Unreal Mobile: Clark Howard reviews the $10/month cell phone plan

Unreal Mobile: Clark Howard reviews the $10/month cell phone plan
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Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all charge $60/month or more for a single line of unlimited data, but what if you could get an “unlimited” cell phone plan for just $10 a month? That’s the promise of Unreal Mobile.

Is this low-cost cell phone plan too good to be true? Money expert Clark Howard signed up and put it to the test!

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Deal or no deal? Unreal Mobile’s $10/month unlimited cell phone plan

We’ll get to Clark’s review in a bit, but I want to start by pointing out something that you may already have discovered while searching for the best cell phone plans and deals: No unlimited plans are truly unlimited. 

They may offer unlimited talk, text and data, but you must pay attention to the limits on high-speed data.

For example, Unreal Mobile’s cheapest “unlimited” plan is $10 a month, but it only comes with 1GB of LTE data. Your speeds are reduced to 2G, which is too slow to stream video, after you’ve reached the limit.

If you’re willing to pay more than $10 a month, Unreal will give you more high-speed data:

Unreal Mobile data plans (Updated September 2018)

Unlimited talk, text and 1GB LTE data $10/month
Unlimited talk, text and 3GB LTE data $20/month
Unlimited talk, text and 5GB LTE data $30/month

According to Unreal’s website, all plans include a built-in VPN security service that lets you browse anonymously without being tracked, an ad blocker, the ability to save unused data, and live agent customer support.

Unreal is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) from the people behind FreedomPop and runs on Sprint’s network.

The relationship with Sprint also affects your phone options. Unreal sells only a handful of devices on its website, but you can bring a phone that you’ve bought from Sprint or a carrier that partners with them.

To be sure your phone is compatible, enter the device’s MEID or IMEI number on Unreal’s website.

UPDATE: Unreal Mobile has added AT&T as a second network partner, which allows customers to bring any unlocked GSM phone to the carrier. Read more about the changes here.

Clark Howard’s review of Unreal Mobile 

Money expert Clark Howard says he was well aware of complaints about Sprint’s network, so he was sure he would experience dropped calls and slow data during his trial of Unreal Mobile.

But after signing up and paying for the service with his own money, he said it was “flawless” after two weeks of testing.

He does have one regret. “The only thing I did wrong was that I cheaped out on the phone I bought from them,” Clark said. “The phone was so miserably bad. It was an Alcatel that cost $50.”

For that reason, Clark wishes he had purchased a better phone from Unreal or a compatible device elsewhere.

The 1GB high-speed data limit wasn’t an issue for Clark. He says he was connected to Wi-Fi so often that he didn’t use much data, so his service was never throttled to 2G speeds.

Due to the 1GB limit on high-speed data, Clark says the $10/month plan is really only suitable for light data users with Wi-Fi access.

For those who need more than 5GB of high-speed data per month or have experienced issues with Sprint’s network in the past, Clark suggests that you look elsewhere. Unreal probably isn’t the best deal for you.

Read more and compare your options in Clark’s guide to the best cell phone plans and deals!

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