Clark’s take: Why now is the time to buy a Chromebook

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If you’re in the market for a new laptop, few devices come with all the amenities for their price as a
Chromebook. Powered by Google’s Chrome OS operating system, Chromebooks can cost around $200 or less — but those prices likely won’t last much longer.

Clark: Why now is the time to buy a Chromebook

The computers, which are produced by various manufacturers, debuted in 2011 to critical acclaim. Lightweight and with a powerful CPU, the laptops were quickly adopted by many school systems for their simplicity.

But Chromebook manufacturers are adding more and more features as the marketplace demands them, according to Forbes.

The site says that Acer is going to roll out more capabilities for the Chromebook and will start marketing toward less price-conscious consumers. The Chromebook’s operating system is also in line for a reported upgrade.

The changes mean that demand for affordable Chromebooks may increase in the near term and savvy consumers would do well to act quickly.

Money expert Clark Howard says the cat is out of the bag when it comes to corporate America realizing how great Chromebooks are.

He says that many corporate entities are investing heavily in Chromebooks — and that could affect your bottom line.

“Companies are starting to realize how great Chromebooks are and are buying them in huge numbers for their employees.”

“That’s going to drive up prices and make them much more expensive for the rest of us soon,” he says.

Chromebooks aren’t just known for their use in education circles. The sturdy laptops have also made a name for themselves in the financial world.

Clark: A ‘Financial Chromebook’ can safeguard your wallet

Clark recommends that you have a dedicated Chromebook device to do all your financial transactions and record-keeping.


The major benefit of using a Chromebook is that they’re designed to store your data in the cloud, so there’s no physical hard drive that can be corrupted or infected by a computer virus.

The Chromebook’s operating system also doesn’t play well with other traditional programs, either. That makes it nearly impenetrable for malware. Read more about setting a “Financial Chromebook” here.

Where to buy a Chromebook on sale

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