6 Ways to Spend Less on Halloween

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This year, Americans are projected to spend $8.8 billion on Halloween — a rather scary figure considering that adds up to about $86.27 per person. But the good news is that many shoppers plan to visit discount stores to scoop up Halloween decor, costumes, candy and more.

6 Ways to Slash Spending on Halloween Fun

Follow these tips to save big on all your Halloween essentials!

1. Buy Candy at the Right Stores

Contrary to the belief of some, candy is actually not the best deal at a big box store such as Walmart. You can stretch your dollar much further by buying candy at the dollar store or Aldi.

In addition, Aldi typically has some great deals on Halloween decor to get you ready for the spookiest season of the year. But the trick is you have to act fast to get your treats from Aldi — they sell out fast!

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2. Get Creative With DIY Decor

The free social site, Pinterest, has tons of ideas on how to come up with great Halloween decor on a budget. Often you can use items you already have in your house, like paper towel rolls, used K-cups, mason jars or sheets.

3. Buy Party Supplies at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are a treasure trove of cheap seasonal decor. If it’s only for one day anyway, why spend a bunch on decorations? Balloons, plastic plates and cutlery are a good deal too.

4. Choose Alternatives to Candy to Save Money

Let’s face it: Candy is yummy, but it can get pricey, and it’s also not very healthy. You can find some great alternatives to Halloween candy that are healthier and cheaper too, like honey sticks, party rings, gummy packs, popcorn balls or glow sticks. These ideas, though not all edible, can help you add some “fun” to the “yum”!

5. Make Your Own Halloween Costume — The Thrift Store Is Your Friend!

Yes, it’s really really cute when your daughter dresses up as Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen.” But the $35 price tag on that costume isn’t quite as cute!

Though you might need a little ingenuity to make your own costume, if you have it, you’ll likely make people smile.


Someone I knew once made a costume by taking a white t-shirt and writing a big “P” on it, and then gave themselves a black eye using makeup. I won’t give away that costume, but I’ll admit it took me a minute to figure it out! Buying a little makeup and using items already in your home can make your dollar go a long way.

But if buying a costume is the only thing that will suffice, try Hollar, eBay, thrift stores, or used kids’ stores first. The price will likely be at least 50% off a brand new costume.

An important note: Often with eBay, lower prices mean longer wait times, as the cheaper items ship directly from China. So be sure to allow yourself enough time for shipping if you go this route!

6. Find the Best Deals AFTER Halloween for Next Year!

Money expert Clark Howard has a few tips to find the best prices on Halloween fun: “This kids’ holiday was kidnapped by adults years ago,” he said. “If you’ve got enough to get through this year, buy next year costumes and decor AFTER this Halloween. The markdown on Halloween items are huge starting November 1st to clear the way for Christmas. After Halloween, the markdowns are larger than any other holiday. The best way to save money is to plan for next year.”

Clark also mentioned there are still ways to save this year:

“As for now, check your closet, commiserate with friends on their past costumes, hit the thrift stores, dollar stores and be creative with what you have and what’s cheap. Candy isn’t cheap. Discount stores do Halloween candy sales. Check Sunday’s sales flyers. Remember, November 1st is your friend for future Halloweens, with savings as much as 90% off.”

How do you save money on Halloween? Tell us your money-saving secrets in the comments below!

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