Ask Clark: How Can I Make Sure That My Charitable Donations Are Being Used for Their Intended Purposes?

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How Can I Make Sure My Charitable Donations Are Being Used As Intended?

Tanner from Georgia: “How can I make sure that my charitable donations are being used for their intended purpose?”

Clark’s Take on How You Can Be Sure Your Charitable Dollars Are Being Used As You Intend

Clark says: “There are a lot of sleazoids that come out of the woodwork that are fake charities or those that do a terrible job with the money you donate. They sound like great causes but really scarf up massive amounts of money for fundraising overhead or administrative overhead, not for service delivery, so your question is really timely.

“There are three go-to guides for national charities, where you can see essentially who is legit and who spends the money that you give efficiently,” says Clark.

These are the sites Clark points to:


Want to learn more? Here is how to choose the best charities for your donations.

For local charities, Clark says that it’s harder for you to know if the organization is efficient and whether it’s on the up-and-up.

Here’s how Clark says he chooses local charities he wants to donate to: “Give to organizations that you’ve volunteered at, that you have semi-insider information on — the work they do and how well they do it — organizations that you’ve been connected to in some way, an organization you’re a member of, as an example, that does good work.”

Finally, Clark warns that if you can’t find any third-party references for an organization, you need to be cautious “because you’re too likely to give your money to people who don’t spend your money well or could be out-and-out crooks.”

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