Ask Clark: Can You Suggest an Affordable Cell Phone Plan for a Family of Six?


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What Is Your Advice on an Affordable Cell Phone Plan for a Family of Six?

Jim from Texas asks: “Most family cell phone plans have a sweet spot of four users in order to get the lowest price. Do you have any advice for larger families? We’re a family of six, and we like to keep our costs down as much as possible.”

Clark’s Take on an Affordable Family Cell Phone Plan for More Than Four People

Clark says:  “Depending on the cell phone carrier, they may continue to discount beyond four. … Some of the smaller players in the cell phone market offer the equivalent of family plans that expand well beyond four or at least to six people, where you still get a really good deal on your cell phone plan.”

“I’d like you to start at our Cell Phone Plan Guide at and look at the family plan options and see which ones allow you to expand beyond four people where you continue to get very low rates,” says Clark.

“There’s a lot of variety and options with the multiple people plans that become really cheap at four, but some of them do in fact go beyond that to offer you the ability to keep saving money even with larger numbers,” Clark adds.

In addition to taking advantage of group pricing for family plans, here are other ways to lower your cell phone bill.

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