More options for free online budgeting tools


Looking to get a handle on your finances? Clark advises people to try some of the free online budgeting tools that are available.

The consumer champ has spoken at length about, a service that’s also been embraced by executive producer Christa. She particularly likes the automated reminders that tell her if she’s approaching the limits of her monthly budget for groceries or entertainment, for example. Mint also allows Christa to then review her monthly spending and see exactly where her money has disappeared!

Now there’s a Mint competitor that Clark’s been playing around with called Rudder works with your IM applications and popular e-mail sites like Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail. (Editor’s note: Rudder has since gone out of business.)

The No. 1 complaint Clark hears from people is that they have no idea where all their money goes. There’s a sense of powerlessness in that statement. But these free tools will help you gain control of your wallet again.

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