You can lower your existing bills

You can lower your existing bills
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Pay TV, home phone, Internet service, cell phone. What are you paying for these things? Here’s what I want you to think about. We are all paying too much in our monthly bills. 

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Attack monthly expenses individually and lower your costs big time

Let’s take each of them individually. Your cell phone, you can cut the cost of a cell-phone plan typically in half if you haven’t shopped in the last year. Check out some new great deals on cell-phone savings here.

Pay TV — put that into competition, too.

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Whether you’re with cable, satellite or a monopoly local phone company, I want you to go and shop the competition. Whenever somebody makes you an offer, before you accept it, get an email confirmation of what they’ll do for you and what you’ll have to pay for it.

Then once you have that offer in hand, get on the phone with your current service provider. Tell them you’re ready to leave them and tell them what you’re being offered by their competition. You’ll then be transferred to a customer retention specialist who has authority to bargain with you. That’s where the real savings can happen.

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