-Ft. Worth

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$275 Vancouver, British Columbia, or $129 north; $144 south
A 21-day advance purchase required
Valid daily through April 30
Valid on United via Denver or Houston
Purchase by December 11

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$340 Santa Fe, New Mexico
A 21-day advance purchase required
Not valid Friday or Sunday
Complete travel on or before May 8
Valid on United via Denver
Purchase by December 15


Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$399 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, or $180 south; $219 north
$433 Liberia, Costa Rica, or $208 south; $225 north
$443 Cozumel, Mexico, or $206 south; $237 north
$452 San Jose, Costa Rica, or $206 south; $246 north
Valid daily starting on or after January 10 with final travel by March 2
Also valid daily starting on or after April 18 with final travel by May 8
Valid on United via Houston
Purchase by December 15

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$500 Juneau, Alaska, or $250 each way
A 21-day advance purchase required
Valid daily through November 3, 2017
No blackout dates
Valid on Delta via Seattle
Stopovers not permitted

Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$657 Maui, or $330 west; $327 east
Travel west Monday-Thursday; Sunday-Wednesday east
Add $10 per direction for other travel days
Finish trips on or before March 22
Valid on Delta via Los Angeles or Honolulu
Add a stopover in Los Angeles for an additional $56; $75 in Honolulu
Purchase by December 11

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$640 Shanghai, China
Depart December 25-April 30
Valid daily
Blackout dates to ATL: January 1-10; April 29, 30; July 25-30
Valid on ANA-All Nippon via Chicago and Tokyo-Haneda 
Tokyo stopovers are $100 additional per stop
Purchase by January 15

Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$660 Honolulu, Oahu, or $330 each way
Valid Monday-Thursday only 
Depart on or after January 9
Finish trips on or before March 23
Valid on Alaska Airlines via Seattle
Stopovers not permitted
Purchase by December 11

Stopover Option in London! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$932 Venice, Italy
A 21-day advance purchase required
Valid daily through November 3, 2017
No blackout dates!
Valid on Virgin Atlantic to/from London; British Airways to/from Venice
One free London stopover permitted
Purchase by December 12

NOTE: Airline fees can and often do exceed the cost of your flight! Additional charges now apply to budget and sale rates on most airlines for a carry-on bag, checked baggage and advance seat assignments. The least expensive fees are charged when these options are purchased during the ticket booking process. Fees climb higher after flights are reserved and even higher when adding these options at airport check-in. Kayak offers the most up-to-date Fees Chart for all domestic and international airlines.  

How do you find these great airfare deals? Visit Clark’s Atlanta Travel Tips for a step-by-step guide.


Santa Fe Stay
The AAA 4-Diamond La Fonda on the Plaza in New Mexico offers a stay in a historic room for $149, including breakfast ($40 value) and parking ($20 value) on stays from December 15-March 15, 2017.
Amenities include WiFi, concierge service, and outdoor heated pool and hot tub, and in-room Keurig coffee makers.
Opened in 1922, La Fonda on the Plaza sits at the end of the Santa Fe Historic Trail and is the only hotel on the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Reports of an inn at this location date back to the 1600s, making La Fonda one of the most historic hotels in the states.
Unique guest rooms and suites are built around a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of Santa Fe and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.
In May, the hotel completed the last of three phases of renovation.
The property is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Historic Hotels of America (and named ‘Best Historic Hotel’ in the organization’s 2016 Awards of Excellence) and was recently added to the Historic Santa Fe Foundation’s Register of Properties Worthy of Preservation.

12 Days of Divi
Divi Resorts kicks off its annual ’12 Days of Divi’ today with a new discount or special revealed each day through December 20 for stays at eight premium Caribbean resorts on five Caribbean islands — Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, St. Croix and St. Maarten. The deals remain valid through the end of the promotion, or through Tuesday, December 20.
Here’s a hint of the savings:
Today, December 9, opens with a 50% savings on all-inclusive stays at two Aruba locations, Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort and Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort. Valid on April 17-June 30 or August 15-December 20, 2017 stays.
Day 2, December 10: Save 45-50% on January travel to select resorts on Aruba, St. Maarten, Bonaire and Barbados.
Sign up for the Divi Resorts email newsletter, or follow along daily at Divi Resorts


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