Clark Howard: 04.24.17 Podcasts April 24, 2017
Topics: New IRS debt collection practices; CFPB sues mortgage lender; Walmart grocery price competition; Dirt cheap car rentals; New Mastercard…
Clark Howard: 04.21.17 Podcasts April 21, 2017
Topics: Discount movie theatre websites; Misbilled medical debt; Cell phones on planes; Clark Stinks; Groceries
Clark Howard: 04.20.17 Podcasts April 20, 2017
Topics: Spring cleaning; Russian spamster busted; Tesla is way overvalued; HOA warnings; Make your phone battery last longer
Clark Howard: 04.19.17 Podcasts April 20, 2017
Topics: Clark's staff tests a new dollar store razor; Mother's day deals now; Vets being sent to minute clinics; Overbooking…
Clark Howard: 04.18.17 Podcasts April 19, 2017
Topics: Less travel into US means better travel deals; tax day deals; Where your tax money goes; Net neutrality update;…
Clark Howard: 04.17.17 Podcasts April 18, 2017
Topics: Rich people cars; Negative option billing; TV ratings and how to shop; Waze app; Bank fees hit a milestone
Clark Howard: 04.14.17 Podcasts April 15, 2017
Topics: Buying stocks on margin; Wells Fargo update; High paying in demand jobs; Clark Stinks; Cell phone stores vs dealer…
Clark Howard: 04.13.17 Podcasts April 14, 2017
Topics: Bidding on apartments; Student loan providers work against you; Car prices differ by zip code; Mesh wireless routers; 401k…
Clark Howard: 04.12.17 Podcasts April 13, 2017
Topics: Walmart discounts in-store pickups; FTC scammer; Restaurant calorie counts; Chromebooks on the rise; New prostate cancer screening guidelines
Clark Howard: 04.11.17 Podcasts April 12, 2017
Topics: United Airlines follow-up; IRS scam bust; Important tax info; Flood insurance; New smartphone privacy concerns
Clark Howard: 04.10.17 Podcasts April 11, 2017
Topics: United drags man off airplane; Wells Fargo report; Updates on HHGregg gift cards and warranties; Fiduciary rule update; Free…
Clark Howard: 04.07.17 Podcasts April 8, 2017
Topics: College in prison; Annuities; Apps that stop spam callers; Medicare and Social Security harm America's future; Planning a wedding…
Clark Howard: 04.06.17 Podcasts April 7, 2017
Topics: Asking for fee reductions works; Harbor freight fake sales; Google maps tracking; Age discrimination when hiring; Restaurants in grocery…
Clark Howard: 04.05.17 Podcasts April 6, 2017
Topics: T Mobile changed an industry; Student loan forgiveness lawsuit; Wells Fargo small business issues; Watch out for home improvement…
Clark Howard: 04.04.17 Podcasts April 5, 2017
Topics: The best cheap razor out there; Man suing Verizon for fraud; State Farm responds to Clark; UPS Saturday delivery;…
Clark Howard: 04.03.17 Podcasts April 4, 2017
Topics: IRS using contractors; Insurance companies underhanded tactics; Major privacy concerns; small businesses need workers; employers putting chips in employees
Clark Howard: 03.31.17 Podcasts April 1, 2017
Topics: Shipping container homes; List prices widely misused; Skipping lines at theme parks; Clark Stinks; Background check yourself free
Clark Howard: 03.31.17 Podcasts April 1, 2017
Topics: Shipping container homes; List prices widely misused; Skipping lines at theme parks; Clark Stinks; Background check yourself free
Clark Howard: 03.30.17 Podcasts March 31, 2017
Topics: Too much retail space in America; car spotting; college kids are optimistic; getting storage space back on your phone;…
Clark Howard: 03.29.17 Podcasts March 30, 2017
Topics: Slick illiquid investing creates tax issues; HHS phone scam; block unwanted spam; movie business changing; Geriatric social workers
Clark Howard: 03.28.17 Podcasts March 29, 2017
Topics: USPS informed delivery; the Pink tax; shopping for health procedures; new/used car pricing trends; Venmo goes beyond P2P
Clark Howard: 03.27.17 Podcasts March 28, 2017
Topics: Healthcare and the stock market; Experian fake scores; United boots yoga pants; Robot revolution; Important new privacy bill major…
Clark Howard: 03.24.17 Podcasts March 25, 2017
Topics: Wellness buildings; Labor surcharge at restaurants; Rental car rip-offs; Clark Stinks; Having a plan when your kids are in…
Clark Howard: 03.23.17 Podcasts March 24, 2017
Topics: Student loan defaults; 24 hour days for new doctors; AirBnb warning; Answering job interview questions; Pandora and other music…
Clark Howard: 03.22.17 Podcasts March 23, 2017
Topics: Cable channels dying off; FDA goes after dietary supplement company; 2017 data breaches; duct cleaning; Wells Fargo cell phone…
Clark Howard: 03.21.17 Podcasts March 22, 2017
Topics: Electronics ban; email tax scam; Bitcoin troubles; Subscription car plans; Google family link
Clark Howard: 03.20.17 Podcasts March 21, 2017
Topics: Fast food apps; Rx pharmacy kickbacks; Streamloan mortgage lender; Knowing what is in a contract; Oil prices
Clark Howard: 03.17.17 Podcasts March 18, 2017
Topics: AT&T flying COW; imposter fraud; Most reliable used cars; Clark Stinks; Suburban home values
Clark Howard: 03.16.17 Podcasts March 17, 2017
Topics: Clark smart burials; Watch our for skimmers; Antibiotics and kids; Insurance companies not paying out; Survey says!; Lenders spying…
Clark Howard: 03.15.17 Podcasts March 16, 2017
Topics: Artificial chicken + 3D printing medical; Clark deals; Malls tracking customers; Vehicle warranty scam; Federal reserve raises interest rates