Facebook to offer free money transfers


TRANSCRIPT: Everybody wants to be your friend in allowing you to send money to your friends. In fact, now Facebook wants to be your best buddy for you to be able to send money instantly to friends and family members. It’s a real simple app that Facebook is rolling out that will allow you to instantly say, hey I want to give my brother some money. Your brother is gonna smile because it doesn’t cost either of you any money at all to use the Facebook payment system. Except for me giving my brother the $200.  

So it’s simple, easy, you link it to your checking account and then the money, in theory, should be available instantly for you to spend once you receive it. So this is a platform that Facebook is using to try to draw you even tighter into face book’s orbit, because remember they’re not charging you any fees at all to use Facebook to send that money. I’m Clark Howard.  

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