5 easy DIY auto repairs you can do today

5 easy DIY auto repairs you can do today
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Ever wished you were more handy when it comes to minor fixes for your automobile? DIY auto repair doesn’t have to be challenging. We’ve got some entry-level tutorials to help all you non-grease monkeys!

Take a look and see…

Fave DIY auto repair fixes for your vehicle from our staffers

Why pay the mechanic to do any of these simple tasks when you can watch and learn how to do them yourself!

1. How to change your vehicle’s turn signal bulb

If you have an older car, it seems bulbs are always going out. Don’t pay a mechanic for this simple fix.

2. How to fix a jammed car ignition

This is a key quick fix if your key won’t turn in the ignition. It is not a long-term solution, but it will let you drive to a garage and get a real fix in place. That’s a whole lot cheaper than paying to be towed!

3. How to know the correct tire pressure for your car

Be careful when you’re filling up with air that you don’t fill up too much!

4. How to change your car’s air filter

Don’t pay your mechanic to do this when they tell you it’s time. Get the part yourself and learn how to change it for free here!

5. How to replace your wiper blades

Sure, a lot of places will already do this for you for free, but if you value self-sufficiency, isn’t it nice to know you could do it in a pinch?

Final thought

Learning a few simple DIY auto repair fixes is a great way to keep your vehicle in decent shape and save money at the same time.

YOUR TURN: How do you save money on vehicle maintenance expenses? Do you change your own oil or replace the brakes yourself instead of paying someone else to do it? Write in with a comment and let us know!


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