Faith-based health care: A viable alternative to traditional health insurance?


The cost of health insurance for you or your family is going higher and higher and often the plans come with very large deductibles.

So there’s an alternative that many people are using through faith-based organizations. The way these things generally work is that you go into a risk pool for health care with people who share your religious beliefs. This is especially popular in the Christian community.  

These organizations either charge you a monthly premium, or when somebody gets sick, then you are sent a bill to help pay for their coverage.

‘These are not traditional insurance options. They are much cheaper for you to go into,’ Clark says. ‘But the problem with any risk pool is if a number of people end up with a serious illness there may not be enough money to pay the bills.’

So consider that carefully before getting into faith-based health care.

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4 other unique ways to save on health care

Consider a virtual visit

Though telemedicine has been around for about 15 years, it is just now starting to gain some traction. See if it would make sense for your life.

Hire a medical billing specialist as an advocate

According to some estimates, roughly eight in 10 hospital bills have multiple errors. Hiring a medical billing specialist can save you the money and headache of fighting with the health care provider over something that you believe has been incorrectly billed.

Use free tools to know what you’re going to pay before you go under the knife

Check out this free service that allows you to research the cost of a particular procedure at your doctor of choice based on the insurance you have!

Choose a nurse-in-a-box clinic instead of an ER

One of the most expensive places to get medical care is in the hospital emergency room. There’s a much better alternative if you need medical care when your doctor’s office isn’t open: It’s those retail clinics typically located in drug stores, discount stores or supermarkets. See how much money they can save you vs. the ER.


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Faith-based organizations paying for your health care

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