The biggest money mistakes to avoid in 2019

money mistakes to avoid in 2019
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No matter your age or station in life, making good decisions with your money is a noble goal to have as we head into the new year.

If you’ve ever made a financial faux pas and learned from it, that lapse may be well worth it. But if you continue to make the same mistakes, your future self will surely regret it!

Here are 11 money mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of in 2019

Money mistake #1: Paying to much for cell phone service

If you’re forking over in excess of $60 a month for a cell phone plan, you’re probably overpaying. One Team Clark member pays $12 a month for cell phone service. Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s strong and reliable network, but it’s Xfinity’s more than 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide that can help subscribers cut costs by only paying for the data they use.

Money mistake #2: Paying too much for cable

An easy way to keep your cable but save on your monthly bill is to eliminate your modem fee. Many cable companies charge a monthly fee for using the cable modem that allows you to connect to the internet and watch television. Take a gander at your cable bill and see if you can find this fee or “surcharge.”

Money mistake #3: Still paying for cable

Many people who scrutinize their cable bills have found that subscribing to a streaming service is far cheaper. They have successfully cut the cord but still enjoy watching tons of movies and their favorite TV shows every month. The thing is, prices ebb and flow quite a bit, so check out our streaming services guide to find the right provider for you.

Money mistake #4: Overspending on your vacation

Clark says he follows one rule when it comes to finding the best travel deals. “It’s really pretty simple: I don’t pick a destination that I have to go to. I wait for a deal somewhere, buy the deal, and then figure out why I want to go there!”

Money mistake #5: Paying baggage fees

Don’t check a bag! Money expert Clark Howard says this is how he saves when flying: “I travel only with what an airline permits free as a single carry-on — usually a 22x14x8 piece of luggage. Another plus is I never worry about the airline losing my baggage.” Great travel tip!

Money Mistake #6: You’re not a dollar store shopper

The dollar store landscape is ripe for saving money. You can find Dollar Tree franchises primarily in suburban areas, while Family Dollar locations target more low- and lower-middle-income households in urban and rural locations. Clark says his household finds deals at both of them.

“My poor wife has not gotten a card from me that was more than a dollar in all the time I think we’ve been together,” Clark admits.

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Money Mistake #7: You’re not using Walmart’s Savings Catcher

If you frequent Walmart to take advantage of their low prices, you may be well aware of their Savings Catcher program, which gets you money back when a competitor beats Walmart’s prices on select items. If you’re not using it, you’re literally leaving money on the table. Read our Savings Catcher review.

Money mistake #8: You’re paying too much for auto insurance

As responsible motorists, we all need auto insurance protect ourselves and others in the event of an accident. But we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Too many drivers simply pay whatever their insurer asks of them and let their coverage automatically renew year after year. Before your coverage expires, do some research into other car insurers. See if you can get a discount by bundling your home and auto insurance. Inquire about corporate, age or good-driving discounts.

Money mistake #9: You don’t take advantage of kids-eat-free restaurants

If you’ve got children, restaurants make it easy to save by offering kids-eat-free deals. See some of your favorite eateries where children can dine for absolutely nothing or close to it.

Money mistake #10: You’re buying your airfare at the wrong time

If you’re planning a well-deserved vacation, don’t throw money out of the window by buying a ticket all willy-nilly. There’s a science to finding the lowest airplane tickets. It really does matter which day and time you book your flight. Here’s the day and time you should buy.

Money mistake #11: You’re paying for pest control

Some people give away as much as $300 a year paying for pest control services. You can pocket most of that money by doing it yourself. Here are the easy steps it takes to get started.

Have any other money mistakes you want to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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