Trick or treat: Would you hand out $1 gift cards for company stock instead of candy?


Want to see some Halloween magic?

Just one dollar could turn the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood into investors right before your very eyes this year!

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Check out these $1 Halloween gift cards

Dentists hand out floss and toothbrushes for Halloween. Health fanatics hand out fruit. But what if you could hand out $1 fractional shares of company stock instead?

Stockpile has just launched a unique alternative to same ol’ candy routine this year.

The discount online brokerage is offering Halloween $1 gift cards in packs of either 25 or 50 packs for the first time ever.

What exactly do you get?

The packs offer $1 gift cards that give the recipient a little slice of ownership in the so-called “FAANG” group.

FAANG is an acronym for five hot tech companies — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet (Google officially changed its name to Alphabet in 2015).

The $25 package includes:

  • Five (5) $1 gift cards for Facebook stock
  • Five (5) $1 gift cards for Apple stock
  • Five (5) $1 gift cards for Amazon stock
  • Five (5) $1 gift cards for Netflix stock
  • Five (5) $1 gift cards for Google (Alphabet) stock

Meanwhile, the $50 package gives you 10 each of the $1 gift cards for the five companies listed above.


How much does it cost you?

A 25-pack costs $34.95 and a 50-pack costs $59.95.

You can purchase either gift pack here.

Maybe you’re wondering right now why there’s a markup…

As Stockpile notes on its website, “[The] total price is a little higher than face value to cover credit card or other payment processing fees, trading commission, and other costs so your recipient doesn’t pay anything when redeeming your gift.”

How does it work for the trick or treaters?

So, here’s the deal. If you choose to hand out these $1 gift cards, trick-or-treaters will have to go through a three-step process to unlock the value of their stock:

  1. Download the free Stockpile app for iOS or Android or go to
  2. Enter your redemption code
  3. Log in or sign up

The cool thing about Stockpile is that there are no account minimums or monthly fees.

So even if your recipients are less than enthusiastic about getting stock instead of candy, that $1 fractional share will sit there and (hopefully) grow in value over time for them.

The best-case scenario, however, is that your recipients get a fun introduction to the world of investing and want to keep doing it!

If that’s the case, recipients can buy or sell additional shares of stock in up to 1,000 individual companies and ETFs offered through Stockpile for just 99 cents a trade.


Now, when somebody says a buck doesn’t get you much these days, you can tell them about this story you saw on

And remind them that the earlier someone starts saving and investing, the more financial freedom they’ll have down the road!

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