These comic books will boost your financial IQ


No matter where you are in life, it’s always a good idea to continue to boost your fiscal knowledge. While a lot of people consider the topic of personal finance to be a bit dry, upgrading your financial IQ is the best way to ensure you reach your money goals (whether it’s saving for your next vacation, saving for a house or building your retirement fund).

But getting a grasp on financial concepts doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you’re a parent trying to instill basic financial literacy in your little ones, or want to simply brush up on the basics yourself, these graphic novels will sharpen your money skills without putting you to sleep.

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Comic books to boost your financial IQ

The Story of the Federal Reserve

Our country’s central banking system has actually been publishing cartoon pamphlets since the ’50s. And in the Federal Reserve’s latest installation in its educational series, titled “The Story of the Federal Reserve System,” the 24-page graphic novel uses common language to explain the ins and outs of this complicated institution.

While this handy illustrated guide on the history of the reserve is easy enough for anyone to understand, it’s primarily targeted toward high school-aged youngsters and college kids enrolled in economics courses.

The Fed has a big impact on several aspects of the American economy, as well as on individual consumers’ financial life. So for anyone who isn’t very familiar with what the Fed actually is and does, this can be a great resource to learn!

Financial Intelligence

While graphic novels are traditionally created for the young, the next book on our list educates adults on practical accounting concepts with a little comic-style storytelling.

Financial Intelligence” helps those who are looking to learn more about assets, liabilities and income statements. Almost serving as a cartoon-illustrated “Accounting for Dummies,” the graphic novel upgrades the readers’ financial IQ through the story of Tom’s Bike Shop, where authors Karen Berman and Tom Knight exhibit basic accounting principles through the story of this fictional small business.

The Avengers

Even teenagers will get excited about saving when they see some of their favorite Marvel characters demonstrate responsible money management. The special edition of “The Avengers,” called “Saving the Day,” follows popular superheroes like the X-Men, Thor and Spider Man as they foil a bank robbery and introduce basic financial terms in kid-friendly language along the way.

In addition to exposing kiddos to valuable financial lessons while engaging their imagination, the comic even includes an Incredible Hulk-themed budget worksheet to teach the little ones about short-term spending.


More resources to boost your financial IQ:

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