How to improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home

How to improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home
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Do you have trouble getting a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire home?

The problem could be with your router, not your service provider.

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Spotty Wi-Fi? Here’s a solution!

You may have seen or heard advertisements from internet providers that claim you can download an entire TV show in just three seconds with speeds up to 1 Gbps (gigabits per second).

But some people who sign up for these ultra-fast internet plans aren’t getting anywhere near the top speed.

As Clark explained on the radio show, the problem is that existing routers can’t produce a strong enough signal to provide the level of speed that comes with these plans.

You can go to to check the speed of your connection, both wired and wireless.

I recently used information from this free test to negotiate a lower rate with my current internet provider for speeds up to 50 Mbps, which is fine for streaming Netflix and Hulu without any buffering.

The Federal Communications Commission considers 25 Mbps reasonable for households with average streaming activity.

If you think your broadband internet connection is still too slow after reviewing the test results from, here are a few suggestions from Consumer Reports:

  1. Move your router: Put your router and modem in a central location, away from obstructions such as walls or closed doors.
  2. Review your service plan: If multiple people in your home are streaming Netflix or downloading games, you may need to get a new plan.
  3. Upgrade your router: After trying steps 1 and 2, replacing an old and slow router may be your best option.

The #1 way to improve Wi-Fi in your home

Shopping for a new router? There are actually several breakthrough gadgets available if you decide to go the replacement route, including eero, Luma and Google Wifi.

Clark has paid for and tested out all three of these products, which use a wireless mesh network for better Wi-Fi. He likes them all.

Once you buy a set of the devices, you’ll use an app to position them around your home to ensure that there’s the same level of signal in every room.

With these easy-to-install systems, you could say goodbye to your old router – and those dead spots.

This new technology doesn’t come cheap. The price for three eeros (enough to cover a typical home) is now $399, down from the previous price of $499. Luma is also $399, while a Google Wifi 3-pack checks in at $299.

Clark believes competition will only continue to drive prices down. You can expect these Wi-Fi systems to go on sale periodically, with especially great deals in November around Thanksgiving.

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