3 Ways To Defeat Financial Trouble


Money trouble is one of the most difficult troubles to have. In order to eat your money troubles for lunch, there are three strategies you can use to help you through tough times!

3 Ways To Deal With Financial Trouble

1. Expect the Best. Your expectation will make or break you. When you get into financial trouble, you have got to expect to get out of it. Expectation means to anticipate, and if you anticipate defeat, failure, never getting out of trouble or even worse, going under in bankruptcy, etc., guess what? Your expectation will take you to those dark places.

Expecting the best is grabbing hold of doubt and negativity and gaining control of your mind. It’s determining calmly and strategically a way to deal with the financial trouble. It might mean expecting to negotiate a deal with your debtors. It may mean expecting that the relative you owe will work with you to pay off the debt.

Bottom line: What you expect, you will receive.

2. Exercise Discipline. It is going to take every ounce of discipline that you have to stop the bleeding when you are in financial trouble. Discipline is your friend! That means you have to discipline your mind to expect the best (see #1). You have to discipline your spending; you have to discipline your urge to “do something” to relieve the pressure. When financial woes come, you must control yourself in order to navigate the storm safely. Exercising discipline—both mental and financial—is the one active skill that will help you defeat financial trouble.

3. Put Everything Into Perspective. Always remember: This too shall pass. Financial trouble will not be in your life always. It’s very important to keep the big picture in mind as you endure a financial crisis. I know it can be tempting to think all hope is gone or that this is the worst thing to ever happen. But if you keep the bigger picture in mind you will be able to overcome your financial setback. The bigger picture includes having family and friends who love you and care about you.

It’s finding the little things to be grateful for, and it’s remembering that you haven’t always been in financial trouble.

The big picture can help minimize your current reality as you move through the crisis.

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