AutoZone’s free battery test: What to expect when you go

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AutoZone is one of the nation’s leading automotive retailers, but they offer much more than just parts and accessories for your vehicle.

The free AutoZone battery test is just one of a variety of no-fee offerings available at the store’s more than 6,000 locations across the country.

I took my car in for the free test and I’m going to tell you what to expect — plus let you know about a few other free services AutoZone offers that I learned about along the way!

What to expect during an AutoZone battery test

I recently wanted to get my battery checked after noticing a couple of slow starts when I turned the key in my ignition. The slow starts have been intermittent, but I figured it’s better to know early if there’s a problem.

I found my local AutoZone and pulled my vehicle into the parking lot on a Thursday early in the afternoon.

Then, I popped the hood and went inside the store to find an associate to do the free AutoZone battery test.

The associate was just finishing with another customer, so I had a wait of less than five minutes before he was available to help me.

He grabbed the AutoZone Starting & Charging Tester, which looks like a black box with jumper cables attached to it, and proceeded to hook it up to my battery:

Auto zone free battery test 8

autozone battery test 5


The free AutoZone battery test begins

After a couple of adjustments because the cables weren’t connecting properly with my battery’s positive and negative terminals, the test began.

autozone battery test 3

The whole reading took two to three minutes.

My result? The AutoZone battery test suggested that I had a bad battery and needed a replacement. Uh oh!

autozone battery test 6

However, the associate told me it was a good sign that the system showed my battery was holding a 100% charge. The most likely scenario, he said, is that I had one bad cell triggering a bad reading.

The associate told me he’s seen “bad” batteries last for a long time with a full charge.

I didn’t have to buy a new battery — at least not yet. Isn’t it nice to not get the hard sell once in a while?

AutoZone offers free battery charging, too

In addition to free battery testing, AutoZone offers complimentary battery charging that only take 30 minutes and is done while you wait. If your battery is running a little low, swing by your local store for a charge!

If it turns out you do need a new battery, Auto Zone offers a wide variety of Duralast batteries:


autozone battery test 1

Other free services at AutoZone

AutoZone offers other free services beyond just free battery testing and charging:

  • Alternator & Starter Testing – Free
  • Voltage Regulator Testing – Free
  • Fluid & Battery Recycling – Free
  • Loaner Tool Program – Free
  • Check Engine Light Testing via the Fix Finder program – Free

Final thought

Maintaining your vehicle can be expensive. By taking advantage of free services at auto parts stores like AutoZone, you can save significant money over taking your car to a mechanic for things like battery testing — and saving money is always a good thing.

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