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HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$420 Dublin

Depart September 11-November 11 or January 8-July 1 / Final travel July 10
$425 Amsterdam
Depart September 11-December 7 or December 28-June 29 / Final travel July 10
$422 Barcelona
Depart September 11-December 12 or January 8-June 12 / Final travel June 28
$428 Madrid
Depart September 11-December 13 or December 29-June 2 / Final travel July 1
$435 Zurich
Depart September 11-December 6 or January 8-June 27 / Final July 9
$446 Milan
Depart September 11-November 25 or January 8-June 11 / Final travel July 10
$446 Rome
Depart September 13-December 28 or January 9-May 4 / Final travel May 31
$457 Paris
Depart September 11-December 9 or December 31-June 29 / Final July 10
Thanksgiving & Christmas! $460 Luxembourg
Depart September 11-May 21 / Final June 19
$480 Brussels
Depart September 11-December 9 or January 8-May 13 / Final travel May 20
$482 Munich
Depart October 1-December 2 or December 25-June 23 / Final travel July 10
$489 Stuttgart
Depart September 11-December 12 or December 31-June 26 / Final travel July 10
$517-$523 Manchester, England
Depart September 11-December 11 or January 8-July 1 / Final travel July 10
American/British Airways; one flight connection
NOTE: AARP members can save an additional $65 per round-trip!


Travel Tips from Space
Given their unique travel experience, asked several retired astronauts and a former director of the Kennedy Space Center to share some tips on what space travel has taught them about being a savvy traveler here on Earth.
Use a checklist,” advises Frederick “Rick” Hauck, a former NASA astronaut who piloted and commanded several Space Shuttle missions, “There are many endeavors in this world that would be much better executed if people kept checklists. I have one I refer to every time I travel.”
Charles Walker, who flew on three Space Shuttle missions and was the first non-government individual to fly in space, urges travelers to “Think very hard about just what you need or what you must have with you,” and to take into account what you may be able to find at your destination.
“Both volume and weight are critical for both space travel and terrestrial travel,” said Walker, “I make sure to pack lightly.” Learning even a few words in the language of your destination country is helpful as well, he said, but so is keeping a composed attitude. “Be open to what’s around you,” said Walker, “And try to be mentally ready to take in anything and react to it in a calm fashion.”
Solo travel has its merits, but Jay Honeycutt, former Director of the NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center said his years of observing astronauts and training them for space travel has taught him that successful travelers are those who are comfortable with all sorts of people and those who are willing to pitch in when needed.
“Learn to do your fair share of the work that has to be done to make the trip successful and safe,” said Honeycutt, “And make sure you always have some fun.”
Veteran NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, (The Artistic Astronaut), whose experience includes two spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Stations (ISS), echoes Walker’s advice on packing light.
It’s amazing how much you don’t need. I had one pair of pants for my three months in space, and it was just fine,” said Stott.
For traveling most places here on earth Stott says, “There’s no need to have any more than a carry-on. When you travel light, a burden is lifted. You don’t concern yourself about what you’re carrying; instead you can focus on your experience.”
Like other astronauts who describe the view of Earth from space with awe, even years after their voyages and after repeat visits, Stott is a big proponent of paying attention to your surroundings.
“You can go three miles down the road, go to the top of a building, get on a boat or on an airplane and get a new perspective on who you are,” said Stott, who is disappointed when she sees fellow airplane passengers go straight to watching a movie, to work or to sleep.
“It’s important to be awake and experience the journey,” said Stott, “And to be surprised by what you seen and feel along the way.”

News from Italy
Italy’s new culture minister has announced that the country’s free monthly entry to state museums will end after the summer.
Currently, it’s possible to visit many of Italy’s most popular sites on the first Sunday of each month for free as part of the Domenica al museo (Sunday at the museum) project.
The free entry would be scrapped in order to avoid “undervaluing our sites” and to help prevent logistical problems when huge numbers of tourists turn up at some of the country’s most popular sites on summer Sundays.
The initiative was launched in summer 2014 and around 3.5 million people took part in 2017 alone.
The centuries of art hanging in the National Gallery of Umbria might be Italy’s best-kept secret.
Housed in a stunning medieval building in Perugia’s historic center, the National Gallery of Umbria isn’t the first museum that comes to mind when you think of Italy. But it might be the best.
According to an in-depth analysis of the online reputation of 20 of Italy’s largest national museums that was carried out by Travel Appeal, a Tuscany-based startup founded in 2014, 96.6% of visitors loved the quality of the museum’s exhibits and its layout.
The prestigious collection, displayed in chronological order, includes various masterpieces from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Perugia, located in the center of Italy, is approximately equidistant from both Florence and Rome and sits in a hilltop region surrounded by valleys and mountains.


Airfare offers – ones with or without a ticket-by date can expire at any time.  Heed Clark’s advice: Buy that great airfare deal right now – and then figure out a reason to go there! Eventually, you’ll see the world at a fraction of the normal price!

Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$110 Chicago-O’Hare, or $55 each way
Valid most dates from August 21-November 3 or December 1-18
United, nonstop

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$170 Portland, Maine
Depart August 28-December 7 / Final travel December 12
Delta, nonstop

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$197 Salt Lake City
Depart select dates from September 14-November 29
Final travel by December 24
Delta, nonstop

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$205-$260 Los Angeles
Depart Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday from August 21-December 6
American, nonstop

Round-trip from Atlanta:
$280 Sacramento
Depart August 29-December 9 or January 3-April 3 / Final April 30
United; one flight connection


Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$284 Orange County-Santa Ana, or $142 each way
Depart August 28-December 18 or January 4-July 9
Valid on United; one flight connection

Deals from other U.S. airports:

Round-trip from Dallas-Ft. Worth:
$787 DFW to Sydney, Australia
Depart August 21-November 20 or February 11-April 11 / Final travel May 10
Air Canada; one flight connection
ATL travelers: RT rates average $117 Spirit; $145 American

How do you find these great deals? Visit Clark’s Travel Tips page for a step-by-step search and booking guide.

NOTE: Airline fees can and often do exceed the cost of your flight! Kayak offers the most up-to-date Fees Chart for all domestic and international airlines.


Capital Savings
A Capital Adventure package is available at 59 area Hilton hotels in and around Washington, DC, including Maryland and Virginia. Book and stay through December 31 and enjoy savings of more than $200 on attractions and more. Deals include discounted tickets to Washington Nationals and D.C. United games, 15% off tours with Capital Segway, winery tour and tasting for two at City Winery Washington DC, 10% off a brewery tour with City Brew Tours, and other deals for a fall or holiday season getaway.
Rates start from $129 per night.

New in NYC
When the Aliz Hotel Times Square opens this fall, it will become one of the tallest hotels in NYC. This new independent boutique brand will debut its flagship property at 310 West 40th Street.
The hotel will feature 287 guest rooms, a stylish restaurant and lounge spaces, and luxury amenities – all within walking distance to Times Square, Hudson Yards and the Jacob Javits Center.
Aliz will also boast the tallest rooftop bar in NYC. The two-story bar and lounge located on the 40th and 41st floors will feature instagrammable views of both upper and lower Manhattan, including the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty, and the Hudson River.
Guest rooms will offer king and double accommodations, luxury bedding, hand-made soaps and amenities curated by Beekman1802, and high-tech audio and visual room systems. The hotel will also have a fitness center, business center, pet-friendly accommodations and 24-hour concierge services.
Introductory rates from $268 a night.

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