3 tricks to make your carved pumpkin last until Halloween


Pumpkins are multiplying, appearing on stoops, sidewalks and porches across the nation. 

The only problem is, if you carve them too early, they won’t last until it’s time for the trick-or-treaters to arrive.

How to make your pumpkins last longer

The average American is expected to spend more than $86 on Halloween this year. So if you’ve reached your limit, how can you make your decorations last without having to go out and spend more money on new pumpkins?

Here’s the good news! There are three simple tricks that could keep your jack-o-lantern from going from a bright orange gourd to a rotting mess (and keep you from buying a new one).

All you need is a sharp knife, some Vaseline and bleach. Watch the video above for details!

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Clark Deals
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